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10 Beautiful London Mews: The Prettiest Streets in London

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Scott and I first heard about London’s mews streets in Siobhan Ferguson’s book: Pretty City London

We couldn’t believe what we were seeing! Real cobblestone streets in London… and such peaceful ones too!

So naturally, when we spent our next weekend in London, we made it our mission to try to find a few of them.

And they were every bit as beautiful as we’d imagined – and not at all like anything we’d experienced in London before.

We only got to see a small handful during this visit. But we’ve asked some other travel bloggers to help us fill in the gaps so we could write all about these ten must-see mews in London.

By the end, we hope you’ll feel inspired to wander along some of them yourself!

What is a mews?

But before we get into which London mews streets are the prettiest and most worth seeing, let’s address the elephant in the room.

What is a mews and why is it called a mews? Is it anything to do with cats? Nope. But it does have something to do with horses!

Let me explain…

A mews is a street or courtyard of houses that have been converted from stables and carriage houses into homes and apartments.

Holland Park Mews, Kensington

Although mews houses are now very desirable places to live in, they were actually placed behind large city houses, and were used by horses, coachmen and stable-servants of wealthy residents and guests throughout the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

The very first mews was Royal Mews, which were royal stables built over 500 years ago on the site of the royal hawk mews.

Today, you can find these pretty little mews streets all over London – especially within Notting Hill, Kensington and Paddington – and they are such a charming escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday London.

Not to mention finding real cobblestone streets in London feels like such a throwback to the 18th century before road cars were introduced.

10 Must-See London Mews Streets

We’ve ordered these ten best London mews streets as a circular route around the city and have included a map at the end to help you create your very own self-guided mews tour!

1. Doughty Mews

– Recommended by Caitlin from The Vegan Word

Doughty Mews, London
Photo Credit: Alison Day | Flickr

Tucked away around the corner from the Dickens Museum is Doughty Mews, possibly the quietest street in Bloomsbury in spite of its proximity to a tourist attraction. 

You’ll hardly ever find anyone down this street, so you can imagine yourself in Dickensian London without having to dodge cars or camera-wielding tourists. 

During the Second World War, a bomb fell on Roger Street, right next to Doughty Mews, just missing the mews. 

So you can marvel at its survival, while also noticing the difference in architecture styles compared to Roger Street! Due to the damages of the bomb, Roger Street contains some newer buildings.

After you’ve enjoyed some tranquility on this cobbled street, check out the Dickens Museum, housed in one of Charles Dickens’ former residences on Doughty Street. In the garden of the museum, you’ll find a quiet café that is hardly ever busy. 

You can also enjoy a pint in a well-preserved Art Deco pub, The Duke, on Roger Street, just off Doughty Mews. 

Unlike many other pubs nearby, The Duke hasn’t been modernised much, and it’s Grade II listed.

It’s a 1930s style pub and inside you’ll find a mix of tables and booths and Art Deco touches. It’s cosy, charming and hardly ever overrun with customers!

2. Warren Mews

Warren Mews in Fitzrovia is so Insta-famous, that the entrance to it was featured on the cover of Pretty City London.

At the entrance to this small and rather understated mews, you’ll probably see some pink and green bikes outside a house. 

This house belongs to the artist and gallery owner, Rebecca Hossack, and it’s super pretty with its window boxes and picturesque door.

It’s only fitting then to check out Rebecca’s gallery on Charlotte Street after your visit!

3. Bathurst Mews

Just a stone’s throw from Hyde Park, Bathurst Mews in Paddington opens up into a charming courtyard, where some houses have plants, flowers and even picnic benches outside them.

I love that there’s a riding school and stables at one end of Bathurst Mews too – a fitting reminder of the history of mews streets and houses.

Notting Hill Mews Streets

4. St Stephen’s Mews

– Recommended by Sophie & Adam from We Dream of Travel

St Stephens Mews, Notting Hill

St Stephen’s Mews is an idyllic mews street off of Chepstow Road in Notting Hill. With its cobbled road and colourful facades, it provides a tranquil stroll away from the chaos of the city.  

Once stables for St. Stephens Gardens, it is now used primarily as commercial properties. However, these charming homes come with a pretty hefty price tag. Today, a three bedroom property here will set you back around £1.6 million! 

During the summer the building on the corner of St Stephen’s Mews is engulfed in lush greenery and pot plants decorate the outside.  

Continue into the cul-de-sac and the mews’ full charm comes into view with quaint pastel coloured homes. These gorgeous buildings create the perfect picturesque scene.

Just a short stroll from many of the other colourful houses in Notting Hill, it’s well worth taking a walk to these mews to admire their elegance.  

One thing that makes St Stephen’s Mews special, is that out of around 790,000 roads in England, it is the only one with its name – making it truly unique!

5. St Lukes Mews

St Lukes Mews, London

St Lukes Mews is one of the most iconic mews in London as it became famous after appearing in the film Love Actually. It’s also often described as being one of the prettiest streets in Notting Hill.

The pink house in St Lukes Mews is known as Juliet’s house where Mark appears to confess his love for her in THAT unforgettable doorstep scene in Love Actually.

A lot of the mews streets are known for being a wisteria haven during the spring months – and St Lukes Mews definitely didn’t disappoint! We visited during the first week of May and we saw A LOT of pretty-in-purple wisteria.

St Lukes Mews, Notting Hill, London

After you’ve wandered along St Lukes Mews and gawked at the famous Love Actually house, go for a couple of minute’s walk and you’ll find the charming Insta-famous cafe Biscuiteers, as well as the popular Portobello Road Market.

