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Authentic Cyprus: Paradise at Eleouthkia Botanical Park

Authentic Cyprus: Paradise at Eleouthkia Botanical Park

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As a big nature lover, botanical gardens are often high on my list of places to see whenever and wherever I’m travelling to. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know this already but for those of you who are new to my blog, you can catch up on all my nature inspired posts right here.

In Southern Cyprus, Eleouthkia Botanical Park is an impressive little haven for botanists (or just plain old simple nature lovers like me). And it is actually the first botanical park in Cyprus, making it an authentic and traditional way to explore the different types of attractions that Cyprus has to offer.

Flowers in Eleouthkia Park, Cyprus

The name “Eleouthkia” means small olive trees in Cypriot Greek. The park was so named due to the fact that Anarita Village (where the park can be found) has always been full of olive groves.

The park itself is free to enter and has over 55,000 different types of flowers, shrubs, trees and plants to admire and learn more about. And often, you’ll come across shaped shrubs and displays, which really do help to bring this joyous little park to life!

Eleouthika Park, Cyprus

Alongside the shaped shrubs, you’ll spot cute little bridges, quaint wooden huts and tiny pathways that take you right through the trees and under shaded canopies.

Eleouthkia Park, Cyprus

Eleouthkia Park, Cyprus

During your wander around this park, always look up – you may just spot a lime, lemon or two!

Or even some interesting wildlife like geckos… 

Gecko in Eleouthkia Park, Cyprus

On site, there is a bar and restaurant, and being out of main towns like Paphos, the park is often very quiet. In fact, when we visited in the height of summer in July last year, we were the only visitors walking around (making us initially think the park was closed!)

In my opinion, this is a great thing as you will feel like you’ve got the whole place to yourselves to explore!

For families, young children will love learning about the plants, and they will likely be impressed with the various sculptures and shaped shrubs already mentioned. Also, there is a small play park with swings and slides just waiting to be climbed all over, as well as a children’s pool, which is open at peak times of year. Overlooking the play park are a couple of benches shaded by trees, so you can enjoy sipping cocktails from the on-site bar and restaurant, whilst watching your children play.

For couples and other nature lovers, this is such a romantic little spot to come to. Enjoy walking through the park, smelling the flowers, hand in hand and just generally getting away from all the hustle and bustle…

Eleouthkia Park, Cyprus

To enjoy this park thoroughly, I’d recommend spending a couple of hours here. Children may become totally enamoured with the play park or pool, so this could mean spending more like 3-4 hours here or more.

But with such a pretty, tranquil little park to explore – what could possibly be wrong with spending more time here?

As a note, you’ll likely need to drive to Eleouthkia Park as it’s a little out of the way. Don’t forget to read up on my driving in Cyprus tips! You can find the park at:

Limassol-Paphos Highway
Anarita-Airport Exit
Anarita Village
Paphos, Cyprus

So what do you think? Would you visit Eleouthkia Botanical Park if visiting Cyprus? And who else loves botanical gardens and parks as much as I do?

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Authentic Cyprus: Paradise at Eleouthkia Botanical Park

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