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40 BEST Bristol Date Ideas & Romantic Things To Do

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Despite Bristol’s cool, trendy and edgy reputation, there are still lots of romantic things to do in Bristol for couples. And some fun ones too, of course!

My husband and I have lived in and around Bristol for well over a decade now and we can’t wait to tell you all about our favourite dates and fun things to do here.

Read on for the full list or jump straight to the types of date nights you’d most like to try together in Bristol:

Cosy & Romantic Date Nights in Bristol

Admire the city views from the top of Cabot Tower

Admire the views from the top of Cabot Tower
Beautiful views from the top of Cabot Tower

Cabot Tower in Brandon Hill Park is free to go up and has incredible views across the city. 

If you and your partner are happy to climb the narrow and spiralling 108 steps to the top, then – on a clear day – you won’t be disappointed by the views!

The tower is usually closed by 6 pm (it used to stay open much later than that). But you can still enjoy a sunset from the top if you visit in the winter months. 

Or, you can admire the city views and then enjoy a sunset together in Brandon Hill Park (where the tower is located) later in the evening.

Take a picnic to some of the best sunset spots in and around the city

If you’d rather enjoy a more relaxed sunset view in Bristol, then there are lots of places you can go together. A few of our favourites include:

Clifton Observatory

This spot overlooks the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Once the sun goes down, you can enjoy the city lights together at night, which is just as romantic as a sunset.

Troopers Hill

Climb to the top of the 190-foot-high Troopers Hill in St George for one of the best sunset and stargazing spots in Bristol.

Sunset view from Troopers Hill in Bristol
Sunsets and stargazing at the top of Trooper’s Hill

The Harbourside

The harbourside is a great place to go with your partner as you can enjoy a relaxing walk, grab a drink in one of the pubs and watch the sunset together. There are multiple benches along the riverside as well as ample room for sitting on the edge of the river with your legs dangling over.

The Downs

The Downs (consisting of Durdham Down and Clifton Down) sit at the edge of the city. From here, you can enjoy stunning views across Bristol and Avon Gorge (with the Clifton Suspension Bridge in the distance).

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Visit Arnos Vale Cemetery for a memorable outdoor cinema date

Throughout the year, Arnos Vale Cemetery often hosts outdoor cinema nights. Don’t worry… they don’t just play horror movies here!

If you want to cosy up together under the stars and blankets (with one or two graves nearby), then grab your favourite drinks and snacks and enjoy a quirky date night in this unusual venue.

Keep an eye on the cemetery’s ‘Events’ page to find out when their next cinema night is. They also host various walking tours and ghost tours throughout the year if that’s more your cup of tea.

Fun & Adventurous Bristol Date Ideas

Try urban axe throwing for the first time

Justine doing urban axe throwing in Bristol
Justine trying her hand at urban axe throwing

As of a few years ago, Bristol is now home to its very own urban axe throwing venue at Whistle Punks.

Urban axe throwing is a lot of fun, and because no under-18s are even allowed inside the building, it makes for a very fun and adventurous date idea.

If you’ve never heard of urban axe throwing before then it’s a little like archery in that you’re aiming at a target for points. But the difference is (obviously) that you’re throwing axes rather than shooting arrows.

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Be amazed at the ‘Wake the Tiger’ amazement park

The ‘Wake the Tiger’ amazement park opened in the summer of 2022 – and it’s an incredible place to visit!

While you could argue it’s an immersive art experience, it actually feels like you’re entering a magical world.

Wake the Tiger in Bristol is an epic date idea!
Wake the Tiger really is a must see!

Where trees and mushrooms pulsate like they have heartbeats and where rooms are flipped upside down.

You can read our full review here. But the short answer is: ‘Wake the Tiger’ simply has to go on your date night bucket list!

Head to an arcade or game bar

If you like the sound of the urban axe throwing we mentioned earlier, then the good news is that there are lots more fun things to do in Bristol for couples like this.

Why not head to an arcade or game bar to try your hand at bowling, darts, hitting home runs from inside a batting cage and even curling? 

We’ve recently discovered Roxy Lanes in the city centre (where you can go bowling and curling). But you might also like The Lanes, Mr Mulligans and Four Quarters Arcade Bar. Have fun!

Play board games at a board game cafe or bar

Or, for a more relaxed game night, why not play some board games at a board game cafe or bar? There are a few in Bristol – and they’re quite popular!

