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When Is The Best Time To Visit Madeira? (Month-By-Month Guide)

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I’ve been holidaying in Madeira for the past twenty-plus years and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. Safe to say, I love it there… no matter which month I travel in.

Madeira is the perfect escape into nature with warm temperatures year-round (at least compared to the UK) and lots of stunning areas to discover.  

If you’re wondering when is the best time to visit Madeira for flowers, walks or just great weather, then I’m ready to reveal all with this useful Madeira travel blog.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Madeira For Great Weather?

Madeira Porto Moniz

Madeira has a delightful year-round spring climate, making it the perfect destination for both winter escapes and fun in the sun. In fact, it’s often nicknamed ‘The Island of Eternal Spring’.

Even as early as February, you could be enjoying some much-needed Vitamin D in shorts and a t-shirt by your hotel pool. Although you’ll need to cover up if the clouds (or rain roll in), which is more likely this time of year (although still less likely than ye olde England!)

But if it’s fun in the sun that you’re truly after, then July to October has some of the hottest temperatures on record (usually in the mid-twenties Celsius). Perfect for sunbathing and splashing around in the volcanic rock pools in Porto Moniz (a must by the way!)

When Is The Best Time For Walking In Madeira?

The fact that Madeira is a cheerful little island of eternal spring means that the best time for walking in Madeira is pretty much any time of the year.

That said, you’ll probably want to avoid typically wet months and the hottest months to enjoy every moment.

So in that case, I’d recommend visiting Madeira between the end of April and mid-June. 

Temperatures will likely be in their low twenties celsius, so warm but not unbearably hot. It will also be relatively dry and is also the best time of year to see Madeira’s flora and fauna.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Madeira For Flowers?

Bird of Paradise Flower in Madeira

Did you know that Madeira also has another nickname? It’s often referred to as the ‘Floating Garden of the Atlantic’ thanks to its colourful and varied flora and fauna.

The stunning scenery and escapes into nature are easily some of the top reasons to visit Madeira, so if you’re wondering when is the best time to visit Madeira for flowers then I’m here to reveal all. 

Even though you’ll be treated to mesmerising flower displays (both natural and man-made) throughout the year, there’s no better time to visit Madeira for flowers than in the spring (particularly in April and May).

Not to mention spring is also when the Madeira Flower Festival is in full swing. Festival dates change each year but it’s always after Easter and often in April or May.

But if you won’t be visiting Madeira in spring, then you’ll still get the chance to see an abundance of flowers. Madeira is truly a nature lover’s paradise and you’ll rarely be left disappointed!

Either way, the Madeiran flowers, plants and trees that are most worth finding during your trip are:

  • Strelitzia: This interesting plant is Madeira’s signature flower and it grows in abundance throughout the island year-round. It’s often nicknamed ‘the bird of paradise’ as it looks like exactly that; an exotic bird.
  • Poinsettia: Who doesn’t love a poinsettia with all its festive feels? This red flower known for its connection with Christmas is always a firm favourite. Best seen from October to February.
  • Sword Aloe: If you’ve never seen a flowering aloe plant before then a sword aloe plant is a must to see in Madeira. While the stem of the plant will be its tell-tale sign, its red and yellow spiked flowers will surprise you. Its flowers can often be seen from October to December.
  • Coral Trees: Although not strictly flowers, coral trees are still colourful and beautiful to see. Madeira’s Santa Catarina Park is home to a number of the ‘Erythrina speciosa’ variety. Best seen from January to April.
  • Pink Ball Trees: Another pretty flowering tree is the Pink Ball Tree, which looks like it’s holding balls of pink flowers upside down. The flowers bloom from December to March.
  • Jacaranda Trees: Showcasing pretty purple flowers that look a little like bluebells, Jacaranda Trees can be found all throughout Madeira and especially within Funchal. Best seen in April and May.

But in truth, these are just a handful of the striking flora and fauna you can see during your trip. 

Whether you’re walking along the Levadas or hiking through the clouds, strolling into Funchal or lazing by the pool, you’ll see a smattering of bright and beautiful flowers in Madeira that you can’t help but smile at.

Santa Catarina Park, Funchal, Madeira

Choose The Best Month To Visit Madeira With This Year-Round Madeira Travel Blog

In case you still can’t decide on when is the best time to visit Madeira based on what you want to see and do, then here’s my quick round-up of what Madeira is like throughout each month of the year…

Visiting Madeira In January

Although the winter months are the coldest time of year to visit Madeira, the temperatures of around 15-18℃ can still rival UK summers.

However, January is also one of the wettest months to visit Madeira (averaging 13 days of rainfall), so you might not always be able to enjoy the warm temperatures. Your best option would be to visit later on in the month when rain is less likely than in early January.

That said, given that January is totally outside of Madeira’s peak travel season, it’s a cheap time to visit and you’re also less likely to find crowds!

Visiting Madeira In February

February is still within Madeira’s winter season and the temperatures are much the same as in January (on average). 

That said, my first trip to Madeira was at the end of February and we enjoyed temperatures of around 20 degrees Celsius every day. At that point, Madeira officially became one of my favourite winter sun destinations.

Rain is a little less likely than in January but still averages around 11 days per month.

