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13 of the Best City Breaks for Couples in Europe

13 of the Best City Breaks for Couples in Europe (in 2023)

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Are you getting ready to plan some trips away with your sweetheart soon? If so, you should take a look at this pick of 13 of the best city breaks for couples in Europe!

From the epitome of romance in cities like Paris and Verona to naughty cities like Amsterdam and the many natural beauties provided by Reykjavik and Funchal, this list of top couples city breaks is sure to get your heart racing on where you should take your other half.

13 of the Best City Breaks for Couples in Europe

1. Paris, France

Pretty bridge in Paris, France at sunset

Why is a Paris city break perfect for couples?

This chic French capital is the very essence of romance. 

Most commonly known as the “City of Lights”, but also frequently referred to as the “City of Love”, how could Paris not top a romantic destinations hotlist?

The simple act of walking along the River Seine, holding hands with your beau is enough to warm anyone’s heart. 

In the summer months, you can picnic together by the riverside. Whilst in winter, you can keep each other warm over hot chocolates (or chocolats chauds) in a pretty Parisian cafe.

Chocolats chauds and pastries in a Parisian cafe

Romantic Highlights:

Although this may sound a little cliche, what could be more romantic than watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle at night with its free light show?

Alternatively, take a wander up to Parc des Buttes Chaumont for a romantic walk in the park, followed by fantastic views across the city. Why not team these views with a stunning sunset?

Romantic Hotels in Paris:

For the epitome of romance in Paris, be sure to check out these hotels:

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Plan Your City Break To Paris:

2. Bruges, Belgium

Markt in Bruges

Why is a Bruges city break perfect for couples?

There’s a reason why Bruges is one of Belgium’s most popular cities.

Full of medieval buildings, quaint canals and cobblestone streets, Bruges is the ultimate fairytale city brought to life.

It’s also a very walkable city allowing you to see most of the top highlights in just one or two days on foot.

Throw out the guidebook during your Bruges city break and just have fun getting lost in the little streets together. Be sure to stop for some of the best chocolates in Bruges en route.

Chocolate Shop in Bruges

Romantic Highlights:

If you’re heading out on a winter city break to Bruges then be sure to stop off for a hot chocolate at The Old Chocolate House.

This popular little tea room boasts that it’s “THE PLACE TO BE TO DRINK THE BEST HOT CHOCOLATE”. And they’re probably right.

What makes this hot chocolate so special is that you’re served hot milk, alongside a tray of chocolate chips and buttons, so you can make your own hot chocolate, exactly to your tastes with real chocolate. The results? Pure chocolate heaven in a mug!

Also, don’t forget to take a wander through Minnewater. It’s home to a beautiful park as well as a self-professed ‘Lake of Love’ and ‘Lovers Bridge’.

Bruges Museum

The story goes that a young girl called Minna was in love with a warrior of a neighbouring tribe, Stromberg. Her father didn’t agree with the love match so arranged for Minna to marry someone else. She escaped into the forest and when she was eventually found by Stromberg, she passed away in his arms.

While this might be an unrequited love story, Minnewater is now a popular place for couples to come for kisses and cuddles as they make the most of what they have together.

Romantic Hotels in Bruges:

For a magical fairytale stay in Bruges, be sure to check out these hotels:

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Plan Your City Break To Bruges:

3. Vienna, Austria

Vienna Hofburg Palace

Why is a Vienna city break perfect for couples?

Vienna, Austria’s capital is the epitome of stunning architecture and is perfect for the history-loving, architecture-admiring, fairytale-loving couples among you.

Everywhere you look, the incredible baroque and neoclassical architecture will be gazing down at you, making your mind wander off to fairytales, castles and magical kingdoms.

From wandering through unique museums to admiring architecture and walking through palace gardens, there are lots of interesting conversation starters on offer here.

Therefore, a couples trip to Vienna is likely to result in daydreams, intense conversations and plenty of learning about your other half.

Fairytale buildings in Vienna

Romantic Highlights:

Schloss Schonbrunn on the outskirts of Vienna is a perfect escape and day out for couples. 

