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Bali Honeymoon Guide: Unmissable Experiences & Top Tips For Couples

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If you’re reading this Bali honeymoon guide, then I suspect you’re either planning your wedding or you’ve recently gotten married. Either way, from one happily married couple to you newlyweds, congratulations!

When Scott and I were planning our honeymoon in 2019, we thought of several destinations to choose from. It wasn’t long before we were dreaming of a honeymoon in Bali and nowhere else.

Visions of emerald green rice paddies and pristine beaches came to mind; not to mention, we knew we’d also be able to experience luxurious 4- and 5-star accommodation for a fraction of the price we’d pay elsewhere.

Are you dreaming of something similar? Read on to discover:

  • Romantic Bali honeymoon destinations you might like to consider
  • Unmissable Bali honeymoon activities and experiences you’ll love
  • Our top tips for couples travelling to Bali
  • How to make your Bali honeymoon a reality

Note: Original Travel, experts in tailor-made holiday packages and itineraries, kindly partnered with us so we could write this Bali honeymoon guide for you. As always, all words, thoughts, research, opinions, etc are entirely our own. 

Now, let’s get back to dreaming about (and planning!) the perfect Bali honeymoon for you and your new lifelong partner…

Bali Honeymoon Guide: Unmissable Experiences & Top Tips For Couples

Bali Honeymoon Guide: Unmissable Experiences & Top Tips For Couples

Romantic Bali Honeymoon Destinations

At over 2,000 square miles, Bali isn’t exactly a massive island, but we would call it diverse when it comes to travel and tourism. 

Therefore, you might be wondering which region you should stay in for your honeymoon. 

Read on for our quick guide to romantic honeymoon destinations in Bali to get an overview of what these different regions have to offer.


Sunset at Uluwatu Temple, Bali

Uluwatu is a region on the southwestern tip of Bali. 

As such, it’s where romantic sunsets enrich the sky with colour and where you’ll never be short of unforgettable watersports activities to enjoy together. 

Another must-see in this area is Uluwatu Temple where the most infamous Kecak Fire Dance takes place at sunset overlooking the ocean. 

I suspect you’re already wistfully dreaming of your Bali honeymoon, aren’t you?


Monkey Temple, Ubud

Ubud is the cultural heart of Bali. 

If you want to see spiritual temples and shrines during your Bali honeymoon, then you’ll love your time in Ubud. 

But there’s more to this popular Balinese region than first meets the eye. 

Alongside temples, you can also peruse handcrafted items at the local markets, or spend time in nature together. 

After all, top must-sees in Ubud include the infamous Sacred Monkey Forest, sprawling rice paddies and the picturesque Campuhan Ridge Walk. 

And because Ubud is such a well-known area in Bali and popular with tourists and honeymooners from across the globe, this is also a fantastic base to see more of Bali via tours and day trips.


Jimbaran beach sunset with leaves border

Jimbaran is a fishing village and seaside resort town on the western side of Bali, south of Kuta. 

While many tourists and backpackers flock to Kuta, you can expect a more tranquil and relaxed vibe in nearby Jimbaran. 

If you long for sunsets that merge with the horizon, romantic seaside strolls, or even candlelit dinners on the beach, then Jimbaran is the perfect honeymoon destination for you.


Bali honeymoon destinations - Seminyak

Found on the western side of Bali, north of Kuta, Seminyak is known to be one of the most luxurious Bali honeymoon destinations. 

Seminyak is where private honeymoon resorts meet romantic coastal walks. You’ll also have the opportunity to wind down in the evening with a beer or cocktail at a beach club overlooking the ocean.

If you’re looking for a luxurious and romantic Bali honeymoon, then Seminyak is an ideal location for you and newlywed bliss.

Nusa Dua

Bali honeymoon destinations - Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is a region on the northeastern side of Bali’s southern peninsula (the part that juts out from the mainland). 

Just like Jimbaran, this region is known for its incredible beaches and luxurious resorts, but tourists frequent this area far less than other more well-known regions in Bali.

So if sunshine, beaches, tranquillity and romance are what you’re after, then a honeymoon in Nusa Dua might be on the cards for you.

Bonus Bali Honeymoon Destination: The Gili Islands

Gili Meno Beach

The Gili Islands consist of three stunning islands – Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. 

Although these islands are closer to Lombok than Bali, they’re a very popular getaway for couples and honeymooners holidaying in Bali. 

Not to mention our own honeymoon included a few days on Gili Meno, so we couldn’t help but include the islands on this list of Bali honeymoon destinations. 

Each island has a different vibe. 

While Gili T is often frequented by backpackers, Gili Meno is nicknamed “The Honeymoon Island” and Gili Air seems to be a healthy balance between the two. 

Whichever island you choose for your Bali honeymoon, glorious sandy beaches, unforgettable underwater adventures and tranquil island life await.

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But who’s to say you have to choose just one region when on your Bali honeymoon? Why not split your time across multiple destinations in Bali to fully experience what this beautiful island has to offer? Check out our 10-day and 2-week Bali honeymoon itineraries for inspiration >>

Unmissable Bali Honeymoon Activities & Experiences

From unforgettable underwater adventures with sea turtles and other tropical marine life to romantic sunsets and candlelit dinners, here are our suggestions of what you simply cannot miss during your honeymoon in Bali.

