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17 Famous Streets in London You Must See!

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If you’re looking for famous streets in London, then we’ve got a challenge for you! Read the blog post below and let us know how many of these streets you recognise from a standard game of Monopoly!

You’ll probably recognise a few of them from it, but we’ve also thrown in one or two famous London streets that you might not know much about.

And then we’ve rounded off this blog post with some quirky and possibly useless facts about London that may or may not help you out with your next pub quiz…

I hope you have fun reading this one!

Famous Streets in London You Must See!

1. Oxford Street

Oxford Street is London’s shopping capital and Europe’s busiest shopping street. 

It’s also arguably London’s most famous street and possibly also one of the most famous streets in the world.

This is where you come in London to get some serious shopping done and where you’ll find a good mix of both high street and designer fashion stores.

Oxford Street is also where you’ll find the infamous Selfridges department store, which is well worth a look even if you’re only browsing.

At Christmas-time, Oxford Street also has some of London’s best light and window displays!


2. Regent Street

Regent Street intersects with Oxford Street and is another famous shopping street in London.

This is where you’ll find yet more fashion stores, as well as the incredible Liberty London department store and Hamleys toy shop, which bring in visitors from across the globe!

Liberty London on Regent Street, London

Just like Oxford Street, you’ll be amazed at the Christmas displays around here.

You’ll also find the pretty-in-pink tea room, Sketch, close by – which is now Insta-famous.

Did you know? Regent Street was named after George IV when he was Prince Regent.

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3. Bond Street

Bond Street, also sometimes known as New Bond Street, is yet another famous street in London that’s most known for its shopping. 

It also intersects with Oxford Street, but unlike Oxford Street and Regent Street, you’ll find almost exclusively designer stores and luxury brands here.

Think Dolce & Gabbana, Mulberry, Jimmy Choo, Hermès, Miu Miu, Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Tiffany’s… I could go on. 

They are all here on Bond Street and make for the most incredible window shopping you’ve ever imagined!

Designer jewellery in London

4. Carnaby Street

Carnaby Street is another popular street in London for shopping and also intersects with Oxford Street.

Thanks to its history of being the home of Mods, Skinheads, Punks and New Romantics in London’s swinging sixties, Carnaby Street will probably always be known for having a bit of a trendy, hipster vibe compared with the other shopping streets nearby.

This is where you should come if you want to find unique one-off stores and independent boutiques mixed in with mainstream brands.

Carnaby Street also has some of the best Christmas lights in all of London!

5. Piccadilly

Piccadilly is one of the main streets in London. Along Piccadilly, you’ll find the prestigious Fortnum & Mason (a fantastic place for buying British food souvenirs!) and The Ritz hotel, as well as St James’ Park and Buckingham Palace nearby.

Piccadilly also helps to connect London’s main shopping districts mentioned above with Belgravia and Knightsbridge; two very upmarket areas of London. 

It’s in these districts (along Brompton Road) where you’ll find the infamous department stores: Harrods and Harvey Nichols, as well as some of the most amazing Instagrammable streets worthy of a wander.


6. The Mall

The Mall, London
Photo Credit: Tristan Surtel | Wikimedia Commons

The Mall is one of the most famous streets in London because it leads to the Queen’s London residence: Buckingham Palace.

It’s been painted red to symbolise a red carpet and is where you’ll see various royal parades and celebrations, as well as horse drawn carriages escorting international dignitaries for their state visits.

The Mall is also where to go if you want to be in the crowd when members of the Royal family make a public appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace for special occasions like Jubilees and VE Day.

The Mall is also the finishing line for the London Marathon and other famous sports events like the Tour de France.

Did you know? Buses are not allowed to use The Mall to go past Buckingham Palace unless they’ve had special permission from the reigning monarch, which has only ever happened twice!

7. The Strand

Britain's smallest police station in Trafalgar Square, London - near The Strand

The Strand is another of London’s main streets and links with The Mall. 

You’ll find yet more popular stores here, as well as some of the city’s theatres like Lyceum Theatre (where The Lion King has been running for over a decade) and the Savoy theatre, which is known for its opera performances.

