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Freelance Travel Writing Services

With my expert freelance writing services and knowledge of SEO,
your business could be at the top of Google in no time!

Working as a writer

Justine Jenkins: Freelance Travel and Content WriterHi, I’m Justine Jenkins – a freelance writer and full-time blogger. Before I took our couples travel blog full-time, I was a Content Marketer by trade, which means I know the value of well-written, useful and SEO friendly content. But that’s not the only reason why you should hire me as a freelance content writer for your team…

Why You Should Hire Me As A Content Writer

Hire me as a freelance content writer and you’ll get the chance to work with someone who:

  • Has a real passion for providing useful content, which is actually enjoyable to read
  • Is not only an experienced travel writer but also an experienced B2B content writer; showing the depth and breadth of my skills, knowledge and abilities
  • Knows SEO and spends an obscene amount of time reading up on the latest SEO strategies and putting them into practice
  • Works fast and creates content of a high standard to any deadline given – and often ahead of deadlines!
  • Yet is often described as having “hawk eyes” when it comes to spotting spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Has a large following across our blog and social media channels giving any articles I write for you an initial boost in readership

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A Snapshot of My Portfolio

Alongside the 200+ travel blogs found on our own site, I have also written high quality original content for the following publications:

Throughout 2018, I also wrote a monthly travel column for a branch of Bristol-based newspapers:

I also have experience with B2B content marketing following my work as a full-time writer for a Bristol-based retail technology company. Here are a selection of my favourite articles:

Check out our ‘Press’ page for even more examples of my writing.

Freelance Services I Offer

Travel Writing Services

As a freelance travel writer and full-time travel blogger, my passion clearly lies in travel and the joy of new experiences. Whether you’re a cruise ship company launching maiden voyages to new destinations, an airline promoting the destinations you fly to or any other kind of travel business or brand, I would be honoured to write high quality, informative and fun travel content for your website. You can either set briefs you need to have fulfilled or I would also be happy to offer new content ideas you might not have thought of yet. Get in touch to find out more and hire me to write content for your travel website >>

Blog Writing Services

While some peoples’ perceptions of blogs are stuck on trends from a decade ago, my own blog Wanderers of the World is a fine example of the volume of targeted traffic that a blog can achieve and help convert for your business. Some blogs can be short and snappy, while search engine optimised blogs can drive the traffic you really need to your business. Get in touch to find out more and hire me as a freelance blog writer >>

Long-Form Article Writing Services

I take pride in being able to write engaging content – even when it needs to be over 2,000 words long. Whether it’s a long-form article written with SEO in mind, a technical how-to document or even a PDF to complement your email marketing strategies, I would be pleased to write useful engaging content to suit your business’ needs. Get in touch to find out more and hire me as a freelance content writer >>

SEO Content Writing Services

After learning about SEO and the best strategies for ranking in search engines in my spare time in June 2018, I applied what I learned to my travel blog: Wanderers of the World. Traffic is now holding steady at 60,000 views per month (over 80% of which comes from Google and other search engines) while I spend more time on other projects. Get in touch to find out more and hire me as an SEO content writer >>

Proofreading Services

Alongside content writing services, I also offer proofreading services to any type of business. Not only do I have a natural flair for good writing but I’m often described as having “hawk eyes” when it comes to spotting spelling and grammar mistakes. In my previous role as a full-time content writer, I was the company’s sole proofreader, working to an editorial process and style guide that I single handedly created and rolled out company-wide while working in the role. Your articles are safe with me at the editing helm. Get in touch to find out more and hire me as a freelance proofreader >>

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