Chance & Counters (near the Christmas Steps and on Gloucester Road) are probably the most well-known ones, but there’s also Replay on Cheltenham Road.

Act like big kids at an indoor trampoline park

Bristol Trampoline Park for date night
Here’s how to have fun on your next date night: Trampolining!

Why not add a dose of nostalgia to your next date night by heading to an indoor trampoline park? They’re so much fun! 

And they’re about much more than just bouncing up and down on a trampoline. You can try to sink basketballs into hoops while bouncing up and down or race up a “trampoline” wall among other things. 

Freedog Bristol in Templegate Park and AirHop in Patchway are the most popular ones in Bristol. We especially love Freedog.

Try some watersports at the Harbourside

Being a port city, Bristol is as synonymous with the water as it is with bridges, balloons and Banksy.

So, what could be more fun than trying some epic watersports together at the Harbourside?

From paddleboarding and rowing to sailing and powerboating, there are plenty of things you can try together. 

Check out companies like All-Aboard Water Sports, the Adventurous Activity Company and SUP Bristol to see what you both fancy.

Try something fun and exciting at the Bristol Activity Centre

Speaking of trying something new, the Bristol Activity Centre near Cribbs Causeway is home to various activities you might want to try together – from paintballing and clay pigeon shooting to quad biking and archery.

And the best bit? You don’t have to join large groups of people for every activity. 

When we booked in for quad biking, we were with just one other couple. While it was just the two of us (plus the instructor) for the clay pigeon shooting.

Spoiler: Scott was awesome at both and I was… a bit rubbish. But it was still a lot of fun!

Ride in a hot air balloon over the city

Hot air balloon ride over Bristol
Fancy being up in one of these for your next date?

Seeing as Bristol is the home of the International Balloon Fiesta, it seems only natural to include a hot air balloon ride over the city on this list of Bristol date ideas.

Several companies offer balloon rides, such as Bristol Balloons, Bailey Balloons and Virgin. You can also buy experience days and vouchers for this type of date.

Try escaping from a locked room together

Escape rooms have sprung up all over the country and we’ve enjoyed several of them within Bristol itself.

Sadly, our favourite (PuzzLair) is now closed. But some of our other favourites include City Mazes, Escape Hunt and Locked In A Room. So, go have some fun trying to escape from a locked room together!

Psst! If you’d rather stay in for date night, then you might also enjoy an at-home escape room experience. Here’s our review of one we recently tried (and loved!)

Head to a free festival together

Bristol's International Balloon Fiesta
We can’t wait for the International Balloon Fiesta to start up again!

Right here in Bristol, you have so many opportunities to attend free festivals throughout the year. 

Some of the best ones include the International Balloon Fiesta, Harbourside Festival and St Paul’s Carnival.

Keep an eye on this page so you know when they’re coming up – and enjoy lots of free and fun activities together!

Head to a comedy club or stand-up comedy show

Why not head to the Rip Roar Comedy Club near the Harbourside for a few laughs together? 

It’s a small club, but the seating areas are quite private, so you’ll enjoy just chilling out and watching some comedy together.

Watch out for the comedians picking on you, though. They’re likely to if you’re clearly on a date!

If you book ahead, you can also often watch stand-up comedy shows at The Hippodrome and Bristol Beacon (formerly Colston Hall). 

We’ve seen various live comedians in Bristol, such as Marcus Brigstocke, Russell Howard, and most recently, Michael McIntyre (who actually started his ‘Big World Tour’ in Bristol!) 

How lucky are we to have access to so much comedy and fun stuff in our hometown?

Play some mini golf together

Miniature golf (or crazy golf) is a firm favourite when it comes to date ideas. And Bristol has lots of fabulous mini golf options! 

Listed below are four of our favourite mini golf places in Bristol and the reasons why.

Caddy Gilmore’s

Caddy Gilmore’s in Hambrook used to be called Pirate Bay Adventure Golf, but it’s now under new ownership and totally revamped.

There are now two different mini golf courses to choose from: Around the World and Kong. Both have 18 holes.

Our favourite of the two was the ‘Around the World’ course (surprise, surprise!) where you’ll find mini landmarks and decorations to show that you’re travelling from China to India to Egypt and beyond.

Bristol date ideas - Caddy Gilmore's in Hambrook
Admiring the travel-themed mini golf set

This course also has moving structures to add to the fun and difficulty!

The Kong course is probably best for those who want a simpler course, although there are still lots of fun elements like pulley boats and even a jeep ramp.

