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Porto Moniz, Madeira

Top 10 Things To Do In Madeira [Infographic]

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Madeira, in the heart of the North Atlantic ocean is a treasure trove of perfect scenery, warm weather and marvellous activities to help make your trip a memorable one.

I’ve pieced together a list of my recommended top 10 things to do in Madeira – from the traditional, to the more adventurous to something for the foodie in us all … enjoy!

Top 10 Things To Do In Madeira Infographic

And for those of you who are up for any of these awesome ten things to do in Madeira, then there’s some more info about each of them below for you…

1. Swim in volcanic rock pools

If you head to Porto Moniz on the north side of the island then you can while away your afternoon swimming in volcanic rock pools. Costing just a couple of Euros entry, these rock pools are bright blue, natural and normally laden with sunshine… perfect!

2. Hike through the clouds

Pico do Arieiro offers you the opportunity to walk and hike through the clouds at heady heights. You may stumble across the odd cow here and there as well as old churches. But aside from that, it’s quite a cool feeling to wander through the clouds for a bit.

3. Eat some Madeira cake

This isn’t the Madeira cake you know from supermarkets (with the plain sponge and marbled chocolate), but this is the traditional Madeira cake you should try whilst you’re out there. This cake is firm yet light and is normally accompanied by a lemon drizzle and a cup of tea on the side.

4. Visit the Santana houses

These fabulous little houses in Santana show the more traditional way that the Madeirans would live. Not only are they cute, but they have bright colours too – sure to put a smile on your face!

5. Admire the dolphins

There are so many different kinds of boat tour that you can take from the Funchal harbour. Hop onto a catamaran and chase the dolphins in the sunshine. By the way, the dolphins await these boat tours so expect to see dolphins scratching their backs across the boat and gliding along the waves with you.

6. Buy some wicker

Wicker is a very popular commodity in Madeira. It’s enjoyable to watch Madeirans making complex objects at the Wicker Factory in Camacha along the East side of the island, but it’s also great fun to spend some money on some items to take home.

7. Walk in the Valley of Nuns

The Valley of Nuns is a must-see in Madeira as it helps to show you how traditional Madeirans would spend their days. Nuns would often walk the steep, long hill found here to get to town and back, often with their purchases carried in baskets on their back. Strong ladies!

8. See the Bird of Paradise flower

The Bird of Paradise flower grows naturally and in abundance throughout the island. Bright orange in colour and definitely resembling an exotic bird, these flowers are extraordinary to see in person.

9. Eat some traditional Madeiran food

There are so many restaurants in and around Funchal that offer traditional Portuguese cuisine. Try ordering shark steak and black scabbard fish for some unique yet traditional foods.

10. Hop to Porto Santo

If you’d like to experience sunny, sandy beaches during your trip, then neighbouring island Porto Santo is only a short ferry trip away from Funchal harbour. There is plenty of beach available here for relaxing on and a dip in the ocean should be on your to-do list as well!

I’ve tried to be a little different in this post by using an Infographic rather than standard text alone – do you think this worked?

Have you been to Madeira yet? Or has this post inspired you to learn more about Madeira? Share your opinions, thoughts and comments below…

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