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Finland Travel Blogs

Finland is the land of a thousand lakes where multiple bucket list adventures await… as shown in our various Finland travel blogs below.

Finland travel blogs
Skiing is a popular bucket list activity in Finland

If you’re after a trip that’s full of unique bucket list experiences, then Finland might just be the destination for you!

From learning to ski and snowboard to zipping across frozen lakes on a snowmobile to trying husky sledding for the first time, you’re sure to make unforgettable memories during a trip to Finland.

Are you ready to start planning an incredible adventure to Finland? Check out our Finland travel blogs below to help you plan your trip.

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Planning Your Trip To Finland & Useful Info

Ruka, Finland travel blogs
Snowy Ruka Village in Northern Finland

Wondering when to visit Finland? Or maybe you’ve already decided a winter trip to Finland is best for you. Check out our travel guides below to read our latest advice:

Finland Bucket List

Wondering what to see and where to go on your trip to Finland?
Here’s a quick peek at what your Finland bucket list could look like…

On a husky sled in Finland
Husky sledding in Finland is the ultimate bucket list activity!

1. Try husky sledding

So, we’ve already established that Finland is full of bucket list adventures. Husky sledding should be first on your list of things to try. Imagine racing past towering trees and frozen lakes as the team of dogs pulling you along reach speeds of up to 10-15 miles per hour (mph). It’s exhilarating and such an unforgettable experience. Want to know more? Check out our mini guide about husky sledding in Finland now.

2. Zip across frozen lakes on a snowmobile

Speaking of thrilling winter activities, snowmobiling is another fun thing to do in Finland. Simply enjoy looking at the breathtaking scenery around you as you zip across frozen lakes and through snowy forests together. There are lots of tour companies offering this experience in Finland. Take a look! During our tour, we did a full day of snowmobiling, husky sledding and reindeer sleigh rides, which meant we got to see quite a bit of Northern Finland at the time. We even met a reindeer farmer who invited us into his log cabin to enjoy traditional Glögi and Finnish pastries.

3. Learn to ski

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to ski, then Finland might be a good destination to try it. My husband learned to ski as a child, but I’d never skied before our trip to Ruka in Finland. We chose this destination for me to learn because it gave us the best of three worlds: beginner slopes for me, advanced slopes for Scott and plenty of other winter activities (like husky sledding and snowmobiling) in case I didn’t enjoy skiing. We booked our trip with Crystal Ski and we’ll definitely use them again for our next ski trip.

4. Taste some delicious Glögi

Glögi is a traditional Finnish drink, which is a lot like mulled wine. Made with red grape juice, orange peel, cinnamon, cloves and spices, you’re sure to enjoy this delicious local speciality. During the winter season in Finland, you’ll be able to find Glögi at Christmas markets, supermarkets and cafes. You can even make your own to enjoy in front of a log fire!

Snowy cabin in Finland
The log cabin we stayed in… where many a glass of Glögi was consumed!

5. Visit the “real” Santa Claus

Did you know the “real” Santa Claus lives in Northern Finland? Every year, over 500,000 people head to Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, which is said to be the official hometown of Santa Claus. And the best bit? You can visit his hometown on any day of the year!

6. Enjoy a relaxing reindeer sleigh ride

For a more relaxing and traditional way to experience local Finnish customs, why not try a reindeer sleigh ride? You can snuggle up underneath blankets together while your reindeer plods on. If your reindeer is anything like the one we met, he’ll be more interested in grazing than walking, though. Still, it’s a fun experience and well worth doing while you’re in Finland. You can even pet and feed the reindeer afterwards if you like.

7. Sleep in an igloo

Now, here’s another incredible bucket list experience to enjoy in Finland: sleep in an igloo! There are various igloo hotels (like this one) dotted around Finland where you can snuggle up together in a cosy bed and watch the Northern Lights dance across the night sky.

8. Hunt for the Northern Lights

Speaking of the Northern Lights, Finland is one of the best places in the world to see this incredible phenomenon. While you might see them during an evening walk (or even an afternoon walk considering the sun can set as early as 2 pm in winter in Finland), you might also want to head out on a Northern Lights tour. Your guide will take you to a remote countryside location away from light pollution. Just remember that there’s no guarantee you will see the Northern Lights during your trip. Still, a trip to Finland increases your chances of seeing the lights compared to visiting many other countries.

Snowy trees in Finland
Walking through the snow in Finland

9. Enjoy a traditional Finnish sauna

Here’s another authentic Finnish experience to try: the humble Finnish sauna. For centuries, people in Finland have been enjoying saunas. So much so, that most people living in Finland have a sauna built into their own homes. During our trip to Finland, we stayed in someone’s log cabin – and sure enough! – there was a sauna next to the bathroom. But, if you want to truly experience a sauna like a Finnish local, then it’s customary to jump into a lake, the sea or a swimming pool after your sauna. In winter, you’re supposed to roll around in the slow afterwards. Personally, we chose to take a shower afterwards instead. Still, at least we can say we experienced a traditional Finnish sauna during our trip – and now it’s your turn!

10. Enjoy a city break to Helsinki

And finally, if you’d like to experience city life during your trip to Finland, then a city break to Helsinki (the capital of Finland) is another must-do. Here, you can enjoy the local architecture, museums, churches and cathedrals. You can also enjoy various day trips from Helsinki to see stunning landscapes or even another country. Tallinn in Estonia is a popular day trip from Helsinki thanks to the ferries that operate frequently between the two cities. Take a look top Helsinki tour options now.

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