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Self-Guided Chocolate Walking Tour in Bruges, Belgium

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Are you looking for some of the best chocolate in Bruges? Use our free walking tour instructions and map to find some of the best places to go. Happy wandering and snacking!

Chocolate in Bruges

Chocolate and Belgium really do go together like two peas in a pod.

Belgium is widely regarded for its creamy chocolatey flavours and pralines.

It’s no surprise, then, that so many tourists flock to Belgium in search of delicious chocolate every year.

But you might not be aware that theres a thriving chocolate industry in historic Bruges.

It’s not just Brussels or Antwerp worth their weight in chocolate coins and medallions.

During our trip to Bruges, we tried a free walking tour, which promised to show us all the top sights in the city, as well as where to find the best chocolate in Bruges.

Here’s what we found out…

How to find handmade Bruges chocolate

Bruges chocolate walking tour

Although the chocolate industry is deeply ingrained in the Belgian culture, a lot of the chocolate found in Bruges is imported from elsewhere.

This type of chocolate can usually be found along the well-beaten tourist tracks, wrapped in pretty packaging to entice tourists to buy souvenirs and gifts to take back home with them.

But amongst all this glitz and glamour, are a network of chocolatiers that make their chocolates by hand right here in Bruges!

Our tour guide told us that you can easily spot which chocolatiers do this as you’ll find a plaque hanging outside each of their stores.

The plaque depicts a golden cocoa bean and the phrase: “GILDE VAN DE BRUGSE CHOCOLATIERS”.

Bruges Golden Cocoa Bean

This is the official guild of Bruges for chocolatiers that hand make their chocolates in Bruges itself.

So when you spot the golden cocoa bean sign outside a shop, you can be sure that you’re buying the real deal. The creme de la creme. The bee’s knees. The… well, you get the picture.

UPDATE (February 2019):
Since our trip to Bruges, a local chocolatier has told us that the golden cocoa bean depicted above actually means something different.

The Bruges Swan (Brugsch Swaentje) is said to be the city’s official chocolate.

Although the exact recipe remains a secret, there are a select number of chocolatiers in Bruges that sell this particular chocolate swan. All of whom are members of the chocolate guild we mentioned above.

Given these two different stories, we’re unable to say for certain exactly which one is true. So do bear this in mind when going in search of Bruges chocolate yourself.

And if anyone else is able to confirm this story, we’d love to hear from you!

Where to find the best chocolate in Bruges

First things first, it should come as no surprise that the majority of the chocolatiers and chocolate shops we’ve recommended in this blog are the ones that hand-make their own chocolates within the city itself.

Although there’s a wealth of stores in Bruges with that golden cocoa bean plaque hanging in all of its glory outside their shops, we didn’t make it to every single one.

To be honest, our waistlines and our bank accounts wouldn’t have thanked us… and really, it is possible to have too much of a good thing.

Instead, we scouted out a small handful of chocolate shops that were recommended to us by our tour guide and other bloggers.

Here are our favourites…

1. The Chocolate Kiss

The Chocolate Kiss seems to be lesser known compared with other chocolatiers and so it’s not usually included in roundups of the best chocolate in Bruges.

We think this is a shame. This little shop is wonderful!

Chocolate Shop in Bruges

Not only can you buy delicious handmade chocolates and pralines, but they also sell a huge variety of chocolate syrups, hot chocolates, chocolate spreads and even chocolate-flavoured beer!

So no matter what level your sweet tooth is at, you’re sure to find something to whet your appetite here.

They also have a very attractive shop front; we predict their shop will do the rounds on Instagram very soon!

Bruges Chocolate Address Book:
The Chocolate Kiss, Wijngaardstraat 20, 8000 Bruges

2. Chocolatier Dumon

Founded in the early 90’s, there are three Dumon chocolate shops in Bruges. They‘re often cited as the place to go for handcrafted chocolates.

In fact, our tour guide told us if we were to go to just one chocolate shop in Bruges, then Dumon should be it. High praise indeed!

Inside, you’ll find classic pralines, truffles and chocolate bars, as well as those with more adventurous flavours.

