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Freakshakes at Bristol’s Beehive Coffee House [Review]

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Freakshakes, aka milkshakes capable of inducing sugar comas, have been taking the world of social media by storm over the past few years.

They supposedly originated in Canberra, Australia, but as with most things cool and indulgent, other countries and cities soon followed suit.

And The Beehive Coffee House in Downend was the first place to jump on this cool new foodie trend within Bristol, after seeing the drinks light up Instagram feeds everywhere. Here’s my review of one of the best places in Bristol to get freakshakes…

Freak Shakes Instagram

Indulgent Freakshakes at Bristol’s Beehive Coffee House

The Beehive Coffee House in Downend is a small, independently run coffee shop who specialises in these indulgent treats.

Thought to be worth over 1,500 calories, Iceni Magazine says these freakshakes “have the same amount of calories as two full English breakfasts, two roast dinners or 19 Freddos.” That’s some serious calorific treat!

Freak Shakes at The Beehive Coffee House

The Beehive top their shakes with all manner of things like doughnuts, sauce, sprinkles, marshmallows, chocolate bars, you name it. They even have a “Freak of the Week”, which is a totally special, limited edition shake, varying with each week.

One of their most famous limited edition ones was Harry Potter inspired, which made the media and press go into a frenzy!

I posted up on my Facebook feed a while back to mention The Beehive’s freakshakes with a photo included, and it wasn’t long before a couple were planning a date to the coffee shop right there on my Facebook feed! That’s how awesome these freakshakes look, and yep, they’re just that delicious too.

The Beehive also have their standard shakes, priced at £5.95, which are available week-in, week-out. I tried their Nutella version a few months ago, and I was seriously in foodie heaven. (I chickened out of having one to myself and shared mine with Scott… I’m kinda glad I did)!

Are Freakshakes “it” – what else does Bristol’s Beehive Coffee House do?

Although many come into this little coffee shop for their shakes, in fact, there are often queues out of the door on weekends(!), there’s more to this coffee shop than just that.

They also sell homemade cakes, decent sandwiches, and the usual hot drinks (sometimes with cute artwork included), with ingredients all locally sourced from around the city. They also use natural honey as an alternative to sugar in their food and drinks, hence the name of Beehive Coffee House.

Coffee at The Beehive Coffee House

It’s also a pretty cute little coffee shop, perfect for blogging and relaxing in. Although it’s small, there’s plenty of seating, providing you’re not trying to go at a busy time like weekends or on lunch breaks. That’s when the queues for freakshakes are out of the door!

They also have a couple of bistro-style tables and chairs outside, which are great for when the sun’s shining. And they’re one of few Bristol cafes that are completely dog-friendly – as in, dogs are actually allowed inside. Treats for well-behaved pooches included!

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I’d say if it’s your first time visiting, you should definitely make the freakshake your day’s mission. But if you’re coming for a second or third time, skip the shake (unless you really love them!) and go for some delicious Bristolian coffee instead.

The Beehive Coffee House Bike Sign

Have you tried a freakshake somewhere before? Where did you go and what did you think – was it worth the media hype? Jot a few notes down in the comments to let me know…

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