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7 Enticing Reasons To Visit Hawaii

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If you’re looking for a good excuse to visit these incredible islands, then here are our seven top reasons to visit Hawaii. Be warned, though… you’ll want to book your flights there asap!

Throughout our many years of travelling, Scott and I have never once visited somewhere that truly stole our hearts. Well, that was true up until we set foot in Hawaii for the first time.

We instantly fell in love with Hawaii and everything it (and the people) stand for. You could even say it’s one of our – if not the most – favourite places in the entire world.

And here’s why. Read on to find out why we love these islands so much and why you should visit Hawaii yourself to discover the closest thing we have to paradise on earth.

Keaukaha Beach Park near Hilo Hawaii

7 Enticing Reasons To Visit Hawaii

1. The scenery and landscapes are unparalleled

Nature and outdoor adventures are some of the main reasons why Scott and I travel anywhere.

So, it should come as no surprise, that we were in awe of everything we saw in beautiful Hawaii.

From exotic palm trees and golden beaches to turquoise waters and deep forests, Hawaii offers so much beauty in nature. 

Chinaman's Hat Island Hawaii

2. Fiery and unforgettable volcano adventures await!

Hawaii (particularly The Big Island) is home to volcanic craters and active volcanoes.

Head to Volcanoes National Park to see real bubbling and churning lava or hike through a gigantic volcanic crater.

Or head to Mauna Kea where you can watch sunsets and stargaze on top of what was once an active volcano.

Mauna Kea allows you to view the Milky Way with just the naked eye and we had the pleasure of seeing more stars here than we ever could have imagined existed.

If we take just one learning away from Hawaii’s landscape, it’s the wonders both above and below the ground.

Way up high, you’ll see thousands upon thousands of sparkling stars. Below ground, there’s steaming lava spurting from volcanoes or hot steam rising through cracks in active craters.

Simply unforgettable!

Hawaii Volcanic Crater

3. Even more unforgettable bucket list adventures await

It’s not just volcano adventures that await you in Hawaii.

Here, you can head out on whale-watching expeditions, snorkel with manta rays, kayak towards rainforests and swim near waterfalls.

Find out what other bucket list adventures await you in Hawaii >>

4. The culture is one to be admired

As admirers of any culture that truly respects nature and fellow people, we’ve always loved the Polynesian way of life

When visiting Kīlauea Iki crater on The Big Island, our tour guide told us that it’s taboo to steal lava rock.

Admittedly, a large number of tourists probably do this without knowing how sacred this rock is to the people.

As an archipelago created from volcanic rock, one of Hawaii’s most famous legends involves Pele (or Pelehonuamea) aka the Volcano Goddess.

So the story goes that if you steal any rock or even a grain of sand belonging to Pele then a curse will fall upon you.

A Public Affairs Specialist for Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park has previously said: “[The superstition] wasn’t started in a mean way. But here, people are told that taking pohaku [stones] is a sign of disrespect. You wouldn’t take something that doesn’t belong to you from somebody’s house.”

You can’t deny that she doesn’t make a good point there! Read more about this curse here.

Hawaii Buddhist Temple on Oahu Byodo-In Temple

But it’s not just this love of nature that has caused us to fall in love with the Hawaiian culture.

It’s their relaxed, laid-back way of life, the language (although incredibly difficult for any outsider to master) and even their state laws.

Wait, what? How could we fall in love with someone’s rulebook?

In Hawaii, ‘Aloha’ is more than just a hello or goodbye. A common state law known as the “Aloha Spirit” exists to ensure that a person’s mind and heart are in balance with one another. Each person must think positively and display positive feelings to others.

How you decide to show those good feelings to others could be influenced by:

  • Akahai – meaning kindness expressed with tenderness
  • Lokahi – meaning unity expressed with harmony
  • ‘Olu’olo – meaning agreeableness expressed with pleasantness
  • Ha’aha’a – meaning humility expressed with modesty
  • Ahonui – meaning patience expressed with perseverance

Quite simply, the locals of Hawaii know not only how to respect nature, but also how to respect each other. This is one thing we think more of us most definitely can learn from!