The palace itself is interesting to admire and learn about, but the gardens are the most magical part.

There’s the Gloriette, which offers excellent views across the city’s skyline. Who can resist a cute selfie from up here? 

Also, the palace’s garden has its own zoo – a perfect date idea – as well as a series of mazes and apparatus for you to play with and act like big kids on. After all, couples that play together, stay together!

Romantic Hotels in Vienna:

For a luxuriously traditional stay in Vienna, take a look at these classic hotels:

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Plan Your City Break To Vienna:

4. Verona, Italy


Why is a Verona city break perfect for couples?

Given Verona’s connection to one of the greatest love stories of all time, this Italian province has to surely be the start of love and romance in city breaks.

As the birthplace of Shakespeare’s Juliet, the concept of romance is now routed into every brick in this city. 

You’ll often see wedding couples parading the streets for their photographers, which is sure to inspire dreams of the future in any romantic couple.

Verona is also quite a small city, which makes it perfect for romantic walks with your beau

But beyond that, the Ancient Roman ties also make it an inspiring city to visit for history lovers as well.

Romantic Highlights:

Head to Teatro Romano for a glimpse into ancient history. 

Also, at the back of the theatre is a viewpoint offering stunning views across the city, plus the opportunity to sit on stone benches kissing the person of your dreams!

Romantic Hotels in Verona:

For a cosy and very romantic stay in Verona, check out these hotels:

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Plan Your Verona City Break:

5. Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Why is an Amsterdam city break perfect for couples?

This quirky little city in the Netherlands offers a lot to the couple who are intent on learning about each other, whilst partaking in a few naughty activities you’re unlikely to do in many other places.

With plenty of naughty museums around, this offers couples the opportunity to be a little playful with each other and learn a few things about the other person’s fantasies!

When you can also combine this with romantic walks along the 31 miles of canals and a few historical and cultural exhibits, your city break in Amsterdam is bound to be unforgettable.

Closeup of pink flowers in a box on the side of an Amsterdam canal

Romantic Highlights:

Nothing beats a romantic walk along the canals with your other half. Why not combine this with a visit to a cute little cafe for Danish pastries followed by a canal cruise?

Romantic Hotels in Amsterdam:

For a romantic and extra special stay in Amsterdam, take a look at these beautiful hotels:

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Plan Your City Break To Amsterdam:

6. Bristol, England

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Why is a Bristol city break perfect for couples?

Bristol is such a trendy English city with lots to see and do (especially during the summer months). Head here in July or August and have fun at the Harbourside or International Balloon Festivals!

And when you can combine this with romantic walks along the river, great views across the city from up high and a look at the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge, then you and your partner are going to have oodles of fun together!

International Balloon Fiesta

Romantic Highlights:

Come to Bristol early in August and head to the International Balloon Fiesta. 

It’s super romantic to watch the hot air balloons fly overhead during the day – and it’s even more romantic to watch them light up during the “Night Glow”.

Plus there are lots of funfair rides and attractions to enjoy whilst the fiesta is underway, allowing you to act like big kids for the whole day!

Romantic Hotels in Bristol:

Pick from our favourite hotels in Bristol for an unforgettable stay in our hometown:

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Plan Your City Break To Bristol:

7. Dublin, Republic of Ireland

An Irish pub in Dublin with flowers hanging outside it

Why is a Dublin city break perfect for couples?

As one of the major cities in Ireland, Dublin offers a lot of variety to its visitors. 

From drives and hikes out in the neighbouring countryside to walks around historic Dublin and even epic half day trips from Dublin, there’s a lot on offer here.

And when you can also combine this with a naughty sip (or a few) of Guinness, then you’re bound to have lots of fun with your travelling partner!

Holding my Guinness in Dublin, Ireland

Romantic Highlights:

Don’t miss hopping into a rental car to head to Powerscourt Estate and the Wicklow Mountains, which are a 30-minute drive from Dublin.

