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Couples Travel Bucket List: 25 Epic Adventures To Enjoy Together in 2024

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If you and your other half plan to have lots of adventures together in 2024, then I hope this couples travel bucket list will inspire both of you. 

Scott and I have been travelling together since 2014 and it’s safe to say we’ve done and seen a lot during that time – as you’ll see from this blog post and our entire website, to be honest.

And now it’s your turn! It’s never too late to tick off your bucket list and certainly never too late to dream… as Shia LaBeouf would say: JUST DO IT!

But sometimes that’s easier said than done. So, read on for some ideas for what to add to your bucket list plus tips for how to make them happen.

25 Epic Adventures To Add To Your Couples Travel Bucket List

1. Try husky sledding for the first time

On a husky sled in Finland
Photo taken by Justine from inside the sled

If you’ve never tried husky sledding before, then this is an amazing experience to enjoy together!

While one of you controls the steering and brakes, the other can wrap up warm under blankets, sit in the front of the sled and take photos and videos of your adventure. 

Justine & Scott in a husky sled in Finland
Scott & Justine on a husky sled in Finland

You can usually swap with each other halfway through the experience, but you don’t have to. I was way too cosy sitting inside the sled so I let Scott stay on the back of it, which he was more than happy to do.

Head to Scandinavian countries like Finland, Norway and Sweden, or even North American countries like Alaska and Canada where husky sledding is a common excursion.

You can even combine husky sledding with a ski holiday like we did in Ruka, Finland with Crystal Ski.

Top Tip: Read up on reviews before your visit so you know you’re booking with an ethical husky safari company. 


2. Learn to ski or snowboard together (or teach each other!)

Scott skiing in Val Thorens, France
Scott on the slopes in Val Thorens, France

Speaking of skiing, if neither of you had the chance to try skiing or snowboarding as a kid, then why not take some lessons together and see if you like it.

Or, if one of you already knows how to do it, you might enjoy teaching the other person.

That’s how our trip to Finland came to be. Scott’s been skiing since he was 10 years old while I’d only tried snowboarding once on a dry ski slope in Southampton. So, he whisked me away to Finland to try and teach me how to ski. 

While I didn’t find my ski legs during that trip, we still had a lot of fun together. Especially as ski trips also mean romantic walks in the snow, delicious hot chocolates and cuddling next to a log fire.

If both of you are beginners, then Val Thorens in France is one of the best ski destinations to go to. There’s a good selection of runs there as well as epic apres-ski and other activities to enjoy, such as tobogganing.

3. Spend the weekend in a log cabin together

The log cabin we stayed in during our trip to Finland
The romantic log cabin we stayed in together in Finland

If skiing isn’t your thing but you still want to enjoy a romantic weekend together, then why not stay inside a log cabin for a couple of days?

Sure, it can be somewhere with lots of snow. But you can also enjoy a romantic getaway in the woods or by a lake. 

Next year, we’re booked in for a few days at Center Parcs and we can’t wait! Romantic woodland walks, splashing about in the pool and fun activities here we come…

4. Skydive over epic scenery

Scott skydiving in Devon, UK
Scott skydiving in Devon, UK

If you’ve always wanted to try skydiving but were too scared to go alone, then why not try it together? 

While you won’t be able to do a tandem dive together (unless one of you is certified), you can hold hands in the plane on the way up and keep each other smiling and positive until it’s time to take that leap of faith. Then you can cuddle and high-five once you’re back on the ground!

There are countries all over the world where you can try it but some of the most epic skydiving destinations include Australia, Dubai, New Zealand and the USA.

5. See magical underwater worlds via scuba diving

A sea turtle in Bali
A sea turtle in Bali

Here’s another epic adventure to enjoy together – scuba diving!

From colourful corals and tropical fish to even sea turtles, there’s so much beauty and magic underwater that you simply must see at least once in your lifetime.

Indonesia, Hawaii and Belize have some of the most sought-after scuba diving locations in the world, so head to one of those destinations for your first session to really catch the bug for it.

We tried scuba diving during our honeymoon to Bali and the Gili Islands, which was nothing short of amazing! We spent about 2 hours in a pool first to get a feel for the apparatus, breathing techniques and safety signals before going in search of giant sea turtles. 

While I was holding hands with the instructor (I’m a scaredy cat!), you can hold hands with each other if you’re more comfortable than I was during the experience. What a way to make special memories, huh?!

6. Try snorkelling somewhere just as epic

Justine snorkelling at Turtle Point, Gili Meno
Justine snorkelling in Indonesia

If you don’t want to fully submerge yourself underwater, then another way to see incredible underwater marine life is by snorkelling. You’ll probably still get to see some amazing creatures together.

Try it in Hawaii, Indonesia and Belize and you’ll still see colourful fish, corals and maybe even sea turtles and octopi.

Plus, you don’t need lessons to give snorkelling a go. Just stay close to shore and keep each other safe and I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time!


