“Dear Juliet,

There are people in the world who believe in the gods, in miracles, and there are people who don’t believe, but there is one divinity in which all seek refuge. This divinity is Love, the most beautiful, superb sentiment in the world.”

Fyodor V., Leningrad, USSR

There are a few cities which can be thought of to be romantic above all others such as Rome and Vienna, and of course we mustn’t forget the aptly named city of love – Paris.

But there is another city that has love and romance written into the very stone the city is made from. Home to Romeo and Juliet, one of the most infamous love stories of all time, Verona very quickly becomes the beginning, middle and the end of romantic cities.

And here is how to spend one beautiful day seeing the highlights on foot…

Roman Arena

Roman Arena, Verona, Italy

To start your romantic day in a truly captivating city (preferably with the warm sun licking your skin), you should head to Piazza Bra to see the third largest Roman amphitheatre. In ancient Verona, nearly the whole population of the city would come here to watch Gladiatorial combats.

Seeing it today is a wonder to behold. It is similar in appearance to the Colosseum found in Rome, but there is a slightly more atmospheric look to it with different coloured stones. Catching these ancient ruins in the morning sun is a perfect way to start your walk.

Roman Arena, Verona, Italy

Piazza Bra does also have many bars, cafes and restaurants around so why not grab a coffee together looking out over the mesmerising arena?

During your walk, don’t forget to look out for other pieces of ancient Verona mixed in with the new – it’s totally humbling to spot these pieces of history during your walk and remind you just how rich the history behind this city really is.

Old ruins, Verona, Italy

old ruins, Verona, Italy

Casa Di Giulietta

Ahh, yes, home to Juliet Capulet herself (or so legend would have us believe). It is said that Romeo would climb Juliet’s balcony to see his young lover; but in actual fact this is a restored 13th Century inn – but we won’t dwell on that!

You can stand in the courtyard admiring the balcony yourself as well as gazing upon the golden statue of Juliet found in the corner.

Juliet's House, Verona, Italy

As we’re focusing on the romance of Verona today, you will also find many people from around the world writing notes to Juliet about love and heartbreak.

There is a true story of a group of Italian women who would take these notes written to Juliet and reply back to them, which is a lovely gesture of kindness towards those seeking advice and help from one of the greatest lovers in literature. In fact, the letter at the very beginning of this article was one such letter written to Juliet. The book Letters to Juliet by Lise and Ceil Friedman displays many more of these love notes and makes for a heartwarming read. I’ve also picked out my best letters to Juliet in this post for you.

There are also lots of love graffiti notes on the walls leading to the courtyard to bring us into the more modern age, which help to give you the idea of just how many people visit this courtyard and house.

Juliet's House, Verona, Italy

One point about visiting Juliet’s house is that it can be a place completely swarming with people. As it’s only a small courtyard with a narrow walkway leading to it, you may find that getting the best photos is a little difficult to do. But it’s still somewhere worthwhile coming to when seeing the romantic side of Verona. 

Piazza Dei Signori

Piazza dei Signori, Verona, Italy

Leading your walk away from Juliet’s house, you will find Piazza dei Signori, off to the side of the more famous Piazza Erbe.

Piazza dei Signori has a statue of Dante in its centre and with Dante being a philosopher and poet, it seems fitting to include a visit to his statue on your romantic walk. But this wouldn’t be the only reason for coming here. Piazza dei Signori also has an iconic building here with cream and terracotta walls.

My suggestion would be to sit near the Dante statue and marvel at this building whilst you contemplate the finer things in life such as love, happiness and living in the moment.

Ponte Pietra and Ponte Scaligero

Similarly to Venice, Verona is also home to plenty of beautiful bridges across its emerald canal that are both pleasing to look at but also hold much history behind them.

If you start with Ponte Pietra first, then you will have a chance to walk alongside part of the canal on your way to the Teatro Romano. This bridge can also be seen from the top of Teatro Romano so you will get ample opportunities to see the bridge in all its ancient glory.

Ponte Pietra, Verona, Italy

Some of my favourite views of Verona were seen from Ponte Pietro, such as this distant mansion high in the hills partially hidden behind fir trees. I could just imagine someone like Juliet’s parents living there and surveying the land below.

Verona, Italy

Despite Ponte Pietro having its merits, it is Ponte Scaligero that is the most famous of the Veronese bridges as it is connected to the old defence system of Castelvecchio. With the strong, square features, this is an iconic bridge and fort that are both worth exploring.

My advice would be to watch the sunset from the top of Teatro Romano and then take an evening walk along the canal towards Ponte Scaligero and Castelvecchio.

Castelvecchio, Verona, Italy

Teatro Romano

For me, this is a perfect highlight of Verona to finish on. Not only does this theatre offer rich history and impressive ruins, but it is also offers fantastic views across Verona.

Teatro Romano, Verona, Italy

Take some time wandering through the theatre and ruins itself. There is plenty to see here with statues and artefacts galore, so do take your time and learn as much as you can about ancient Verona, whilst also seeing the new mixed in with the old. That seems to be a theme throughout Verona and it’s no different here.

Teatro Romano, Verona, Italy

Old Latin sign, Verona, Italy

Teatro Romano, Verona, Italy

Standing at the top of the theatre looking out at the city, you will see the various church spires dotted across the landscape. Combine this with a beautiful sunset and you have a very romantic end to your day here.

Once you’re ready for these views, climb the steps at the back of the theatre and you should come across an opening in some bushes right at the top, which is where you will have the best views across Verona.

Verona skyline, Verona, Italy

There are also beautifully romantic ancient stone benches dotted around this part of the theatre, hiding among the picturesque arches and trees. These benches are just calling out for you to sit and cuddle with your other half, whilst marvelling at the sunset.

Teatro Romano, Verona, Italy

Teatro Romano, Verona, Italy

Romantic Bonus: Architecture, Statues & Water Fountains

Throughout your walk, you will stumble across so many beautiful pieces of magic within Verona – from unusual architecture to romantic statues and water fountains. Keep an eye out as there are so many hidden gems within Verona that are not to be missed!

This is one of the reasons why I would recommend a walk through Verona. It’s a small city so can be easily explored on foot, whilst allowing you to discover hidden secrets throughout.

Verona, Italy

Verona, Italy

Well, there you have it – I hope you enjoy your romantic walk through Verona! Is there anywhere else in Verona that you would add to your list? Are there any other destinations that hold romantic memories for you? Share a note in the comments…

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A Romantic Walk Through Verona

Text Credit: Letters to Juliet, L. and C. Friedman (2006)

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