Ingredients like cuberdon, verbena, limoncello, cinnamon and even Jamaican rum are used to create a batch of chocolates that are unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before!

Bruges Chocolate Address Book:
Chocolatier Dumon, Simon Stevinplein 11, 8000 Bruges
Chocolatier Dumon, Eiermarkt 6, 8000 Bruges
Chocolatier Dumon, Walstraat 6, 8000 Bruges

Christmas in Bruges

3. Neuhaus

Although the original Neuhaus flagship store can be found in Brussels, this chocolatier has become so famous in Belgium that its stores can now be found across the country and even across the world.

Therefore, if you won’t find yourself in Brussels during your next trip to Belgium, then the next best thing would be to try their chocolates in one of their two Bruges stores instead.

Neuhaus are most famous for inventing the Belgian praline and the ballotin box, so one of these should definitely be your first port of call. Otherwise, you can find all manner of chocolates, truffles and nougatines in store.

If you happen to be visiting Belgium at Christmas, then their advent calendars are also well worth the splurge!

Bruges Chocolate Address Book:
Neuhaus, Breidelstraat 12, 8000 Bruges
Neuhaus, Steenstraat 66, 8000 Bruges

Neuhaus Advent Calendar

4. The Old Chocolate House

What originally started out as just a small tea room serving hot chocolate has grown into a Bruges sensation.

The Old Chocolate House is home to a small shop as well as their original infamous tea room.

Here, you can buy a wide variety of different chocolates, as well as handmade biscuits, gingerbread and pralines to either takeaway or eat within the tea room.

The tea room is often described as serving the best hot chocolate you’ll ever try.

Even the shop itself boasts a large sign outside that reads: “THE PLACE TO BE TO DRINK THE BEST HOT CHOCOLATE”.

What makes this hot chocolate so special is that you’re served hot milk, alongside a tray of chocolate chips and buttons.

The idea here is that you can create your own hot chocolate, exactly to your own taste with real chocolate.

If you’re in doubt as to how much chocolate to put in, the staff are always on hand to help and offer suggestions.

The results? Pure chocolate heaven in a mug!

There’s just one thing to note with this tea room. Expect to wait for a long time in a queue, especially if you’re visiting during peak periods such as the summer, Christmas and weekends.

Although the wait is surely worth it, you may want to get here early, visit during an off-peak season, or just wear comfortable shoes ready for waiting in line.

Bruges Chocolate Address Book:
The Old Chocolate House, Mariastraat 1C, 8000 Bruges

5. Choco-Story

Although this isn’t actually a chocolate shop, Choco-Story is still one of the places to come if you’re in search of the best chocolate in Bruges.

This is essentially a museum, which depicts the history of chocolate and how it was once made.

You can also enjoy a chocolate-making workshop to show you how Belgian chocolates are made today.

The museum is fascinating, and the chocolate-making demonstration is interesting, and fun and you get free chocolate afterwards. What’s not to love?!

Chocolate Making in Bruges

The price for all of this is also very good, at only €9,50 per adult. You should aim to spend around 2 hours here.

Bruges Chocolate Address Book:
Choco-Story, Wijnzakstraat 2, 8000 Bruges

Bruges chocolate walking tour & map

Our recommendation would be to visit the chocolate-making demonstration at Choco-Story early on in the day to learn all about chocolate and how it is made. Then go in search of the chocolate shops we’ve listed above.

Here’s how we think you should do your own DIY chocolate walking tour:

  • Stop 1: Choco-Story
  • Stop 2: Chocolatier Dumon
  • Stop 3: Neuhaus
  • Stop 4: The Old Chocolate House
  • Stop 5: The Chocolate Kiss

You can also find a map detailing our suggested walking route here.

bruges chocolate walking tour map
Please click on the map to see a larger version of it with walking directions

We hope you have fun going in search of the best chocolate in Bruges via your very own DIY Bruges chocolate walking tour! Which shop are you most excited to visit? We’d love for you to drop us a line in the comments below…

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Bruges Chocolate Walking Tour: How to Find the Best Chocolate in Bruges
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