7. Head out on an epic road trip together

Empty roads in Iceland with mountains in the background
Photo taken by Justine while Scott drove us around Iceland’s Golden Circle route

Driving with the top down, wind whipping through your hair. Cruising past amazing scenery and pit stops whenever you want.

These are just some of the reasons why road trips continue to be one of the most popular travel experiences for couples.

Some of the best road trips around the world include Iceland’s Ring Road or Golden Circle Route, USA’s Pacific Coast Highway and Australia’s Great Ocean Road. 

But you could go anywhere and still have a fabulous trip together!


8. Go on a long walk or epic hike together

Justine at the top of Mount Faber Point in Singapore
Justine celebrating the end of an epic but long hike in Singapore

Hiking is one of our favourite pastimes as there’s so much natural beauty to discover all around the world. 

Plus the endorphins feel incredible and you can really get to know each other and enjoy quality couple time when on a long walk or hike together.

Some of our favourite hikes around the world include:

9. Travel to see erupting volcanoes

An active volcano in Hawaii
An active volcano in Hawaii

Have you ever wanted to see a volcano erupt and live to tell the tale? Or see the lava boil and bubble away at night?

Add Hawaii’s Volcano National Park to your bucket list and you can see active volcanoes, walk through lava tubes and even hike through an active volcanic crater where steam spurts through cracks in the ground.

Hawaii was one of the first long-haul trips Scott and I went on together and we loved it! We’re already planning our next trip back there.


10. Wake up to an incredible sunrise

The sunrise we saw in Gili Meno, Indonesia
The sunrise we saw from the beach on Gili Meno in Indonesia

There’s nothing quite like welcoming a new day with an incredible sunrise. You’ll see the sky brushed with pinks and golds, and as it’s early in the morning, there will probably be fewer people around than at sunset; adding to the romance of the whole experience.

While there are perfect sunrise locations all over the world, be sure to head east for the best of the best. 

We caught the sunrise on Gili Meno in Indonesia on multiple days during our honeymoon and it was so magical – easily the best sunrise we’ve ever seen!


11. Crash over sand dunes during a fun desert safari

Sand dunes near Dubai
Photo taken by Scott during our desert safari experience in Dubai

Where there are sand dunes, adventurous souls like you are crashing over them in buggies and 4x4s! 

We tried it in Dubai during our honeymoon, and wow, was it an experience we’ll never forget! So much fun. So many thrills. And the dunes themselves were incredible to see too!


12. Try sandboarding for the first time

Scott sandboarding in Dubai
Scott sandboarding in Dubai

Speaking of sand dunes, you need to try sandboarding at least once in your lifetime!

Whether you choose to go down on your tummy, bum or two feet, it’s a lot of fun. But, if you’re anything like us, be prepared for some epic falls and a mouth full of sand. This is one travel fail you’ll laugh about for years to come, though!

Justine's failed attempt at sandboarding in Dubai
Justine sandboarding in Dubai


13. Go on a dolphin or whale watching tour

A whale flicking its tail up out of the water during a whale watching tour
A whale we spotted on a whale watching tour in Madeira

Some of most romantic travel experiences surely have to include dolphin and whale watching. These animals are mesmerising to watch, so graceful and – just like many of the other activities on this list – you’d be hard-pressed to forget your experience in a hurry.

There are lots of places all over the world where you could do this but Hawaii, Iceland and Madeira are some of our favourite places to do this excursion together.

Just like with husky sledding, be sure to book with an ethical company, which will try to keep its distance from the wildlife.

14. Enjoy a hot air balloon ride somewhere epic

Hot air balloon ride over Bristol
Hot air balloons flying over our hometown of Bristol, UK

Thanks to companies like Virgin Experience Days, you can enjoy a hot air balloon ride pretty much anywhere. But this is a bucket list, so you must do it somewhere epic!

Over the Nile in Egypt, in Cappadocia in Turkey and during Bristol’s International Balloon Fiesta in the UK are where we’d recommend trying it.

15. Celebrate a holiday in another country

Galerie Bortier in Brussels at Christmas
One of my favourite photos from our festive trip to Belgium

Christmas in Brussels, Belgium. Cinco de Mayo in Mexico. St Patrick’s Day in Ireland.

However you do it, make it your mission to celebrate a holiday in another country together, so you can make your travel memories even more special.

16. Try a new way of travelling and getting around

Waiting to board our boat back to Bali from the Gili Islands
Photo taken by Justine while we waited to board our boat back to Bali from the Gili Islands

To mix things up when you travel together (to get a better idea of what you like and don’t like), try a new way of travelling or getting around.

For example, if you’ve never gone on a road trip together, maybe 2024 is the year you’ll do it. Fancy some island hopping on a boat in Croatia or Indonesia? Plan that trip! Always fancied a cruise? Look for travel deals to see if something comes up!

A cruise is next on our list of things to try. We want to go on a cruise to the Norwegian Fjords, but that’s probably something for our 2025 bucket list.


