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Tall Trees Trail, New Forest: How To See Giant Sequoia Trees in the UK

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Did you know you can see giant Sequoia trees in the UK? Head to the Tall Trees Trail and Blackwater Arboretum in the New Forest and you’ll see plenty of them.

You’ll also see Douglas Fir trees growing in abundance, which are some of the UK’s tallest trees. We were amazed to find trees like this in the UK!

Read on for our tips on what to know before you go on this epic walk, including:

  • How to get to the Blackwater Tall Trees Trail
  • When to visit
  • Which routes to follow
  • Whether the walks are easy, moderate or hard
  • Which trees are must-sees along the way
  • Other nearby not-to-be-missed attractions

We hope you find this guide helpful and inspiring!

Tall Trees Trail, New Forest: Know Before You Go

Admiring the giant Sequoia trees in the New Forest, UK

How To Get To The Blackwater Tall Trees Trail

The Tall Trees Trail in the New Forest follows part of Rhinefield Ornamental Drive. There’s free parking at the start of the walk.

The car park (Blackwater Car Park) is about a 10-minute drive from both Brockenhurst and Lyndhurst – taking you to the heart of the New Forest.

Blackwater Tall Trees Trail in the New Forest, UK

From Blackwater Car Park, you only need to cross the road and you’ll be at the start of the Tall Trees Trail. Easy peasy!

Starting the Tall Trees Trail, New Forest, UK

If you struggle to find parking at Blackwater – such as during busy school holidays or weekends – then there are other free car parks dotted along Rhinefield Ornamental Drive.

These are Brock Hill Car Park, Puttles Bridge Car Park and Whitefield Moor Car Park.

Brock Hill is part of the Tall Trees Trail. 

Puttles Bridge and Whitefield Moor are about a 30-minute walk away from the car park at Blackwater, so these would give you a longer route to follow. These car parks are also close to the Ober Water Trail – another beautiful New Forest walk.

Note: Both Blackwater and Whitefield Moor have toilet facilities. Puttles Bridge and Brock Hill do not.

Tall Trees Trail, New Forest, UK

When To Do The Tall Trees Walk

We’d recommend walking the Tall Trees Trail on a weekday morning (outside of school holidays) as it’ll be far quieter than during a weekend or in the afternoon.

When we visited on a Friday at 10 am, we were the only ones on the trail until about 2 hours later, so we could take our time photographing the giant Sequoia trees and Douglas Firs.

Once lunchtime hit, lots more people were starting the route just as we were finishing it.

Scott admiring a giant Sequoia tree in the UK

Blackwater Tall Trees Trail Routes & Maps

If you follow the “official” Blackwater Tall Trees Trail (more info here), then you should find this 1.5-mile circular walk is fairly easy and gentle.

The walk around Blackwater Arboretum, next to the Tall Trees Trail, adds an extra 0.5 miles to your route and it’s another easy and fairly flat route to follow.

We used this guide from AllTrails to map out our walk.

Both of these walks are primarily flat, although you’ll need appropriate footwear, such as walking boots or trainers because gnarled tree roots and pinecones litter the ground. So watch your step!

We saw people of all ages enjoying these walks – from older people with walking sticks to young toddlers and every age in between.

Nature closeups in the New Forest, UK

If you fancy a longer walk, why not pair the Blackwater Tall Trees Trail with the nearby Ober Water Trail

Or, you can simply follow the flat tracks through the New Forest for as long as you want. Just keep an eye on a map (either a paper one or a map downloaded to your phone) so you don’t get lost.

At 219 square miles, The New Forest is one of the largest National Parks in the UK, so you certainly have plenty of walking routes to choose from.

The Tallest Trees You’ll See On The New Forest Tall Trees Trail

Many of the trees you’ll find along the Tall Trees Trail were planted in the 1850s. Listed below are two types of trees you’ll be most anxious to see during your walk.

Giant Sequoia Trees (aka Wellingtonia Coast Redwoods)

Giant Sequoia trees in the UK - Tall Trees Trail, New Forest

You’ll see several giant Sequoia trees along the Tall Trees Trail. You’ll also see many more of them inside the nearby Blackwater Arboretum, which is free to visit.

Wooden signs along the trail indicate which redwood trees are the tallest (over 50 metres) and heaviest (approx 105 tonnes). You really will feel tiny in comparison!

Douglas Fir

Blackwater Tall Trees Trail, New Forest, UK

Perhaps surprisingly, the giant Sequoia trees aren’t the only tall trees you’ll see on your walk. 

You’ll also find Douglas Fir trees growing in abundance here, which are some of the tallest trees in the UK (reaching up to 60 metres high in some cases).

Don’t Miss: The New Forest Ponies

New Forest Ponies, UK

Even though you might not encounter New Forest Ponies along this popular walk, you won’t need to go too far off the beaten track to see them.

You’ll also likely spot some as you drive through the New Forest.

Approximately 5,000 semi-feral ponies live in the New Forest and you’ll often see them grazing in small groups.

But please remember to admire these beautiful creatures from afar!

Fun fact: Did you know ponies have lived in the New Forest for over 2,000 years?!

More New Forest Attractions Near The Tall Trees Trail

If you’re spending all day in the New Forest, then there is plenty to see and do. 

You might want to check out the Rufus Stone (roughly 20 minutes by car from the Blackwater Car Park). This landmark stone is (allegedly) where King William II was fatally wounded by an arrow during a Royal hunt in 1100 AD.

Another top thing to do is to check out Burley Village (about 15 minutes from Blackwater Car Park). Burley is famous for its links to witches, dragons, pirates and smuggling, making this an intriguing village to visit.

RELATED: Burley Witch Shop – Witchcraft & Smuggling in Burley Village

I hope you’re excited to see giant Sequoia trees in the UK as part of the New Forest Tall Trees Trail! If you have any questions not covered above, then please let us know in the comments below and we’ll reply asap…

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Blackwater Tall Trees Trail, New Forest Giant Sequoia Trees Await!
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