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12 Magical Reasons To Visit Morocco & 3 Reasons Not To

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Morocco is a unique and vibrant country and there’s a lot to love about it – as you’ll see from this list of twelve reasons to visit Morocco.

But we also want to be real, upfront and honest with you so we’ve also included three reasons not to visit Morocco at the end of this blog post. This isn’t to put you off – it’s just to show you that nowhere’s perfect and that there’s things you need to be aware of before visiting.

Anyway… enough blurb from us. Read on now and let us know what you think in the comments!

12 Magical Reasons To Visit Morocco

1. You can find the most unique and beautiful souvenirs

From ornate tea sets and colourful lanterns to fragrant spices and luscious argan oil, Morocco is the ultimate travel destination for shopaholics and souvenir hunters.

Although the souks of Marrakech are the most famous across the world, you can get a taster of this experience in any of the country’s larger cities such as Agadir, Fez and Casablanca.

Just remember to brush up on your souk haggling skills before your trip!

Morocco Souk

2. Moroccan food. That is all.

Traditional Moroccan food is fragrant, juicy and – like everything else in Morocco – colourful!

Personally I’d eat anything cooked in a tagine. However, other delicious Moroccan foods to try include couscous, harira soup and zaalouk aubergine dip.

3. Where else can you visit an all-blue city?

You’ve likely seen photos plastered across Instagram of women in colourful dresses walking the blue streets of Chefchaouen in Morocco.

It’s a magnificent place but its blue walls have long been a source of conspiracy.

According to Culture Trip, popular theories on why Chefchaouen is blue are that it:

  • Follows traditional Jewish culture and custom
  • Keeps the mosquitoes away
  • Keeps the buildings cool inside
  • Looks nice and attracts tourists

Whatever the reason is – no one can argue that the city doesn’t make for a stunning backdrop.

4. There’s a whole history and culture around mint tea

Did you know that the first glass of Moroccan mint tea is poured three times before it’s considered to be perfectly blended?

Or that it must be poured from 12 inches above the glass – at least according to tradition?

These are just a couple of the interesting rituals related to Moroccan mint tea…

Morocco Mint Tea

5. There’s culture and history everywhere you look

Both Scott and I love cultural destinations – in fact, it’s one of the top reasons why we travel so much.

Morocco is a country rich in history and tradition. Its culture reflects everything from Berber and Arab influences to Spanish, French and most of all: Islamic. 

This hotpot of rituals, beliefs, likes and dislikes has resulted in an interesting and unique culture, which Morocco is now renowned for.

So if you’re looking for an escape from everyday life, Morocco will certainly offer that in spades.

6. Riads are Insta-worthy for a reason

A riad is a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden or courtyard… and they sure do make their rounds around Instagram.

But so they should… they’re beautiful and a perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy souks and streets on the outside.

7. Bahia Palace is all things opulent and beautiful

Bahia Palace Riad

Love riads? You should head to Bahia Palace in Marrakech as there are over 160 there!

The palace was built to outshine any other of its time while still capturing the essence of Islamic and Moroccan styles. I’d say they succeeded in this mission.

While here, take the time to enjoy the intricate tile work, traditional archways, vibrant light fixtures and colourful fruit trees – and once again, escape the hustle and bustle of Morocco.

8. Blue cities, orange trees, golden beaches – Morocco is ALL the colours

Whilst writing this, I think I’ve used the world “colourful” to describe Morocco at least five times. 

Other than showing that I’m in desperate need of a thesaurus, it also highlights one of Morocco’s biggest draws – its vibrancy!

Bright colours can be found throughout Morocco – whether you’re walking the stretch of golden beach in Agadir, exploring the blue city of Chefchaouen or shopping in souks in Marrakech.

Morocco Caligraphy Merchant

9. The architecture is insane… everywhere!

Interesting and unique architecture has always captivated us here at Wanderers of the World… and Morocco has this in hoards!

From ancient ruins and traditional houses to opulent palaces and regal restaurants, the architecture throughout Morocco is simply stunning.

10. Hearing the call to prayer is like nothing else you’ve heard in this world

Imagine driving along the roads leading to the High Atlas mountains and hearing the low rumble and dulcet tones of the call to prayer? 

Certainly for us, it inspired us to pull the car over to listen to the sound coming across the mountains toward us. It was truly like nothing we’ve ever heard before.

Paradise Valley, Morocco

11. Paradise Valley is just that – PARADISE!

Set deep into the Atlas Mountains, Paradise Valley is perfect for nature lovers and anyone who loves a good ramble out in the countryside. 

It also makes for the perfect day trip or day tour from nearby cities like Agadir and Marrakech.

Whilst there, keep an eye out for winding rivers, dramatic cliffs and gorges, prickly cacti and acre upon acre of palm trees.

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12. It’s warm year-round… at least compared to the UK

Compared to the UK, Morocco could be described as being warm year-round.

Average temperatures in the winter are around 10-12℃ while summers range from 25-30℃. Which is why Scott and I found ourselves chilling on the beaches of Agadir with his parents just after Christmas back in 2016.

Agadir Beach, Morocco

3 Reasons Not To Visit Morocco (#sorrynotsorry)

Travel bloggers have a reputation of being sunshine and rainbows… all the time. I mean, fair enough, we’re often trying to promote the places we’ve visited because there’s a lot to love about them.

But as we’ve shown with our recent pros and cons of living in England blog: nowhere is perfect.

This list of three reasons not to visit Morocco isn’t intended to stop you from visiting. Because let’s face it, the pros far outweigh the cons. 

This list is simply meant to alert you to a few things you should be aware of before your own visit – and that means taking the good with the bad…

1. Animal cruelty. Not cool guys.

Throughout souks and most tourist areas in Morocco, you will likely find people offering you the opportunity to have your photo taken with a snake or monkey, or a snake charmer showing off. 

Avoid these like the plague as most of the animals are mistreated. 

The snakes are caught illegally and only last a few days because their mouths are sewn shut. Without food or water, they don’t last very long at all and then the merchants are off to catch more snakes. 

You may find yourself thrown into a situation of them just plonking a monkey or snake on your shoulders – just remember that it’s more than okay to just walk away. 

If this happens enough, then maybe we can stop this cruelty to animals once and for all.

2. Marrakech is hella busy 

I’m not a huge fan of busy cities – that probably explains why I didn’t like Venice and why Scott and I both prefer outdoor adventures and nature travel instead.

Marrakech is busy. Like really busy. Especially when you walk through the medina and souks.

We lasted a day in Marrakech. And honestly? That was enough for us so we went in search of quieter places to visit in Morocco like Agadir and Paradise Valley.

3. The country’s reputation

Even though we didn’t experience any issues ourselves when we visited Morocco a few years ago, the stories of sexual harassment and petty crime are sadly pretty hard to ignore.

What I will say is to visit Morocco with an open mind but be vigilant… just as you would anywhere else.

One More Thing…

I’m sorry about ending this blog on a negative note but we do like to keep it real here at Wanderers of the World

As mentioned before, the three reasons not to visit Morocco listed above aren’t intended to put you off; we just want to be clear that nowhere is perfect or without its issues. 

But I hope you’ll see from the twelve reasons to visit Morocco that there’s A LOT to love about this beautiful country.

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