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National Trust Cotswolds: 11 Stunning Places To Visit

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From historic buildings and ancient artefacts to some of the prettiest gardens you ever did see, there are lots of stunning National Trust Cotswolds properties to visit.

Here’s our pick of the top 11 places to visit (plus a few bonuses nearby) with a handy map at the end to help you find your way!

Stunning National Trust Places in the Cotswolds

1. Hidcote

Hidcote is such a stunning place to explore (especially on a sunny day!)

Found close to the northern tip of the Cotswolds and just ten miles south of Stratford-upon-Avon, Hidcote is one of the most beautiful gardens we’ve seen in a long time.

The vast estate is split up between hedges, gates, water features and secret gardens – and each part of the garden has its own theme to make it feel like you’re exploring different rooms and areas.

Hidcote Gardens
Did we just venture abroad to Spain or something?

If you love gardens, nature and getting outside, then you will simply love exploring Hidcote for a few hours!

Plan your trip to Hidcote with these tips.

2. Newark Park

The Tudor hunting lodge at Newark Park looking as grand as ever

As we live in Bristol, Newark Park was one of the first National Trust Cotswolds places we visited and we’ve been back many times since then because it’s so beautiful here.

Set within the Cotswolds countryside and close to Ozleworth, you’ll find this secluded Tudor hunting lodge and estate. 

There are various rooms inside the house to explore, but it’s the views of the surrounding countryside that will have you spellbound!

Dogs welcome on leads in the garden and in the estate.
Such stunning countryside views to admire at Newark Park!

Whether you admire the views from the house’s windows, out in the gardens or follow the waymarked walking trails around the estate, you’ll be in awe at every step.

Later on, be sure to rest your feet in the gardens that look out across a pond and those incredible views you saw earlier.

Click to find out what to expect during your visit.

3. Chedworth Roman Villa

Chedworth Roman Villa
Ancient Roman artefacts await inside the villa!

If you’re interested in the ancient Romans, then a trip to Chedworth Roman Villa in the heart of the Cotswolds is definitely for you.

Here, you can wander around ancient Roman ruins and see original Roman mosaic floors and artefacts. It’s fascinating!

If they’re running during your visit, we’d recommend joining one of the free walking tours so you can learn more about what the Romans used Chedworth for and how the mosaics were discovered by the Victorians many centuries later.

Read more about Chedworth Roman Villa here.

4. Dyrham Park

Dyrham Park house as seen from the Lost Terraces

Found towards the south-east edge of the Cotswolds, Dyrham Park is perfect for nature lovers, history buffs and theatre fanatics too!

The vast 270-acre estate offers some fantastic country walks while the landscaped gardens are pretty and tranquil. Not to mention there are hundreds of free-roaming fallow deer to see within the estate too.

As can be expected from an estate this grand, there is also a beautiful 17th-century manor house to explore. However, I believe it’s currently undergoing extensive renovation works so expect to see some scaffolding! 

Dyrham Park is also great for theatre fanatics as the gardens close to the house often host Shakespeare plays by The Lord Chamberlains Men, which are a lot of fun to watch while eating an evening picnic. 

We’ve seen both Romeo and Juliet and The Twelfth Night performed here and have loved it both times!

Learn more about Dyrham Park here.

READ NEXT: A Quick Guide to Dyrham Park and its History

5. Chastleton House

Chastleton House
Pretty pink flowers and old buildings… so dreamy!

Chastleton House is just a 15-minute drive from the pretty Cotswolds towns of Stow-on-the-Wold and Moreton-in-Marsh. 

This 17th-century Jacobean country house is a pleasure to explore both inside and out.

The house was built between 1607 and 1612 and has remained virtually unchanged for over 400 years – making it the ideal place for history lovers and anyone interested in period features.

The house also looks out over some lovely landscaped gardens, which are well worth a relaxing stroll around too.

There’s also a chapel on site, which frequently sells tea and homemade cakes. These are best enjoyed on the grass in the sunshine!

Click to learn more about Chastleton House.

6. Arlington Row in Bibury

I know what you’re thinking… Bibury is a famous Cotswolds village, so what is it doing on this list of stunning National Trust Cotswolds properties?

Well, you might be surprised to hear that Arlington Row, a set of Insta-famous 17th-century weavers’ cottages in Bibury, are actually owned by the National Trust. 

You can even holiday in number 9! I know… mind blown!

Read more about the history of these pretty little cottages here.

7. Chipping Campden Market Hall

Chipping Campden is another utterly charming Cotswolds town and the 400-year old Market Hall found here is looked after by the National Trust.

Chipping Campden
The Market Hall isn’t the only place in Chipping Campden with years worth of history!

It was built in 1627 and was where townsfolk would go to trade goods like cheese, butter and poultry. 

Interestingly, the Market Hall was nearly sold to an American in the 1940s, but the local people raised enough money to buy it before gifting it to the National Trust!

Read more about its history here.

8. Bath Assembly Rooms

Bath Assembly Rooms
The Bath Assembly Rooms looking every bit as grand as you’d expect

If you dream about the days of Jane Austen as regularly as I do, then a visit to the Bath Assembly Rooms is well worth it!

In the past, these grand rooms would have been used as music rooms, function rooms for high society or simply a place for ladies and gentlemen to have a ‘walkabout’ while chatting and socialising with each other.

The Assembly rooms are free to have a look around (even for non-National Trust members).

There used to be a Fashion Museum on the lower levels of the building, but it’s currently closed as they’re moving to a new location.