There’s so much beauty here, and if you can combine this with a romantic picnic as well, then you’ll love it!

In the city, make sure you head to The Winding Stair cafe. It’s right on the waterfront, is full of books and offers you a cute little cafe experience for you and your beau.

Romantic Hotels in Dublin:

For a magical stay in Dublin, we’d suggest looking at these hotels:

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Plan Your City Break To Dublin:

8. Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

Why is a Venice city break perfect for couples?

Venice is an incredibly beautiful place and offers a lot in getting away from road traffic and the noise cars and lorries can bring.

Surrounded by lots of tiny canals, you and your other half will enjoy just getting lost in this sprawling Italian city. 

The sights themselves offer so much beauty from a historical, cultural and architectural point of view.

And when you combine all of these reasons together, it seems so much more logical as to why bridges throughout Venice are popular for holding love padlocks.

Our advice would be to avoid Venice in the height of summer as it can get very busy.

Head to Venice in spring, autumn or winter instead and enjoy some relaxing strolls with your partner.

The pretty canals of Venice in summer

Romantic Highlights:

Throw away your map, chuck out your guidebook and just head out into the many tiny streets and along the canals with your other half. 

You’ll love getting lost for a few hours, ready to find beauty and quiet while getting some unique photographs of each other.

Romantic Hotels in Venice:

For a regal stay in Venice, take a look at these luxurious hotels:

Find more romantic places to stay in Venice on Booking.com >>>

Plan Your City Break To Venice:

9. Reykjavik, Iceland


Why is a Reykjavik city break perfect for couples?

Iceland should always be included in a romantic travel wishlist, and Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital is sure to get any couple excited whilst away travelling.

There’s loads to see here including the Viking ship statue called The Sun Voyager and Hallgrímskirkja Church.

Combine your city break with a trip out to the Golden Circle and maybe even a Northern Lights tour and prepare yourself for some immense beauty!

The Sun Voyager, Reykjavik

Romantic Highlights:

Hire a car for the day and night, and head out to the Golden Circle for some star attractions including Gullfoss waterfall, Strokkur Geysir and the Secret Lagoon spa.

Stay out here for the night as well so that you have an even greater chance of seeing the Northern Lights during your trip.

We’d recommend taking a flask full of hot tea, some snacks and a blanket ready to snuggle up with your other half in the car until the Aurora Borealis (hopefully) makes an appearance!

Iceland Golden Circle

Romantic Hotels in Iceland:

For an extra special stay in Iceland, take a look at these beautiful places to stay:

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Plan Your City Break To Reykjavik:

10. Brussels, Belgium

Grand Place Brussels

Why is a Brussels city break perfect for couples?

Brussels often gets a bad reputation when compared to other cities in Belgium, but we feel these judgements are unfounded.

Brussels is actually one of our favourite city breaks in all of Europe – and there are lots of reasons why.

For a start, it’s home to beautiful architecture in the shape of Grand-Place and pretty little shopping galleries.

A few that are well worth wandering through together are Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, Passage du Nord and Galerie Bortier.

But Brussels also has a quirky side! It’s home to over fifty comic strip street art murals and not one but THREE(!) peeing statues. How many cities can you say that about?

Romantic Highlights:

Visit Brussels for a winter city break and revel in all the fun festivities of its huge ‘Winter Wonders’ Christmas Market.

You’ll even be treated to a stunning sound and light show at Grand-Place every evening!

If you can’t visit Brussels at Christmas then be sure to visit Grand-Place at night anyway.

It’s stunning even when the buildings are simply lit up and you’ll want to stand here for hours just looking at all the silver tones.

Romantic Hotels in Brussels:

For a charming and oh-so-cosy romantic weekend in Brussels, check out these hotels:

Find more romantic places to stay in Brussels on Booking.com >>>

Brussels at night

Plan Your City Break To Brussels:

11. Split, Croatia

Views of Split from Marjan Park in Croatia

Why is a Split city break perfect for couples?