6. Codrington Mews

Codrington Mews in Notting Hill is every bit as picturesque as you’d expect a mews street to be. But this one is hiding a secret.

On the corner of this mews street is 1 Codrington Mews, which has huge street art murals painted across its side and front.

For such an iconic and beautiful street in London, these funky murals are totally unexpected!

Kensington Mews Streets

7. Holland Park Mews

Holland Park Mews, London

Holland Park Mews close to Kensington was one of our favourite mews streets to see.

At one end of the mews is a grand Grade II listed archway you can walk through, which is a lovely introduction to this beautiful London mews.

When inside, you’ll see some of the houses along here have steps outside leading up to the front doors, which is unique for mews streets in London. Because of this, many of the houses along this mews street are also Grade II listed.

Holland Park Mews House

We later caught a glimpse of one of the houses in Holland Park Mews in an episode of The Crown, which was fun to see! 

Once you’re finished taking photos here, be sure to wander along to Holland Park itself. 

You’ll find a Japanese zen garden here, Kyoto Garden, which is really pretty. You’ll be forgiven for forgetting you’re in London when here!

8. Kynance Mews

– Recommended by Jiayi from The Diary of a Nomad

Kynance Mews - Kensington

The charming Kynance Mews is located in South Kensington, a fancy and high-end neighbourhood next to Hyde Park. 

This mews houses 33 charming residential buildings and gives off the feeling of stepping into a small village in the middle of a bustling city. 

In fact, one of the best things about Kynance Mews is that even though it’s hands down one of the best photo spots in London, it’s usually not crowded at all and exudes a very peaceful and laidback vibe.

In autumn, the houses and arched entrance of the mews are covered with stunning red foliage, and in the spring, you can find some absolutely stunning wisteria on the houses. 

It’s truly a breathtaking sight! If you want to take pictures here, please be mindful of the locals who live on this mews street. 

Kynance Mews has also been the filming location for several old films such as Who Dares Wins and The Black Windmill. 

After you’re done wandering the mews, make sure to explore the surrounding area as well — South Kensington is filled with hidden gems! 

In fact, just around the corner from Kynance Mews is the charming Southwell Gardens, a very quiet and relaxing place to sit down with a book. 

You can also check out the many cafes and restaurants in South Kensington!

9. Elvaston Mews

– Recommended by Hanna from SolarPoweredBlonde

Elvaston Mews - Kensington

Elvaston Mews is located right by the famous Kynance Mews in South Kensington, and is definitely an instagrammable place to see in London

While walking to Kynance Mews, you will definitely be drawn by this lesser known mews. 

I initially walked down here as I saw the famous pink Figaro car that was parked here, while on my way to Kynance Mews. You will find these gorgeous cars all over Kensington and Notting Hill! 

As I kept walking, I saw the houses all covered with plants and it looked like such a beautiful London mews. 

It is also a lovely escape from the busy main road and it’s hard to believe that such a peaceful area can be found here and makes you feel as if you’ve left London! 

The cobbled street makes it feel like stepping back in time and it feels like straight out of a movie. There is a reason these houses cost over £4 million! 

I recommend going very early for some photos before these millionaires get going and open their garages as then all you will see are lots of cars. 

The light is also perfect in the morning for photography as the pretty houses will all be in the sun!

10. Ennismore Gardens Mews

– Recommended by Suze from Luxury Columnist

Ennismore Gardens Mews - Kensington

Ennismore Gardens Mews is a charming cobbled road in Knightsbridge, West London. 

Although there was extensive bombing in the area during World War II, this is one of the best preserved London mews.

In fact, it’s part of the designated Knightsbridge Conservation Area. Alterations are strictly controlled in order to maintain the unbroken roof line.

Originally built as coach houses and stables for the mansions on neighbouring Ennismore Gardens, these mews houses are now highly in demand. 

The one and two storey properties are painted in pretty pastel shades of blue, pink and yellow. Consequently, this London mews is great for photos, yet it’s usually not crowded.

You approach Ennismore Gardens Mews via an impressive white Edwardian archway on Ennismore Street. 

There are 43 mews properties lining the L-shaped mews, stylishly decorated with potted plants outside. This lends the street an almost provincial air.

This mews has featured in several films including Alfred Hitchcock’s Frenzy, the comedy Foster and TV police drama The Sweeney.

Close to this mews street, you’ll find the Brompton Oratory church, as well as the Victoria and Albert Museum. The Science Museum and Natural History Museum are also within easy reach.

EDITOR TIP: Ennismore Gardens Mews is also close to the famous London street Brompton Road where you’ll find Harrods and Harvey Nichols!

Map of Must-See Mews in London

Use our handy map to create your very own self-guided mews tour of London! Although you can walk some of it, you will need to use tubes or buses for the longer distances.

Just be sure to keep your eyes peeled as you wander around areas like Notting Hill, Kensington and Paddington as there are loads more mews streets to see dotted here, there and everywhere!

Map of London Mews Streets
Click on the map to see a larger version of it!

We hope you have fun finding all these pretty mews streets! 

These are some of the prettiest streets in London, and because they’re so peaceful and quiet, you’ll probably forget you’re even in somewhere as busy as the UK’s capital!

Which mews streets are you most excited to see? And have we missed any out? Let us know in the comments below…

If you liked this guide to London’s mews streets, pin it now so you can read it again later!

10 Beautiful London Mews: The Prettiest Streets in London
10 Beautiful London Mews: The Prettiest Streets in London
10 Beautiful London Mews: The Prettiest Streets in London
10 Beautiful London Mews: The Prettiest Streets in London
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