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4 Days in Singapore Itinerary for First Time Visitors (+ Costs!)

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Singapore (the city and country) are stunning places to explore and are a fantastic introduction to Asia if you’ve never been before. 

To us, Singapore is a destination with split personality disorder (but for all the RIGHT reasons)! There’s the conservative yet modern side, the architectural yet natural side and the historic yet futuristic side. 

A quick 4 days in Singapore is enough time to see all this and more. Let us show you how with our ultimate Singapore itinerary for 4 days and first time visitors, which – as always – is based on how we spent our time there.

4 Days in Singapore: Things To Do, Travel Costs & Where To Stay

Silver Garden Singapore

Is 4 Days in Singapore Enough?

If you want to see the top sights, then 4 days in Singapore is enough time to do it all without rushing. It’s also enough time to leave Singapore City and see some of the rest of the country through things like hiking the Southern Ridges and visiting the Night Safari

If you’re travelling from afar and are seeing Singapore on your way to somewhere like Bali, then you’ll also need enough time (roughly one day) to get over major jet lag. 4 days in Singapore is enough time for all of that but you’ll still be kept busy throughout your trip.

4 Days in Singapore Itinerary for First Time Visitors

Our 4 day Singapore itinerary is perfect for first time visitors as it seeks to show you several different sides of Singapore such as modern city vibes, unique attractions, beautiful landscapes and historic places – all in one short trip. Let’s go!

Day 1

Today is all about taking it easy and getting a relaxed introduction to the awesomeness that is Singapore. If you’ve travelled from far away then you’ll probably be seriously jet lagged. 

There’s a rather embarrassing photo of me lurking around on social media where I passed out in Gardens by the Bay from some serious jet lag. So we beg of you to take the time to slowly get used to the time difference.

Check in

Hopefully you can check in early like we did at The Scarlet Hotel in Chinatown and shower ahead of your short afternoon of sightseeing…

Gardens by the Bay (Free)

Justine photographing Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Gardens by the Bay is free to visit, and because there’s a lot of beautiful sights to see here, we’d recommend coming back on several different days.

On this first trip, take a slow walk through some of the gardens and check out Supertree Grove. There are different themes across the gardens (like the Chinese Garden, Indian Garden, Malay Garden and Silver Garden), so pick out a couple of firm favourites and take a slow walk through them. 

If this is your first time in the Singapore humidity, then take it easy and drink plenty of water!

Marina Bay Sands Observation Deck

View from Marina Bay Sands Observation Deck in Singapore

If you’re feeling up to it, a quick trip to the top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel is a beautiful and relaxing way to welcome you to Singapore. 

You’ll be able to see Gardens by the Bay from above as well as the sea and city skyline. Tickets cost about S$32 per adult and are best booked in advance.

Eat and SLEEP!

We’ve definitely tried to warn you about taking it easy on this first day of your Singapore trip.

There’s nothing wrong with starting off slow and ramping up the sightseeing over the next few days, which is what we recommend doing. 

For now, go grab a quick bite to eat in a Hawker Center and catch some zzz’s…

Day 2

Hopefully you’re starting to adjust to the time difference now – or you’re at least getting there. On the cards for today: several top sights in Singapore city and further afield!

Gardens by the Bay (Paid)

OCBC Skyway, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

You spent your first day slowly wandering around the free gardens. Now it’s time to head inside some of the paid for parts of Gardens by the Bay like the Flower Dome, Cloud Forest and OCBC Skyway

These attractions are all well worth doing if you’ve got the time as they’re beautiful. The skyway will also give you the chance to see Supertree Grove really close up.

It’ll cost you S$32-34 each to visit two of the conservatories plus an extra S$14 to walk along the OCBC Skyway. 

ArtScience Museum

Within a ten minute walk of Gardens by the Bay, you can be at the ArtScience Museum. It’s inside the lotus shaped building you’ve probably seen a few times online before. And it’s incredible! 

Within each room are unique art and sound installations to marvel at – from interactive slides and stunning waterfall art to a stunning crystal room you can control the lights of. 