While there’s plenty to see and do in Split, Croatia itself (especially for history lovers), Split also makes the perfect base for exploring more of Croatia during your trip.

You can easily visit both Plitvice Lakes and Krka National Park as a day trip from Split. Plitvice is especially stunning, but if you have time, then both of these National Parks are worthy of a day trip.

Not to mention you can also head out on an island-hopping adventure from Split for the day (or longer!)

And when you’re both tired out from all those amazing day trips, you can wander through Split’s Old Town hand-in-hand and admire all of the sights and history on offer here.

Why not follow this up with a trip to the beach? Split has a couple of beaches you can choose from. We particularly loved the tranquil vibe of Kasjuni Beach.

Split Old Town, Croatia

Romantic Highlights:

If you take a walk along the Riva Promenade near the Old Town, you’ll be able to see the city lit up at night with its lights reflected in the water. It looks magical!

Another romantic highlight is the day trips we’ve mentioned – especially a boat tour (like this one!) to some of Croatia’s most beautiful islands.

While there, you can enjoy quiet beaches, fun snorkelling adventures and more beautiful Croatian towns.

Romantic Hotels in Split:

Check out these luxurious hotels for a romantic Split city break:

Find more romantic places to stay in Split on Booking.com >>

Plan Your City Break To Split:

12. Funchal, Madeira

Funchal Marina

Why is a Funchal city break perfect for couples?

Funchal, the capital of the Portuguese island of Madeira, is definitely not going to be top of mind for couples looking for a city break. But it should be.

The whole of Madeira is a stunning natural beauty. Whilst its capital, Funchal is not only beautiful but trendy too!

Take your time to wander through the streets, eat some delicious Portuguese cuisine and marvel at the beauties found within Funchal’s Botanical Garden.

Sitting beside Funchal gardens

Romantic Highlights:

From Funchal Harbour, it’s super easy to get a boat tour on most days. We recommend a catamaran tour, which allows you to admire whales and dolphins in their natural habitat.

The dolphins sometimes even like to scratch their bellies up against the sides of the catamaran as you glide past.

Not only does this make for a unique date idea, but you’ll both come back with huge smiles on your faces too!

Romantic Hotels in Funchal:

For the ultimate couples city break in Funchal, check out these beautiful resorts:

Find more romantic places to stay in Funchal on Booking.com >>>

Plan Your City Break To Funchal:

13. London, England

Holland Park Mews, Kensington

Why is a London city break perfect for couples?

As can be expected from the UK’s fashionable capital, there is so much to see and do in London – no matter what your interests are.

From the very essence of history at the Tower London and along the olde-worlde Georgian streets to fun things to do like sipping retro cocktails before jumping into a giant ball pit at Ballie Ballerson Shoreditch.

London is also one of the best places to find Harry Potter filming locations and Harry Potter things to do in the country.

Our advice for couples? Take to London on foot and find all the unexplored places away from the main tourist hubs and just have fun getting lost in this iconic city together.

Holland Park Mews House

Romantic Highlights:

Skip the busy tourist hubs and head out on a self-guided walking tour of Notting Hill and Kensington. Here, you’ll find some of the prettiest streets in London in the shape of ‘mews’.

These little car-free streets usually have archways leading you inside and are home to some of the most sought-after houses in all of London. This wasn’t always the case though as they actually used to be stables!

St Luke's Mews, Notting Hill, London

Some of our favourites are St Lukes Mews, Holland Park Mews and Kynance Mews. Head there during ‘Wisteria Hysteria’ season in May to see the mews streets at their best.

While you’re in this area, don’t miss a romantic walk through Holland Park. Its zen-like Kyoto Garden is beautiful and still fairly unknown among first time visitors to London (at least for now!)

Kyoto Garden in Holland Park, London

Romantic Hotels in London:

For a romantic and rather lavish couples city break in London, check out these stunning hotels:

Find more romantic places to stay in London on Booking.com >>>

Plan Your City Break To London:

Over to you now… which cities are at the top of your travel wishlist? And what are some other couples city breaks you would recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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