Bristol date ideas - Caddy Gilmore's Kong course in Hambrook
This jeep ramp was pretty fun too!

Mr Mulligans

Mr Mulligans near Cribbs Causeway is one of our most recent finds!

Once again, you have two mini golf courses to choose from: Loco and Zoro. Both have 12 holes.

If memory serves, Loco is a destination-inspired one with lighthouses and Ferris wheels. While Zoro was themed around games like basketball and shuffleboard.

Bristol date ideas - Mr Mulligans in Cribbs Causeway
Are we playing basketball or mini golf? A bit of both I guess!

Both courses are very good, but naturally, our favourite was the destination-themed one.

Given that Mr Mulligans is principally a bar (with darts on offer too!), this place is definitely geared more towards adults than children. Perfect for a Bristol date night!

Congo Falls Adventure Golf

Bristol date ideas - Congo Falls Adventure Golf in Stockwood
Congo Falls Adventure Golf is fun and pretty!

Another of our favourite mini golf places in Bristol is Congo Falls Adventure Golf in Stockwood. This one is an 18-hole course.

Thanks to the gushing waterfalls and babbling brooks throughout the course, this one reminds us of what the Pirate Bay Adventure Golf in Hambrook used to look like.

Jungle Rumble

Finally, if you’re looking for a more central Bristol date idea, then Jungle Rumble in Cabot Circus is a great option.

Once again, you have two mini golf courses to choose from: Swamp and Jungle. Both of which have 18 holes.

While you won’t find as many moving holes as some of the other mini golf places we’ve mentioned, the dark lighting, palm trees and tiki huts you’ll find here make for a fun date night. 

Have a splash about in the Bristol Lido

If you’re both a bit sporty and don’t mind stripping off a little in front of each other, then a swim in the Bristol Lido in Clifton can be a really romantic thing to do in Bristol (especially at night in the glow of the surrounding restaurant windows).

You could also complete your date with a bite to eat in one of the restaurants. And why not tack on a couples massage while you’re at it? You could easily spend the entire day relaxing here together.

Head to some of Bristol’s live music venues

If you both love music, then you simply must scout out some of Bristol’s live music venues. The Fleece and Thekla (the latter is actually on a boat) are well worth heading to!

Be a tourist for the day

SS Great Britain in Bristol
When was the last time you were a tourist for the day in your hometown?

When was the last time you visited the SS Great Britain? Or The Matthew? Or the M Shed? Have you ever visited these places? 

Sometimes, it’s so easy to forget to explore your hometown like you would when visiting a new city, so why not take some time this weekend and be a tourist for the day? 

Our list of some of the best things to do for first time visitors to Bristol will hopefully give you some ideas.

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Cycle to Bath together via the Bristol to Bath Railway Path

Ahh Bristol, it just wouldn’t be the same without hundreds of bicycles, would it? So, why not hop on your bike (or rent one!) and cycle to Bath together? 

Even if you’re not used to cycling, you’ll probably find it only takes you about 90 minutes or so to get to Bath. And the best bit? Most of it is via a cycle path thanks to the Bristol to Bath Railway Path

Once you’re in Bath, you can either chill out in Royal Victoria Park together with a picnic or be a tourist for the day. 

Check out our one-day Bath itinerary for some ideas of what you can see and do there.

Enjoy an epic day trip together

Chipping Campden is a lovely day trip from Bristol
Chipping Campden in the Cotswolds is a lovely day trip from Bristol

Speaking of day trips, we’re very lucky in Bristol because we have such great connections to the north, east, south and west via the M4 and M5.

Why not make the most of this with an epic day trip together? We’d be here for a while sharing all the best day trips, so check out this list if you’re interested in doing this for your next date day!

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Try “alphabet dating” in and around Bristol

When we were recently looking for some more Bristol date ideas to try and then tell you about, we wandered across an interesting discussion on Reddit. One of the users mentioned something called “alphabet dating”, so we just had to find out more!

The idea is pretty simple: you start with the letter A and try different dates and activities beginning with each letter of the alphabet. 

Sound interesting? Here’s a fun list of “alphabet dating” ideas you might want to try! You’ll have to think about what you can do in and around Bristol, but this could be a really fun way to try something new and exciting together.

Creative & Cultural Date Nights in Bristol

Discover Bristol street art together

Take the Money and Run Banksy street art mural in Bristol
Why not search for Banksy murals and other street art together? It’s fun!

