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Insider Bristol: Things To Do At Conham River Park

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Bristol is full of superb country parks and woodland walks, particularly when following the River Avon through the city.

One of the best parks to visit in Bristol is Conham River Park, which holds multiple secret things to do in Bristol and plenty to see.

Here’s your quick insider guide to things to do at Conham River Park…

1. Walk along the winding River Avon with your dog

Conham River Park is one of the best walks around Bristol as it’s surrounded by trees and follows the winding River Avon.

The path itself is flat and this section of the River Avon Trail is about 45 minutes long (although you can choose to keep walking as far as Bath if you really want to).

The great news is that dogs are free to run off-lead along the path as well, which also makes it one of the best dog walks in Bristol.

There’s a car park close to the beginning of the trail, which is clearly signposted from the main road nearby. It’s literally just a couple of minutes from the car to the path!

Conham River Park

2. Ride a bike (or horse) along the riverside

Not only is Conham River Park great for dogs (and their human companions), but the flat paths mean it’s also popular to ride bikes (and even horses) along the riverside.

Currently, bikes are allowed between the Pill and Hanham sections of the park, and it’s possible to get onto the Bristol & Bath Railway Cycle Path to continue to Bath from here.

As for horse riders, the section between Conham and Hanham is a public bridlepath, thus, permitting horse riding in these parts.

So… whether your transportation is on two feet, two wheels or four legs, you can enjoy a relaxing journey along the riverside.

Beese's Riverside Bar

3. Catch a boat to Beese’s Riverside Bar for drinks in the sun

During the warmer months, a trip to Beese’s Riverside Bar (sometimes also known as Beese’s Tea Gardens) is seen as the must-do activity within Bristol!

Beese’s has been running since 1846 (once owned and run by the original Mr and Mrs Beese).

Owing to the fact that the river is known to flood every winter, the bar and gardens are only open during spring and summer (and only on good weather days). Check their opening hours here.

Difficulties in visiting aside, if you’re walking along Conham River Park on a nice day during spring or summer, Beese’s should be calling your name.

They have indoor and outdoor seating along the river bank, and they serve awesome cider and even better roast dinners!

And the best bit?

Beese’s most unique feature is that they run a ferry boat service, which will take you from the walking trail side of the river directly to their beer garden for just 50p return.

Dogs are allowed on the boat and in the gardens too!

View of Beese's Riverside Bar from the boat

4. Visit the bat cave to catch a glimpse of the dark side of nature

Conham River Park is home to a natural bat cave, which can provide you with a glimpse into the dark side of nature to see our nocturnal friends.

The cave is signposted up a sloping path just across from where you can catch the ferry to Beese’s, making for a very unique day out in Bristol!

All we ask is that you try to keep quiet when seeing the bats… let them sleep and just opt for a quick glimpse each time!

Sign for the bat cave

5. Try some coarse river fishing (for free!)

Conham River Park is also one of the few locations in Bristol where you can try coarse river fishing (for free!)

Although I’m yet to try it myself, I’m reliably informed that roach, bream and chub can be found swimming in the river. Find out more here >>

Just remember to throw back whatever you catch!

Coarse River Fishing

Does this sound like a great day out in Bristol or what?! I love walking at Conham River Park and I hope you’ll enjoy each of these things to do there.

Looking for more info? Try this online leaflet (which also contains a quick map of the walk)!

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