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Introducing Lonely Planet’s ‘Epic Snow Adventures of the World’ (+ Giveaway!)

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“Experience the world’s most thrilling winter adventures.” This is what one of Lonely Planet’s most recent titles ‘Epic Snow Adventures of the World’ seeks to help you with.

Naturally, with a heavy dose of inspiration along the way thanks to “epic wintery real-life tales from Bode Miller, Adrianna Tricomi, Jonny Mosely, Bryan Iguchi, Victor de la Rue and more.”

Lonely Planet book called Epic Adventures of the World (open at the Sweden Ice Hotel page)

Some of our favourite adventures around the world have involved snow. Husky sledding in Finland. Skiing in the French Alps. Hiking through snow in Iceland. All of which were usually followed by romantic evenings snuggled up together in a cosy log cabin.

So, over the winter break, Scott and I were thrilled when Lonely Planet sent us a copy of their wintery coffee table book.

Which “Epic Snow Adventures” Inspired Us The Most

Although the book is chock-full of ideas and inspiration on how you can enjoy an epic winter adventure, three in particular promptly made their way onto our bucket list.

1. Seeing the Northern Lights in Canada

We’ve been fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights while soaking in a hot tub in Iceland, but they were very faint.

We’ve also been fortunate enough to see the Northern Lights dancing across the sky as we flew over Iceland. But it’s not the same looking at this incredible phenomenon through a small and dirty aeroplane window.

In Lonely Planet’s book, ‘Epic Snow Adventures of the World’, they’ve suggested that Churchill in Manitoba, Canada is “one of the best places on Earth to see the Northern Lights… because auroral activity occurs for around 300 days a year in the region.”

Given Canada is already very high on our bucket list, consider us sold on also trying to see the Northern Lights there!

2. Staying at the Ice Hotel in Sweden

While the idea of sleeping in a hotel made of ice won’t appeal to everyone, Scott and I would love to try it one day. Purely for the novelty of it and to give us an interesting story to tell years later.

In the book, Lonely Planet comments on how “there are now several ice hotels all over the world, but Sweden has the original, with an impressive design that guarantees an immersive Arctic sleepover.”

We know a travel blogger who stayed at the Ice Hotel in Sweden and (from their photos), it looks like some kind of magical frozen palace. Very cool. Pardon the pun.

3. Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland

Throughout the book, various ski resorts and destinations are mentioned (as you might expect). But the write-up about Zermatt in Switzerland particularly caught our eye as we’re actually planning a winter trip there later this year.

While we plan to spend a day or two in Zermatt, we also look forward to getting there via the iconic Glacier Express train. Stunning mountain views followed by stunning views from on top of a mountain? Sign us up!

How To Win A Copy Of Lonely Planet’s ‘Epic Snow Adventures of the World’

If you’d like to get your hands on a copy of Lonely Planet’s ‘Epic Snow Adventures of the World’, then you’ll find it in your usual local or online book store. But Lonely Planet has also kindly gifted us with a copy of the book so we can launch our first giveaway of 2024. Exciting!

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all who entered and congratulations to our lucky winner!

We look forward to bringing you many more ideas and inspiration for epic adventures you can have across the world – and throughout the year.

Speak soon, Justine & Scott xoxo

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