When buying tickets, make sure you choose the Future World exhibit, which costs around S$37 each.

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

If you’re hungry, we’d recommend heading inside The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

Although pricey compared with local hawker stalls, the lower level here has A LOT of food stalls to choose from, which all smell heavenly. We paid S$8 for a delicious katsu chicken and rice dish. 

Night Safari

From the Marina area, it’s really easy to catch an MRT train to go further afield. We’d recommend a visit to the Night Safari for all first time visitors; it was actually one of our top highlights from our entire honeymoon! 

Here, you have the chance to wander around a huge rainforest park to see nocturnal animals in their prime. There will certainly be some creatures of the night you would have never seen before.

You’ll need to catch two trains and a shuttle bus to get to the Night Safari from downtown Singapore, but because the public transport in Singapore is so clean and reliable, it takes around 90 minutes in total and is an enjoyable journey. 

We’ve written a detailed guide to the Singapore Night Safari as there are a few things you need to know before visiting to ensure your time there is as great as ours was so do have a read of thatAt the time of writing, tickets cost from S$55 each.

Day 3

Fancy seeing a bit more of Singapore outside of the city? It’s time for a hiking session!

Southern Ridges Hike

Justine at the top of Mount Faber Point

Although there are a number of Singapore hikes well worth doing, we chose to do the Southern Ridges hike as it’s easy to get to from downtown Singapore and it’s beautiful. 

The full Southern Ridges hike runs from Kent Ridge Park through HortPark and Henderson Waves before finishing at Mount Faber Park. 

We followed the directions in this Lonely Planet article and joined the Kent Ridge Park canopy walk near Bukit Chandu War Memorial and followed the trail through to Mount Faber Point. 

Given our moderate fitness levels and the Singapore humidity, which does add to the challenge, it took us around four hours in total with multiple rest stops.

The views all along the way are really pretty; from treetop views to zen gardens and modern architecture. And as with any other hike, you get such a real rush of endorphins once you reach the top of Mount Faber!

Gardens by the Bay (Evening Show)

You’ve seen Gardens by the Bay in the daylight. You’ve seen it from above. You’ve seen inside the domes. Now it’s time to see it lit up at night – and we must say, at its most beautiful! 

There are Garden Rhapsody shows daily at 7.45pm and again at 8.45pm. They’re free to go to unless it’s a special event like the Christmas Wonderland

Head there around 30 minutes in advance in order to get a prime position to sit and wait. 

Even if you can’t be right in the middle, you’ll still be in awe of everything you’re seeing. Aand you’ll probably agree that this is hands down one of the most incredible things to do in Singapore at night!

Day 4

It’s finally time to see Singapore’s historical and cultural side! Today, let’s take a wander through Chinatown and Little India and marvel at the colourful shophouses and beautiful architecture.


Chinatown, Singapore

Your trip to Singapore wouldn’t be complete without a meander around Chinatown. From unique souvenirs and independent boutiques to tasty street food, you’ll have a lot of fun scouting out interesting purchases. 

But don’t forget to also look above the shops at the buildings. This part of Singapore is infamous for its bright and colourful shophouses, which are really beautiful. 

Other must sees in Chinatown include Thian Hock Keng Temple (the oldest Chinese temple in Singapore), Sri Mariamman Temple (the first Hindu temple in Singapore), Buddha Tooth Relic Temple (an Insta-famous museum) and Ann Siang Hill Park (where you can wander along a wooden walkway and through picturesque arches).

Little India

Little India is another of Singapore’s most famous neighbourhoods. 

Here, there are yet more exquisite temples to see including Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple and Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple. 

The Insta-famous House of Tan Teng Niah can also be found in Little India, which is well worth a look if you love rainbow hues and pretty architecture.

4 Days in Singapore Costs: Budget Breakdown for Couples

So how much would 4 days in Singapore cost? We originally created this budget breakdown based on our trip to Singapore in September 2019 as part of our Asia honeymoon. We’ve since updated them to reflect current prices.

