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Why Is The Temple Bar In Dublin Famous?

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Alongside sightseeing and trying local foods, we’re also big fans of finding out more about the histories of a place we’re travelling to. The Temple Bar in Dublin was no exception.

Our thoughts were: “Why is The Temple Bar so famous?” Well… here we are to reveal all.

Temple Bar: The Local Area

Originally known as ‘Temple Barr’, (Barr = a raised estuary sandbank often used for walking on), the Temple Bar area had fallen into disarray many centuries ago.

In fact, during the 18th Century, it was the place to go to if you were after a night of drunken debauchery with a local prostitute!

As the years sailed on by, the area fell into yet further disarray.

The good news was that this resulted in bargain rents for homes, boutiques and bars. The area quickly became a thriving hub of Irish bohemian quirkiness – almost like SoHo in London or Brooklyn in New York.

A hip, trendy vibe consumed the entire area – and locals loved it!

Given how much Temple Bar was increasing in popularity; in 1991, the Irish state got involved to modernise and rejuvenate the entire area, which just heightened its popularity even more!

Since then, Temple Bar has now been promoted as Dublin’s cultural quarter, and alongside its lively nightlife, it has certainly become popular with tourists around the world.

The Temple Bar, Dublin

The Temple Bar: Whisky Galore

The Temple Bar (established in 1840) is one of the most famous pubs in Dublin, thanks to the intriguing history of the whole Temple Bar area.

But to be fair, with the pub offering over 450 different kinds of rare whisky (Ireland’s largest collection), The Temple Bar has helped put itself on the map too.

Bright red on the outside, and looking incredibly Irish, this pub is always heaving with tourists and locals alike.

It’s pretty quirky inside, with tons of low-hanging lamps, the whisky collection already mentioned and a bizarre bronze statue of James Joyce.

And with such a buzzing atmosphere inside, how could you not join in? You can totally understand why it’s a must-see! The only thing is that you may have to settle for standing with your pint or whisky as it’s so busy – unless you’re a fan of early morning drinking when crowds are fewer.

If you want to see the Temple Bar’s extensive whisky collection first-hand, then head to 47/48 Temple Bar in Dublin.

Irish Whiskey

What do you think? Would you visit The Temple Bar? Do you know of any other fascinating histories about it? Let us know in the comments…

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