Admire the sunset at Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple gate

Uluwatu Temple is a Balinese Hindu sea temple overlooking the ocean. 

It dates back to as early as the 10th century and – owing to its location on the southwestern side of the island – it’s known for its extraordinary sunsets that melt into the horizon. 

Not to mention the temple is a marvel to see. Despite its age, there is still much of the original architecture to see here.

Watch a Kecak Fire Dance

Kecak Fire Dance, Uluwatu Temple, Bali

The Kecak Fire Dance is one of Bali’s most infamous shows, so this may already be on your Bali bucket list

If not, it belongs there! 

The show tells the story of betrayal, kidnap and rescue and is associated with Sri Rama, Prince of the Ayodhya Kingdom. 

But it’s how the story is told that will leave you breathless. Consider this: two solid hours of men chanting in a ring around a blazing fire while a Monkey King dances in the flames for a few moments as well. 

It’s a marvel – and incredibly captivating! 

We’d suggest booking a show at Uluwatu Temple where all this will be against the backdrop of the glistening ocean and a marvellous sunset.

Wander through Ubud’s Sacred Monkey Forest

Bali Monkey at Ubud Monkey Forest.jpg

One of Ubud’s most prized attractions is the Sacred Monkey Forest. The Balinese long-tailed monkeys, otherwise known as macaques, that frequent the grove are beautiful and fun to watch. 

Laugh along together as you watch the monkeys pick on unsuspecting tourists – stealing anything from food and water to sunglasses and tobacco from them.

Monkeys aside, this forest is also a peaceful place to wander through – complete with wooden walkways through the trees, sacred temples and stone depictions of Hindu gods.

Try a new watersport

As a popular island destination, it should come as no surprise that Bali is known for its adventurous and thrilling watersport activities. 

During your honeymoon, you could try parasailing, banana boat rides, tubing and more. Just think about how much fun you can have together here!

Snorkel, sea walk or scuba dive with the tropical marine life

Sea Walking, Bali

There are also various snorkel and diving expeditions on offer in Bali too. 

Spend some time snorkelling the Balinese shores and you’ll see a myriad of marine life and colourful corals. 

Or take it a step further and learn to scuba dive while you’re here – where graceful green sea turtles await you beneath the surface. 

Alternatively, you could try a bridge between the two and try sea walking, which involves wearing a diver’s helmet and walking along the sea bed while admiring the colourful fishes swimming around you. 

Better yet, why not try all three activities on your Bali honeymoon like we did?

Pose for a photo together at the Bali Swing complex

Justine and Scott kissing on the Bali Swing beds

You’ve likely seen the Bali Swing complex near Ubud plastered across Instagram – and while it might not be everyone’s cup of tea – there are ample opportunities to pose for a romantic photo together. 

Our advice? Arrive in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the peak times of 11 am and 3 pm, so you don’t have to spend hours queuing for a photo.

Wander through one of the many rice paddies in Bali

Jatiluwih Rice Terrace

Why not spend part of your honeymoon wandering hand in hand through Balinese rice paddies together? 

Because of their sheer size, they’re incredible to see in person! Tegalalang is Bali’s most famous rice terrace while Jatiluwih is Bali’s oldest and largest. 

You’ll probably even see smaller rice terraces whilst walking or driving through Bali. We lost count of how many we saw during our honeymoon. Our hotel in Ubud even overlooked one!

Enjoy a traditional Balinese massage

Traditional Balinese Massage in Ubud, Bali

Another must-do when in Bali is to enjoy an infamous Balinese massage. 

As newlyweds, you can book a couples package and enjoy a relaxing massage while lying side by side.

And with prices much cheaper than what you’d pay in the western world, you shouldn’t have to break the bank to enjoy this honeymoon experience.

Admire the beautiful Balinese temples

Taman Ayun Temple, Bali

Did you know that Bali has over 20,000 temples? How incredible is that?! 

During our honeymoon, we managed to visit four temples: Uluwatu, Tanah Lot, Ulun Danu Beratan and Taman Ayun. 

What surprised me most was how much the temples differ from one another. Either way, they’re a marvel to admire.

But you need to be aware of temple etiquette so you don’t offend anyone whilst in Bali (more on this shortly).

Walk hand in hand along the Campuhan Ridge Walk

Campuhan Ridge Walk

If you enjoy exploring nature and the great outdoors together, then you may like to wander the length of the Campuhan Ridge Walk, which is close to the centre of Ubud. 

The path follows the flow of a river and curves past hilltop views and thousands of trees. There’s even a temple (Pura Gunung Lebah) at one end of it that you can admire. 

Head here early in the morning for a peaceful start to your day (and enjoy your experience before most tourists arrive).

Enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner on the beach

Candlelit dinner on Jimbaran beach

We’ve mentioned romantic candlelit dinners on the beach a few times now. Well, a Bali honeymoon most definitely has to include this experience! 

