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Finding a Perfect Paradise in Morocco

Finding a Perfect Paradise in Morocco

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I’ve always said that Morocco is a diverse country. Here, you are open to explore mountains, deserts, thriving cities and quiet towns. Whilst staying in Agadir, we decided to venture away from this sleepy seaside town and find a piece of paradise.

We knew we’d stumbled on something special as soon as we saw acres of palm trees, colourful roadside cafes and the most incredible views across the Moroccan landscape. This was when we understood that Paradise Valley really is exactly that – paradise.

Paradise Valley, Morocco

Driving Through Paradise

Paradise Valley allows you to explore on foot and by car, although you will need a car to at least get you to the start of the valley (unless you’re embarking on a day tour).

On foot, you will find beautiful walks by the river that runs through the valley, with the sky overhead partially eclipsed by the cavernous gorges and cliffs. And it’s just one of many reasons why you should visit Morocco.

By car, you are able to explore most of the valley – from winding river, to tropical palm trees, to impressive viewpoints. My recommendation would be to hire a car, but regularly park up and pull over to make the most of the valley on foot. This way, you get the best of both worlds.

Set deep into the High Atlas Mountains, Paradise Valley really is perfect for nature lovers, and anyone who loves a good ramble out in the countryside. Keep an eye out for winding rivers, dramatic cliffs and gorges, prickly cacti and acres of palm trees.

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Paradise Valley, Morocco

Paradise Valley, Morocco

The Best Rest Stops

Neither of these rest stops have websites, so you will need to rely on Google Maps to take you to them. But that’s also the great thing about them – they’re a bit more off the grid, so more likely to be quiet when you arrive!

Towards the centre of the valley is a bright and colourful roadside cafe called Cafe Tropic. You can’t miss it as you’ll spot bright yellows and oranges as soon as you round the corner. It’s here that I’d recommend your first stop for a fruity drink, complete with table and chairs practically in the river. It’s incredibly quiet here – complete unadulterated bliss.

Cafe Tropical, Paradise Valley, Morocco

Next on your rest stop list should be the Panoramic Cafe, which offers excellent views across the valley from their balcony out the back. It’s here where I’ll recommend you try your first sips of traditional Moroccan mint tea. This cafe serves mint tea the traditional Way – poured from a height several times over, served within a silver pot and pretty glass. And when combined with the excellent views, you’ll want to spend quite a few hours here. Mint tea is said to be a great digestive aid, so why not have several helpings of this tasty drink, whilst you chill out and admire the views?

Morocco Mint Tea

Paradise Valley, Morocco

What do you think? Would you make your way to Paradise Valley in Morocco? Have you been before? Let me know in the comments…

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Finding Paradise in Morocco: Exploring Paradise Valley

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