Not only is Bristol the home of the International Balloon Fiesta, but it’s also the home of Banksy (or at least it used to be).

He was born and grew up here, so some of his earliest and unknown works of art can be found throughout Bristol.

Although you can embark on a guided walking tour like this one (it’s the best and most popular Banksy tour in Bristol!), finding street art on your own might be more romantic.

Take a look at this blog post for three self-guided Banksy walking tours >>

Cosy up together during a guided ghost tour

Speaking of walking tours, there’s also a really fun ghost tour you can do in Bristol

This tour takes you to a whopping 17 different haunted locations in Bristol, such as Bristol Cathedral (where the tour starts), the Christmas Steps, Bristol Old Vic, Queens Square and more.

Just be prepared to squeeze each other’s hands tightly as you hear some gruesome and grizzly tales!

Search for secrets and hidden gems around the city

Mercure Bristol Grand Hotel
Did you know this Bristol hotel used to be a spy’s lair?

Have you both lived in Bristol for a long time? Are you fed up of doing the same old things all the time? And are you interested in hidden gems and curious facts? 

If you answered “yes” to all of these, then you’ll probably enjoy finding all the secret spots and hidden gems Bristol has to offer.


Try a self-guided mystery outdoor game

Speaking of finding hidden gems, another way to do this is with a self-guided city tour – especially ones that turn it into a kind of game.

Here’s a fun one for Bristol where you solve clues and puzzles to unlock different locations and secret spots throughout the city. It’s a fun way to get around while learning something new about your hometown.

Wander around the Bristol Aquarium together

Another Bristol date idea is to wander around the Aquarium together.

It has all the usual marine life you expect, but what’s really cool are the deckchairs in the greenhouse.

On a warm day, it can be really relaxing lounging on them (providing the aquarium isn’t overrun with screaming children, of course!)

Sunny deckchairs at the Bristol Aquarium
Pull up a chair at the aquarium…

Visit one of Bristol’s many museums and art galleries together

If you’re both into culture, art or history, then you could easily spend several date days or date nights wandering around the many museums and art galleries Bristol has to offer. 

This is especially handy if you need an indoor date because it’s chucking it down with rain outside!

Our favourites are: 

Try an adults-only night at We The Curious Science Museum (currently closed)

Speaking of museums in Bristol, We The Curious (formerly known as At-Bristol) is a science museum that children love. But every few months or so, they put on adults-only nights (events that are called After Hours).

These are great fun as you can explore the museum and catch a Planetarium show as normal — but without kids around and with a few beers in hand.

Please note that We The Curious is currently closed following a big fire they had in April 2022. At the time of writing, they’re planning on reopening this summer.

Try adults-only night at We The Curious science museum
Woohoo!! No kids! We can’t wait to see We the Curious open up again!

Enjoy a night at the theatre together

Bristol is also home to several excellent theatres where you can enjoy anything from large shows and musicals on tour from the West End to more intimate shows with local theatre groups. 

Either way, you’ll want to keep an eye on the ‘Events’ pages for The Hippodrome and Bristol Old Vic to see what’s on throughout the year.

Where To Spend Time in Nature Together

Enjoy a romantic walk through Leigh Woods

Wander through Leigh Woods for a romantic date day
Who doesn’t love a romantic walk in nature together?

There are lots of places where you can enjoy a romantic walk together in Bristol. One of our favourites is Leigh Woods. 

It’s not too busy here and the walk is fairly easy and flat. Plus there’s a fab viewpoint of the Clifton Suspension Bridge! Why not come here in the spring months and see it turn into a beautiful bluebell wood?

Go on an epic walk or hike somewhere else!

If you’ve already wandered through Leigh Woods plenty of times before, then there are lots of places you can go together in Bristol. 

Some of our favourite walks nearby are:

You might also enjoy the walk to Eagle’s Nest viewpoint in the Wye Valley, which is just 30 minutes away by car.

Views from the Eagle's Nest in Wales
Trust us – this view from the top of Eagle’s Nest in the Wye Valley is well worth the walk!

Picnic in Castle Park or any green space

Picnics on a warm spring or summer day are always an epic date idea – and Bristol has lots of choices when it comes to picnic spots.

Castle Park is easy to get to and is fairly central, as is Queens Park, while Brandon Hill Park is great for city views.

There are plenty of other green spaces and parks in Bristol, though, so grab your picnic and go and scout them out together!