Click to find out more about the Bath Assembly Rooms.

Bath Fashion Museum
The Fashion Museum, which used to be underneath the Bath Assembly Rooms

9. Bath Skyline

Justine and Kai admiring the Bath Skyline views
You gotta love the views from the Bath Skyline walk!

The National Trust also looks after some of the countryside surrounding the beautiful city of Bath, which includes the Bath Skyline.

This spot offers superb views across the city as well as plenty of enjoyable woodland and field walks. It’s a great place to bring your dog or children to help them run off some steam. 

Click here for directions for the full Bath Skyline walking trail.

Or check out this page for tips on how to see the pretty Bath Skyline views.

10. Woodchester Park

The boat house at Woodchester Park
Hands up if you want to picnic here?!

Along the eastern border of the Cotswolds (close to Stonehouse and Stroud) is the delightful Woodchester Park. This was actually where Scott and I first met many years ago!

Here, you can wander through woodlands and along waymarked trails surrounding a large lake. 

You’ll also find a pretty boathouse here, which is a charming place to come for a romantic picnic.

Woodchester Park was even used as a filming location in series 2 of The Crown. You might recognise the lake and boathouse as part of the setting for Gordonstoun in Moray, Scotland (Prince Charles’ and the Duke of Edinburgh’s boarding school).

There’s also a children’s woodland trail at Woodchester Park, which has fun things to play on like swings, seesaws and walking beams. We can personally vouch for them being a lot of fun (we’re big kids ourselves!)

Plan your trip to Woodchester Park now.

11. Prior Park Landscape Garden

The Palladian bridge at Prior Park Landscape Garden
The Palladian bridge – one of only four in the world with this design!

Prior Park Landscape Garden is located in the beautiful city of Bath in the southern section of the Cotswolds.

Here, you’ll follow a steep sloping walkway past large rhododendrons, ferns and ancient oak trees towards a lake where you’ll find an imposing Palladian bridge.

This bridge dates back to 1755 and is one of only four bridges in the world that has this design. It was inspired by Andrea Palladio, an Italian architect.

Scott on the Palladian bridge at Prior Park Landscape Garden
Scott checking out the ancient graffiti

It even has centuries-old graffiti carved into its stonework!

Scott on the Palladian bridge at Prior Park Landscape Garden
That says 1879, right? Wow!

As you might imagine, this part of the garden is quite popular, especially at peak times.

Head here in the morning (ideally before 11 am) to avoid the Instagram crowd and people who get engaged here. Honestly, we saw people who must’ve taken over 100 selfies here!

Once you’ve admired the lake and bridge, you can follow a different path back up to the top, so you end up doing a circular route during your visit.

Don’t worry! The path back up is not as steep as the path you walk down at the beginning.

You’ll likely still work up a sweat, but it’s definitely far less gruelling than if you took the other path.

Top Tip: You’ll find the Bath Skyline walk nearby, so you can tick off two National Trust Cotswolds places from this list in just one day!

Plan your visit to Prior Park now.


BONUS: National Trust Places Near The Cotswolds Worth Visiting

Alongside these pretty National Trust Cotswolds properties, there are also a few more places nearby that are well worth visiting when you’re in this area.

1. Tyntesfield

Tyntesfield in Winter
Beautiful Tyntesfield at dusk

Tyntesfield is roughly 45 minutes away from the south-east edge of the Cotswolds and is a lovely place to explore.

Here, you can find an intricate Victorian Gothic Revival house set within a vast estate and pretty landscaped gardens. 

Coming here is almost like you’ve stumbled across a vampire’s lair or something – it’s that unique of a building!

Tyntesfield also hosts incredible Christmas events each year. You can read our full review of that here.

Learn more about Tyntesfield here.

2. Lacock Village and Abbey

The charming village of Lacock is just six miles away from the nearest Cotswolds town and is a fantastic place to while away a few hours.

The National Trust looks after this whole area and it’s the ideal day out for TV and film fanatics as so many different productions have been filmed here – from Downton Abbey and Pride and Prejudice to The Other Boleyn Girl and even Harry Potter.

For example, some episodes of Downton Abbey were filmed in the village, while Lacock Abbey (also looked after by the National Trust) was used multiple times as Hogwarts corridors and classrooms within the first couple of Harry Potter films!

Plan your visit to Lacock and Lacock Abbey here.

3. Hanbury Hall and Gardens

Hanbury Hall
Hanbury Hall in the sunshine… we live for grand buildings like this!

Found close to the city of Worcester and roughly 45 minutes from the northeast tip of the Cotswolds, Hanbury Hall and Gardens is a lovely place to visit in the spring and summer months.

Hanbury Hall Flowers
The spring and summer months await in the gardens of Hanbury Hall!

Here, you’ll find multiple landscaped gardens and a large estate to explore, which are full of flowers, blossom trees, water features and plenty of prime picnic spots.

Use these tips to plan your trip to Hanbury Hall and Gardens.

You can even book a holiday and stay in The Lodge at the estate’s entrance or within this charming apartment in the South Wing of Hanbury Hall overlooking one of the courtyards!

National Trust Cotswolds Map

Here’s a map to show you where each of these National Trust Cotswolds places are (plus the three bonus places nearby we’ve mentioned as well):

(Click on the map to see a larger and more detailed version)

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National Trust Cotswolds: 10 Stunning Places To Visit
National Trust Cotswolds: 10 Stunning Places To Visit
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