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The Moco Museum: Extraordinary Banksy Exhibition

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Discovering the Moco Museum in Amsterdam was a totally unexpected surprise. We’d just been to the famous Van Gogh museum and as we walked back to the tram line, we passed the Moco Museum.

At first, we saw a large Mickey Mouse outside the museum, which looked a little odd – feet for hands and vice versa. So naturally, we were intrigued and wanted to find out what this place was.

Little did we know that we had stumbled upon a treasure trove of artwork by some super cool artists. At the time of our visit in September 2017, the focus was on infamous street artist, Banksy, and equally infamous surrealist, Salvador Dali.

Coming from the quirky, cool city of Bristol in England, I was naturally more enamoured with the collection of Banksy masterpieces found within the Moco Museum, so this blog post will mainly focus on that. Sadly, the Dali exhibition has now ended, with art by Roy Lichtenstein in his place, but I will still show you a few photos of the Dali exhibits too as they were also very cool!

Are you ready?

Moco Museum

Who is Banksy?

Banksy was supposedly born in 1974 in Bristol, England, although no-one knows who it actually is. (Maybe their closest family and friends do, but definitely not the public!)

Banksy is best known for his street art (or graffiti), which often carry political or satirical messages, and dark humour. His (or her) work is now seen throughout the world, with early works in Bristol, and later works in topnotch cities like London, New York and even Bethlehem. As someone who is now renowned the whole world over, Banksy’s work often now sells for tens of thousands, if not more!

Girl with the Pearl Earring Street Art by Banksy

What is the Moco Museum?

The Modern Contemporary (Moco) Museum is one of the best museums in Amsterdam and has a mission to showcase a wide range of modern and contemporary art to as many people as they can, with a focus on the “Rock Stars of Art”. You know, those artists that are a little bit kooky, weird, “out there” or even just downright against “The Man”.

Enter Banksy.

Until May 31st 2018, The Moco Museum is home to over 50 works of art by Banksy, as part of its “Laugh Now” exhibition, which runs across two floors (plus outside).

At the Moco Museum, you’ll find Banksy’s indoor art as well as a few pieces that the museum rescued from rubble of buildings that were being torn down, or even traffic cones that would have been lost, damaged or thrown out!

Take a look at the bottom of this blog for a mini photo essay containing a load of the Banksy exhibits…

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But first, the essential info…

Address: Honthorststraat 20, 1071 Amsterdam
Website: www.mocomuseum.com
Tickets: You can easily purchase tickets on the door (waiting times are no longer than 10 minutes even during peak periods). However, you’re more than welcome to purchase tickets online in advance as well if you wish. Adult tickets are priced at €12,50.

It’s recommended you spend about 2 hours exploring the museum in order to take everything in and not rush. You may even take longer if you find yourself admiring the exhibits even more than I did!

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Moco Museum: Banksy Exhibition (Until May 31st 2018)

As mentioned, the Moco Museum is currently home to over 50 Banksy masterpieces. From canvases and prints, to traffic cones and actual parts of buildings, you’ll find loads at Moco.

Here are a few of my favourites from this extraordinary collection:

Moco Museum: Salvador Dali Exhibition (No longer running)

Although the Salvador Dali exhibition has now ended at Moco, I couldn’t help but include it.

There were so many incredible works of art, which included displays of original prints, as well as models of his most famous works such as the ‘Melting Clocks’, some of which you can see below:

So, what do you think of this museum? Do you think you might give it a go whilst Banksy is in town? Or check it out at a later date? The exhibitions are ever changing so who knows what we might see beyond May 31st 2018!

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The Moco Museum in Amsterdam: Extraordinary Banksy Exhibition
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