Wander around the Bristol Zoo Project together

If you both enjoy seeing animals and wildlife, then you might enjoy the Bristol Zoo Project (formerly the Wild Place Project) near Cribbs Causeway. 

Here, you can wander through the various areas of the park to see brown bears (these were our favourite!), giraffes, lemurs, cheetahs and more. 

And the best bit? This attraction is focused on conservation and protecting these animals, so you’ll learn a lot about that during your visit too. 

Brown bears at the Wild Place Project near Bristol
Don’t forget to say hello to the brown bears at the Bristol Zoo Project!

Bristol Date Ideas For Foodies

Tuck into a delicious meal aboard a historic steam train

In Bristol, you have lots of opportunities to enjoy a bite to eat or afternoon tea together. But did you know you can also dine on a historic train? 

On various dates throughout the year (and especially close to holidays like Valentine’s Day and Christmas), you can book a dining experience with the Avon Valley Railway in Bitton. 

Dining aboard the Avon Valley Railway historic train
Could you picture yourselves here for your next date together?

This museum looks after historic steam trains from the early 1900s and it’s a lot of fun to dine aboard the trains.

We’ve even enjoyed a festive afternoon tea and Murder Mystery dining experience before. How’s that for a fun and unique date night in Bristol?

Eat authentic Italian food in a cosy restaurant

Italy is the country of love, right? Or is it just us who think that? 

Anyway, if you love Italian food, and want to gaze into each other’s eyes across a table in a cosy and very authentic restaurant, then there are a few options within Bristol for you to enjoy. Within the city centre, we’d highly recommend Ciao Amici near the Hippodrome.

Is Italian food not for you? We’ve shared some of our other favourite restaurants in our Bristol city guide.

Sip cocktails in a sexy speakeasy

What doesn’t say romance and seduction more than a speakeasy? Although The Milk Thistle is no longer a secret, it’s still a highly sexy place to come to.

Relax in the leather armchairs, drink cocktails and enjoy getting to know each other while surrounded by super lush decor.

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Catch a boat to Beese’s Riverside Bar in the summer

One of our favourite things to do in Bristol together is to catch a boat across part of the River Avon to Beese’s Riverside Bar in the summer. 

Before you catch the boat, you can enjoy a wander through the charming Conham River Park and then you can enjoy a drink and some food in Beese’s beer garden, which overlooks the river. It’s such a relaxing way to spend a sunny afternoon!

Beese's Riverside Bar is another fabulous Bristol date idea
I promise those ciders aren’t all for me… honestly!

Note: Due to the high river levels through the winter, Beese’s is only open during the spring and summer months. It looks like they’ll open again on March 29th this year.

Sip locally crafted gin at a gin-tasting event

Did you know Bristol is home to a couple of gin distilleries and breweries? 

The most well-known one is 6 O’Clock Gin in Thornbury (roughly 30 minutes away from Bristol by car). But there’s also the Bristol Dry Gin micro-distillery near St Nick’s Market in the city centre.

Both of them have brewery tours and gin-tasting events throughout the week that you can book in advance. So, if you both like a gin-based tipple, why not book a tour for your next date night?

Enjoy a self-guided craft beer tour

Speaking of tipples, maybe craft beer is more to your liking? In that case, why not try a self-guided craft beer tour on your next date night instead? 

This one even comes with an audio tour and the opportunity to try three different craft beers from local breweries.

And if all that has gone well…

BONUS: Shop for engagement rings in Clifton Village

Okay, so we obviously threw this one in for a bit of a laugh!

But in all seriousness, Clifton Village is a superb place to have a mooch about. And hey, if things really have gone well so far, maybe you can shop for engagement rings?

There are several independent jewellery shops in Clifton Village such as Clifton Rocks, John Titcombe and Clifton Village Jewellers.

And what’s great about shopping here is that the ring you choose is likely to be much more unique than one bought from a large jewellery chain.

Read More About Bristol

If you’re interested in reading more about Bristol and our favourite things to do in and around the city, then we have plenty more blog posts for you to read:

Also, if you’re after lots more Bristol date night ideas, then we’d recommend checking out Yuup and Get Your Guide for various tours, activities, events, attractions and more.

And what about if the weather’s really rubbish and you really don’t want to leave the house? Check out these fun stay at home date ideas!

We hope these Bristol date ideas offer some inspiration for all of the romantic things you can do in Bristol. Which do you think you might try first? And did we leave out something epic? Let us know in the comments below…

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