18. Wild camp (or glamp!) somewhere stunning or unique

The view we had while camping in the Lake District
The view we had while camping in the Lake District, UK

We’ve mentioned log cabins, but camping and glamping can also be romantic! Especially if you have a stunning view from your tent or the experience itself is unique.

Some of our favourite adventures like this have included camping in the Highlands in Scotland, glamping on a beach in Gili Meno and “Champing” in a 12th-century church in Somerset.

Champing in Somerset - All Saints' Church in Langport
The time we camped or rather “Champed” inside an ancient church


19. Enjoy an authentic massage abroad together

Traditional Balinese Massage in Ubud, Bali
Photo taken by Justine just after our authentic Balinese massage

From traditional Moroccan Hammam to authentic Balinese and Thai massages, you’ll never forget an authentic massage experience abroad. Especially if you have a stunning view like the one we had of some rice paddies in Bali!

While you might find the experience relaxing, in some cases, it’s also hilarious and something you’ll laugh about together for many years to come.


20. Sleep somewhere weird and wonderful

Glamping on a beach in Gili Meno
Would you sleep in a glamping tent on the beach?

We’ve already touched on wild camping and glamping, but what about sleeping in a treehouse together? Or a lighthouse? How about a rail sleeper car? 

You’ll never run out of ideas of where to stay that’s unusual! Here are a few suggestions of where to stay together in 2024:

21. Enjoy a romantic stargazing experience at a Dark Sky Reserve

Stargazing On Mauna Kea in Hawaii
Looking for stars on Mauna Kea in Hawaii

You may think you’ve seen a lot of stars from the hill near your house. Or that time you camped out on the beach. But you’ll be BLOWN AWAY when stargazing at a Dark Sky Reserve! 

Here are some suggestions of where to go in 2024:

  • Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales
  • Exmoor National Park in England
  • Aoraki Mackenzie in New Zealand
  • Kerry in Ireland
  • Alpes Azur Mercantour in France
Mauna Kea Observatory at sunset
The sunset we saw from the top of Mauna Kea in Hawaii

You should also check out Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii. Although not certified as a Dark Sky Reserve, it’s home to the world’s largest observatory and makes for a truly unforgettable sunset and stargazing session. We loved it there!


22. Act like big kids at Disneyland (or somewhere else!)

While most people don’t visit a Disney Park until they have children, you’re different. You want to hog all the Disney magic for yourself right now. As a couple. Sans kids. 

We get it. Us too – and we finally made it happen in 2022.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle in Disneyland Paris
Even the rainbows shone during our adults-only trip to Disneyland Paris!

So, this is your reminder to get out there and experience the magic of Disney together where you can cuddle under fireworks and drone light shows and enjoy the thrill of epic rollercoasters together.

This also goes for other experiences that are usually aimed at children such as the Harry Potter Studio Tour near London and the Christmas event at Blenheim Palace. You don’t need kids to enjoy these places when you yourselves are the big kids!


23. Learn a new language together

Holding a lensball in front of a scratch map
Where in the world are you going next? And will you learn the local language?

Have you both always wanted to be bilingual? It’s never too late to start learning together and you can hopefully impress each other (and have a laugh together) as you learn.

Italian is my favourite language by far because it’s poetic, easy to learn and all kinds of sexy. But some other fun languages to learn are French, German, Hawaiian, Japanese and Spanish.

Try websites like Duolingo and Busuu, which are our favourite apps for learning new languages.

And if you’re wondering, Hawaiian is currently on our list hence why our dog is called Kai (which means sea in Hawaiian) and my craft blog is called House of Mahalo (with ‘Mahalo’ meaning gratitude and thanks).

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24. Get engaged/propose abroad

Justine and Scott getting engaged in Iceland
Scott proposing to me in Iceland (he set up the camera on a tripod and timer to catch our special moment)

If you’re not yet engaged, then could 2024 be the year it happens for you? If you like the sound of that, then we can only say good things about getting engaged abroad and having an extra special place you can come back to again and again.

For us, that place is Iceland – on a black sand beach no less!


25. Go on an incredible honeymoon

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore at night
Photo taken by Justine during our honeymoon in Singapore (and Bali, the Gili Islands and Dubai!)

Speaking of engagements and marriage, maybe 2024 is the year you’ll finally go on that epic honeymoon you’ve been planning.

Whether you want to travel the world for a year, spend two weeks on a deserted island or fold multiple bucket list destinations into one trip like we did; then have fun planning it, booking it and enjoying every single minute of it!


Read More About Couples Travel

If you’re after even more tips, ideas and inspiration for enjoying an epic adventure together, then we have various couples travel blogs to help you. Here are a few to start with:

Also, if you want to make your travels a reality next year, then you might enjoy making a travel vision board together so you can visualise exactly what you want to see and do as a couple. Plus, crafty dates are a bit of fun!

And there you have it – 25 epic adventures to add to your joint travel bucket list! How many of them have you ticked off? And how many do you plan to do?

Feeling inspired? Pin this couples travel bucket list now and read it again later!  

Couples Travel Bucket List: 25 Epic Adventures To Enjoy Together
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