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15 Epic Date Ideas & Romantic Things To Do in Bristol

16 Epic Date Ideas & Romantic Things To Do in Bristol

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Bristol is often labelled as a cool and trendy hipster type of city. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t also plenty of romantic things to do in Bristol.

This list of 16 date ideas aims to give you a bit of inspiration on how you can get your romance on within the city.

Are you ready to fall in love with each other and Bristol all over again?

Bristol Date Ideas & Romantic Things To Do in Bristol

1. Ride in a hot air balloon over the city

As Bristol is the home of the International Balloon Fiesta, it seems only too fitting to kick off this list of Bristol date ideas with a hot air balloon ride over the city.

There are several companies offering balloon rides such as Bristol Balloons, Bailey Balloons and Virgin. You can also buy an experience day for this type of date as well.

Hot air balloon ride over Bristol

2. Watch the sunset at the harbourside

The harbourside is a great place to come with your partner as you can take a relaxing walk, grab a drink in one of the pubs and watch the sunset together.

There are multiple benches along the riverside, as well as ample room for sitting on the edge with your legs dangling over.

3. Take a romantic walk through Leigh Woods

There are lots of places to take a romantic walk together in Bristol. One of our favourites would be through Leigh Woods.

It’s not too busy here, the walk is fairly easy as it’s flat and there’s also a viewpoint of the Clifton Suspension Bridge to enjoy together.

Leigh Woods

4. Try escaping from a locked room together

Escape rooms have sprung up all over the country and we’ve done several within Bristol itself.

Out of them all, we have only good things to say about PuzzLair, which currently has six themed rooms in Bristol and they offer useful clues throughout the game if you’re struggling.

So… go have some fun trying to escape from a locked room together!

5. Play some pirate-themed mini golf

Miniature golf (or crazy golf) is a firm favourite when it comes to date ideas.

Although Bristol has a few great mini golf options, we’d highly recommend Pirate Bay Adventure Golf near Hambrook.

As the name suggests, it’s pirate themed — you even have to pull yourself in a boat across water to get to some of the holes!

Play some pirate-themed mini golf

6. Eat authentic Italian food in a cosy restaurant

Italy is the country of love, right? Or is it just us who thinks that?

Anyway, if you love Italian food, and want to gaze into each other’s eyes across a table in a cosy and very authentic restaurant, then there are a few options within Bristol for you to enjoy.

Within the city centre, we’d highly recommend Ciao Amici.

Italian food not your thing? Why not try out some of these other Bristol restaurants? >>

7. Admire the views and sunset from the top of Cabot Tower

Cabot Tower is free to go up and has incredible views across the city, making it particularly amazing to go up ready for the sunset.

Just remember that there are lots of steps up the tower and the staircases are quite narrow — this clearly isn’t for everyone.

But if your partner is up for it, you’ll ADORE the views!

Admire the views from the top of Cabot Tower

8. Picnic in Castle Park or any green space

Picnics on a warm spring or summer day are always an epic date idea, and Bristol has lots of choice when it comes to picnic spots.

Castle Park is easy to get to and is very central, as is Queen’s Park, while Brandon Hill Park is great for city views.

There are plenty of other green spaces and parks in Bristol though, so grab your picnic and go and scout them out together!

9. Wander around the Bristol Aquarium together

Another Bristol date idea is to wander around the Aquarium together.

It has all the usual marine life you would expect, but what is really cool are the deckchairs that are in the greenhouse. On a warm day, it can be really relaxing lounging on them (providing the aquarium isn’t overrun with screaming children of course!)

Sunny deckchairs at the Bristol Aquarium

10. Head to a comedy club

Head to the Rip Roar Comedy Club near the Harbourside for a few laughs together.

It’s a small club, but the seating areas are quite private, so you’ll enjoy just chilling out and watching some comedy together.

Just watch out for the comedians picking on you — they’re likely to if you’re clearly on a date!

11. Try an adults-only night at We The Curious science museum

We The Curious (formerly known as At-Bristol) is a science museum that children love.

But every few months or so, they put on adults only nights (events that are called After Hours).

These are great fun as you can explore the museum and catch a Planetarium show as normal — but without kids around and with a few beers in hand.

Try adults-only night at We The Curious science museum

12. Have a splash about in Clifton Lido

If you’re both a bit sporty and don’t mind stripping off a little in front of each other, then a swim in Clifton Lido can be a really romantic thing to do in Bristol (especially at night in the glow of the surrounding restaurant windows).

You could also complete your date with a bite to eat in one of those restaurants if you so choose.

13. Discover Bristol street art together

Not only is Bristol the home of the International Balloon Fiesta, but it’s also the home of Banksy (or at least it used to be).

He was born and grew up here, so some of his earliest and unknown works of art can be found throughout Bristol.

Although you can embark on a guided walking tour, finding the street art on your own is a much more romantic thing to do in Bristol.

Take a look at our post here for three self-guided Banksy walking tours >>

Take the Money and Run

14. Sip cocktails in a sexy speakeasy

What doesn’t say romance and seduction more than a speakeasy?

Although The Milk Thistle is no longer a secret, it’s still a highly sexy place to come to. Relax in the leather armchairs, drink cocktails and enjoy getting to know each other while surrounded by super lush decor.

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15. Try urban axe throwing for the first time

Bristol is recently home to its very own urban axe throwing venue at Whistle Punks.

Urban axe throwing is a lot of fun, and because no under 18s are even allowed inside the building, it makes for a very fun and adventurous date idea.

If you’ve never heard of urban axe throwing before then it’s a little like archery in that you’re aiming at a target for points. But the difference is (obviously) that you’re throwing axes rather than shooting arrows.

Read more about urban axe throwing in Bristol now >>>

And if all of that has gone well…

16. Shop for engagement rings in Clifton Village

Okay, so we partly threw this one in for a bit of fun.

But seriously, Clifton Village is a superb place to have a mooch about. And hey, if things really have gone well so far, maybe you can shop for engagement rings?

There are several independent jewellery shops in Clifton Village such as Clifton Rocks, John Titcombe and Clifton Village Jewellers.

And what’s great about shopping here is that the ring you choose is likely to be much more unique than one bought from a large jewellery chain.

We hope these 16 Bristol date ideas offer some inspiration into all of the romantic things you can do in Bristol. Which do you think you might try first? Let us know in the comments below…

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