Either way, this guide is intended to give you a rough guide of how much you’re likely to spend as a couple if you’re happy to: 

  • Stay in a 3 or 4 star hotel
  • Pay for all the top attractions in Singapore
  • Eat at the local Hawker Centers
  • Use public transportation

Average Daily Cost for Couples – S$260 / £160 each

Midrange Accommodation – S$680 / £400 for a double

As midrange budget travellers ourselves, we tend to stay in 3 star hotels and sometimes 4 stars if it’s a particularly special trip (like our honeymoon) or if we’ve gone to a cheap destination (like Bali). 

In Singapore, you should expect to spend around S$200 per night for a 3 star hotel in a fairly central location and in excess of S$350 per night for 4 stars and above. 

This would make a three night midrange stay in Singapore around S$680, which is roughly £400 at the time of writing. 

NB: The further you head away from downtown Singapore, the cheaper your stay will be.

Singapore Cityscape

Food & Drink – S$160 / £90 each

We’d recommend eating at the Hawker Centers every day if you can. There are several Michelin-starred Hawker stalls in Singapore, which serve classic dishes for a fraction of the cost you might expect – think less than S$10 (£7) for a seriously delicious meal! 

Sadly, it can also be the same price for a bottle of cheap beer and this doesn’t even factor in how much it would cost to drink a premium cocktail at your hotel’s bar area!

If you can last a four day trip without any alcohol and can stick to soft drinks or water, then this might be better for you and the rest of your vacation budget! 

It would also be well worth it to spend a bit extra on a hotel that includes breakfast as you’ll likely be able to save some money there too.

Top Attractions – S$151 / £88 each

If you visit all of the attractions we’ve mentioned in this 4 day Singapore itinerary then you’ll spend around S$151 each, which is roughly £88 at the time of writing (on entry fees alone, not including food and transport costs). 

For four days in one of the most expensive cities in the world? We think this is actually pretty reasonable. 

You can also usually save a bit of money by booking your tickets online in advance. We recommend doing this anyway so that you can be sure you’ll definitely get in (especially at peak times). 

Plus, with things like day hikes and Gardens by the Bay, you should also find that there are plenty of cheap things to do in Singapore to help keep costs low.

Justine walking through Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Transportation – S$22-40 / £12-25 each 

Singapore’s MRT trains can usually get you anywhere you want to go across the country. They are clean and reliable and genuinely enjoyable to ride on. 

You can get a 3 day Singapore tourist pass, which includes unlimited travel via public transport for S$34 each. Just remember to return your card and get your S$10 deposit back before the end of your trip! You can also use the MRT to get from Changi Airport to the city, which helps to cut down on costs. 

Alternatively, taxis in Singapore run on a meter or you can use the Grab app, which works in a similar way as Uber. As a guide, it costs roughly S$20-40 (£12-24) for a taxi from the airport to downtown Singapore. 

Where To Stay in Singapore for 4 Days


We wanted to be close to all the main action of downtown Singapore, with a relatively short drive to/from the airport and close to the best hawker centers for easy meals out, so we chose to stay in Chinatown. This turned out to be a great option for us, and thus, an area we would definitely recommend. 

We stayed at The Scarlet Hotel on Erskine Road. We liked that this 4 star boutique hotel was a comfortable stay inside an authentic shophouse and that we were provided with breakfast every morning at the onsite restaurant. 

Although we had a slight mishap when checking in (our breakfast wasn’t registered as being included on the booking), this was sorted during our stay and we were given a bottle of wine and a personalised card as an apology, which was a nice touch. 

The Scarlet Hotel Apology

The hotel was also rather sexy with a lush red decor and plush furnishings making this an ideal hotel to kick off our honeymoon. But we’d definitely recommend upgrading to an Executive room if you can as the Deluxe rooms don’t come with windows.

Check prices for The Scarlet Hotel here >>>

Justine relaxing at The Scarlet Hotel Singapore

Other top rated midrange hotels in Chinatown include:

We hope you found this 4 days in Singapore itinerary helpful! What are you most excited to see during your trip? Is there anything else you want to know about Singapore? Or have we left something out? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll reply asap…

Need help planning your trip to Singapore? We also offer custom travel planning services!

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