Jimbaran Beach, in particular, has a long row of beachside restaurants to choose from – and when the sun starts to meet the ocean, this alfresco dining experience is something else entirely.

Escape to a nearby island

Gili Meno Sunrise

During your honeymoon, you might like the idea of leaving the hustle and bustle of Bali behind and escaping to a nearby island. 

Nusa Penida is the nearest (it’s roughly 30 minutes away from Bali by boat), while the Gili Islands take about 2 hours to get to. 

Either way, you can expect peace, tranquillity and romance by the bucketload on many of these islands. This sounds pretty dreamy huh?!

Stay in a luxurious villa or resort

Karma Reef Resort Gili Meno

And finally, no Bali honeymoon would be complete without staying in a luxurious villa or resort. 

With prices being what they are, Bali is the perfect destination to experience 4- and 5-star luxury without as big a price tag as you might think. 

Our villa in Ubud even came with a private pool in our very own garden, while we had a luxurious glamping experience right on the beach on Gili Meno.

Our Bali honeymoon was truly unforgettable – and we only wish the same for you.

Are you looking for even more ideas of what to see and do during your time in Bali? Take a look at our Bali bucket list for more inspiration >>

Top Tips For Couples Honeymooning in Bali

The Balinese people have a more conservative culture than you might be used to, so while we could write an entire blog post about cultural etiquette in Bali (in fact, we did that!), here are some at-a-glance tips that you’ll need to know ahead of your trip.

Keep PDAs to a minimum

While you might be in newlywed bliss during your honeymoon in Bali, you may make the locals feel uncomfortable if you partake in public displays of affection (PDAs). 

While no one is likely to say anything about it, we like to avoid upsetting the locals when travelling across the globe, which is why we mention it. 

Hold hands, sure. But maybe save your kisses for when you’re in private.

Don’t show anger in public

So, what if something upsets your newlywedded bliss for a few moments during your honeymoon? Try to remain calm and don’t show anger. 

Balinese locals dislike confrontation and believe those who get angry have lost control, so keep cool, calm and collected so you don’t offend anyone.

Dress appropriately in public and especially when visiting temples

Justine and Scott at Taman Ayun Temple, Bali

You’ll need to cover your knees and shoulders when visiting the temples in Bali. This is the case for both men and women. 

People usually wear sarongs over their shorts, dresses or skirts. You can usually borrow a sarong at the large temples, but if you’re wearing trousers or a long skirt, then you won’t need to wear a sarong. 

You’ll still need to keep your shoulders covered at all times.

Don’t enter the temples if you’re menstruating, bleeding or pregnant

When visiting the larger temples, expect to see signs saying that you’re not allowed in if you’re menstruating. 

This also includes anyone who might be bleeding (i.e. you’ve cut yourself) or if you’re more than seven months pregnant or have given birth within the last six weeks. 

It has something to do with not leaving any part of yourself behind at a sacred temple – and the locals care deeply about it.

Ulun Danu Temple, Bali

Pack some anti-diarrhoea tablets (just in case…)

Okay, so I’m afraid I’m going to have to interrupt your newlywedded bliss with one more piece of advice. 

You may want to (read: totally should!) pack some anti-diarrhoea tablets (just in case). 

“Bali Belly” is very real and will get in the way of your romantic evenings if you fall foul of it. 

The Balinese New Year (Nyepi aka The Day of Silence) must be observed by everyone – including tourists and honeymooners!

If you’re travelling to Bali in March or April, then you’ll need to check when the Balinese New Year is. 

This is known as Nyepi or “The Day of Silence”. 

For a full 24 hours (6 am to 6 am), you’ll be expected to stay inside your villa and keep talking and other noises to a minimum, which might put a damper on your plans if you’re not aware of the celebrations in advance.

Check out this blog post for more tips and advice on things to know before travelling to Bali for your honeymoon >> 

How To Make Your Bali Honeymoon A Reality

You could plan your Bali honeymoon yourself, but if you’d rather take the stress out of travel planning and enjoy private pickups and incredible experiences, then a Bali honeymoon package might be a better option for you.

That’s what we did for our honeymoon.

I know, I know! Scott and I are travel “experts” who do this for a living and even we wanted someone else to plan our honeymoon for us. Would we change what we did? Not at all.

Making hearts at sunrise

We experienced the trip of our lifetimes complete with unforgettable bucket list adventures, luxurious resorts, private transfers and even room upgrades and small wedding gifts from the resorts we stayed in. 

I think this would’ve been far less likely to happen had we not bought a honeymoon package or tailor-made itinerary for our trip.

One such company that offers opportunities like this is Original Travel, headquartered in London, UK. While Original Travel offer suggested packages (take a look at what they offer for Bali here), you can change the itineraries to suit you and your new lifelong partner. 

So, what are you waiting for? The Bali honeymoon of your dreams is closer to being a reality than you might think…

However you decide to spend your honeymoon, I hope you’ve found our Bali honeymoon guide helpful. Do you have any other questions? Note them down in the comments below and we’ll reply asap…

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Bali Honeymoon Guide: Unmissable Experiences & Top Tips For Couples
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