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A Guide To Planning Your First Trip To Hawaii

5. The food is all things tropical and tasty

The food is yet another reason to visit Hawaii.

Hawaii has some incredible dishes, and in true honour of their love and respect for others, you can guarantee that the food will be made with true love and passion.

In Hawaii, many locals are able to find papayas, mangoes, coconuts and avocados just growing on their trees.

To us, this screams the epitome of tropical life!

You may even be lucky enough to find a pineapple growing in a bush nearby…

Pineapple growing in Hawaii

Aside from these luscious fruits and vegetables, the macadamia nut is native to Hawaii as well.

Okay, so we may only like them in our desserts but still, Hawaii should be super smug about this posh nut because it’s treasured by so many people around the world.

Hawaii also introduced us to guava juice. Served in restaurants, shops, cafes and even on Hawaiian Airlines flights, this is a super tasty drink! We just wish it was more common to buy here in England.

As purveyors of puddings, Hawaii also allowed us to find our own kind of dessert heaven. Chocolatey masterpieces of goodness, volcano-shaped cakes and flower-laden cheesecakes – need we say more?

One final note on the food… when in Hawaii, the most common ingredients to be used will be lau lau, kalua pig, squid luau, lomi salmon, pipikaula, poi and haupia.

Combine this with an appetite the size of the Pacific Ocean and you are most definitely onto a winner with Hawaiian food.

Mango Cheesecake, Hawaii

6. The climate is interesting and unique

Hawaii is one of the most ecologically diverse places in the world, which means you’ll discover different climates across the different islands… and even while touring around just one island!

You may experience rain (and lots of it), which is also why Hawaii is nicknamed “The Rainbow State”. But you’ll also likely experience plenty of warm sunny days as well.

The climate is so different in this part of the world due to a few reasons: where the Hawaiian islands are actually situated and because of its mountainous region.

The islands were formed of volcanic rock, so they’re naturally mountainous.

The great thing is that because of this changing climate, your time in Hawaii will be unique and interesting, while the landscapes and scenery continue to be breathtaking.

After all, you need a good balance of rain and sunshine to result in the lush greenery that Hawaii is so renowned for.

7. Island hopping is pretty easy to do!

Each island in Hawaii has something different to offer – in what they look like, what you can experience while there and what the overall vibe is like.

So, you’ll definitely want to island-hop during your time there!

And the best bit? Because of the number of domestic flights available between the islands, it’s relatively easy to see multiple islands in one trip. Cool, huh?

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Halona Beach Cove

The bonus reason – Hawaii may inspire you to become a travel writer

Despite travelling for many years, we hadn’t considered writing about our trips. We simply took photos and shared memories with our friends and family back home via Facebook and conversations.

Yet, after visiting Hawaii, we wanted to tell the whole world about just how amazing it is!

Scott was the one to put travel blogging in our heads prior to visiting Hawaii and it was Hawaii that finally sealed the deal for us.

Upon arriving home, we quickly set to work researching blogging and how to start a website. And then our very first article was born (pretty much as a blogging experiment so it quickly got deleted!)

Since launching this blog with my husband, which is now also my full-time career, I’ve created a sister blog and YouTube channel called House of Mahalo (note the Hawaiian influence there) and we’ve called our dog, Kai, which means “sea” in Hawaiian.

I think it’s safe to say that Hawaii really did change our lives (in more ways than one).

Mauna Kea Dark Sky Reserve

We could probably write thousands upon thousands of words about all the top reasons to visit Hawaii.

But that’s probably enough of our waffle for one day. You’ll just have to keep reading more of our Hawaii travel blogs to find out more.

One more thing we will say, though, is this. We will most definitely be returning to Hawaii again. Next time, we plan on seeing some other islands including Maui and Kauai. But we’d also love to return to The Big Island again too. Watch this space!

And there you have it – our top seven reasons to visit Hawaii. Are you ready for the trip of a lifetime?

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7 Enticing Reasons To Visit Hawaii
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