February is also a likely month to see the Carnival of Madeira, which happens annually around 40 days before Easter. It usually runs for a couple of weeks and is a dazzling display of glitzy over-the-top costumes, heart-thumping music and parading floats.

Funchal Marina

Visiting Madeira In March

March in Madeira sees the return of spring, and with it, comes slightly warmer temperatures of around 20℃. 

At an average of 11 days of rainfall per month, the likelihood of rain in March is the same as in February. But with this rainfall comes the return of spring flowers.

There’s no doubt that April and May are the best months to visit Madeira for flowers, but March helps to kick things off with its colourful floral displays that outshine those of February and the other winter months.

Visiting Madeira In April

At around 20℃ and 10 days of rainfall on average, April’s weather is much the same as March.

But one of the top reasons to visit Madeira in April is the annual Flower Festival, which is held after Easter and happens in either April or May.

Not only that, but the traditional village of Santana also holds an annual Lemon Festival, so a visit here during your trip will bring the sunshine colours and citrus scents of this delightful little fruit.

Traditional straw huts in Santana, Madeira

Visiting Madeira In May

May temperatures are usually ever so slightly warmer than March and April temperatures with averages of around 21℃.

But the likelihood of rain halves! May averages around 5 days of rain, so if it’s warmer temperatures, charming walks in nature and fun in the sun that you’re after, then May is a great time to visit.

Not to mention it’s also sometimes the month of the stunning Flower Festival (depending on when Easter is).

Visiting Madeira In June

June in Madeira welcomes the start of summer… but the temperatures aren’t quite the hottest of the year yet. 

June temperatures average around 22℃ (so slightly warmer than in May), but the average rainfall is 4 days so also about the same as May.

Throughout June, you’ll also get a chance to attend the Atlantic Festival, which happens on each Saturday of the month. This festival welcomes a dazzling display of fireworks and live music shows in Funchal.

Views of Porto Moniz from afar

Visiting Madeira In July

With average temperatures reaching around 24℃, July is when Madeira starts to sizzle… or at least the spring island’s version of sizzling.

Rain also almost comes to a complete stop with only 2 days of rain on average. Therefore, July is a great month to visit Madeira if you’re after some fun in the sun.

Visiting Madeira In August

August temperatures in Madeira reach higher still with averages of around 26℃ and the same likelihood of rain as in July (roughly 2 days per month).

The end of August also sees the start of the Madeira Wine Festival, which is a big hit come September. This festival takes place during Madeira’s grape harvest and pays homage to Madeira’s most loved cultural traditions.

Camara do Lobos, Madeira

Visiting Madeira In September

At 26℃, September temperatures in Madeira are about the same as in August, but rain is much more likely (with an average of 7 days in the month).

September is when the Madeira Wine Festival is in full swing, but towards the end of the month, another festival is also a big hit. 

The Columbus Festival is a popular re-enactment event of when Christopher Columbus lived on the nearby island of Porto Santo and the time he spent in Madeira.

You’ll need to travel to Porto Santo for this event, which is easily accessible by ferry from the Funchal Marina as either a day trip or overnight stay.

Visiting Madeira In October

October sees the return of temperatures starting to cool ever so slightly. But at 24℃, temperatures are still warm and delightful. 

That said, rain is more likely still with an average of 10 days in the month.

The start of October is also when the Madeira Nature Festival takes place, which encourages you to join a variety of outdoor activities and excursions… completely for free. 

October is when Madeirans celebrate just what makes this island so magical – its gorgeous and unique landscapes.

Encumeada views in Madeira

Visiting Madeira In November

With winter fast approaching, November is an unusual month to visit Madeira, but this also makes it one of the cheapest months to visit.

Temperatures are a comfortable 22℃ on average, and while average rainfall might be 12 days worth, this shouldn’t put you off from exploring Madeira’s top attractions and discovering its delicious food and wine.

Visiting Madeira In December

December in Madeira is the start of winter. Temperatures cool ever so slightly at 20℃ on average, while rainfall is 15 days on average, officially making December the wettest month to visit Madeira.

But with Christmas and New Year celebrations to look forward to, I doubt that you’ll be put off from visiting Madeira in December.

In December, charming Christmas markets spring up throughout Funchal where you can treat yourself and your loved ones to traditional Madeiran gifts like wicker creations, beautiful plants and tasty treats.

At the end of the month, the New Year celebrations kick off with a bang thanks to a dramatic 8-minute-long firework display in Funchal.

Camacha Wicker Factory, Madeira

Final Thoughts On When To Visit Madeira

Hopefully, the above info helps you to decide when is the best time to visit Madeira for your trip and what you want to get up to. 

But I couldn’t possibly end this blog without giving you a few final thoughts on when I think is the best time to visit Madeira.

While Madeira is an incredible year-round destination, my favourite months to visit are April, May, June and September. 

These months welcome warmer temperatures (but ones that are not too hot!), so you can enjoy walks, hikes and other outdoor activities around the island. 

Crowds are also fewer, while the fantastic Flower, Atlantic and Madeira Wine Festivals are almost worth the trip in themselves.

Pretty little waterfall in Madeira

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Over to you now – when do you think is the best time to visit Madeira? Let me know in the comments below…

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