8. Baker Street

Baker Street in Marylebone is most famous for its links to Sherlock Holmes who lived at 221B Baker Street; now one of the most famous London addresses – even if it is entirely fictional!

There is now a Sherlock Holmes museum on this street, which was opened in 1990 within a Georgian townhouse.

The museum contains various exhibits from TV and movie adaptations of the Sherlock Holmes franchise and was allowed to bear the number 221B with special permission from the city. 

Confusingly, the museum actually sits between numbers 237 and 241.


9. Abbey Road

Abbey Road, London

Abbey Road in Camden is one of the most famous places in London; this time for its connection to The Beatles.

Here, you can see Abbey Road Studios where The Beatles recorded their music, and the zebra crossing, which famously graced the cover of The Beatles’ record of the same name: Abbey Road.

The crossing now has Grade II listed status. But be careful if you’re going to recreate THAT Beatles photo as this road is actually really busy!

10. Neal’s Yard

Neal's Yard, London

Neal’s Yard is a bright and cheery alley found in Covent Garden, which is known for its colourful buildings. It’s totally Insta-famous today!

The street opens out into a courtyard and is known for its health and beauty shops and small restaurants serving vitamin-boosting smoothies and organic food.

11. Shaftesbury Avenue

Shaftesbury Avenue in London’s West End is the city’s theatre capital – a bit like Broadway in New York. 

This famous London street was even mentioned in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when Hermione, Harry and Ron apparated there after the Death Eaters crashed Bill and Fleur’s wedding.

Perhaps fittingly then, the Palace Theatre, which is currently showing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child sits on the intersection of Shaftesbury Avenue and Charing Cross Road.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

When not watching a theatre show or musical, you should check out House of MinaLima, which is just around the corner from the Palace Theatre. 

It’s a must for Harry Potter fans as it’s a shop and museum run by the graphic designer duo from the movie franchise and is dedicated to all things Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts!


12. St Lukes Mews

St Lukes Mews, London

St Lukes Mews is in Notting Hill. It’s one of many pretty mews streets in London, but because of its connection with Love Actually, it’s one of the most famous ones.

The pink house along this street appears in Love Actually as the house where Juliet is living when Mark appears with flashcards to tell her how perfect he thinks she is.

Love Actually Filming Location - 27 St Luke's Mews, Notting Hill, London

London’s mews streets are arguably some of the most famous residential streets in London – but remember to treat them with respect. Try not to go overboard with Instagram photos!


13. Portobello Road

London shops

Portobello Road in Notting Hill has been made famous by the Portobello Road Market.

Come here on Saturdays to browse through stall after stall selling vintage clothes and antiques at one of London’s most notable street markets.

Follow this up with a wander through some of London’s pretty mews streets and a visit to the Biscuiteers cafe.

14. Camden High Street

Camden High Street is another famous street in London, best known for its street market: Camden Market (also known as Camden Lock).

The market is open every day and is chock-full of stalls selling anything from vintage clothing and accessories to hand-crafted gifts and home decor to tasty street food.

More Famous Streets in London

In case you want to try to find even more famous streets in London, here are some more to have a think about… 

  • Downing Street: Found in Westminster, no. 10 Downing Street is where the Prime Minister lives. Although you can’t actually walk along the street (without special permission), you can take a couple of photos from the gates at one end of the street that’s guarded by police.
  • Harley Street: Harley Street in Marylebone is famous for its private health clinics, surgeries and hospitals. You might spot one or two famous people here as it’s also where to go for plastic surgery costing thousands!
  • Savile Row: Savile Row in Mayfair is another of London’s famous shopping districts; this time devoted to luxury menswear and tailor shops. Even Charlie Chaplin and Winston Churchill have shopped here for bespoke suits!

Map of London’s Most Famous Streets

To help you find all the famous London streets mentioned in this blog post, take a look at our handy map below

Map of London's Famous Streets
Click on the map if you want to see a larger version of it!

London’s Famous Streets: Quirky Questions & Totally Useless Nuggets of Knowledge

If you ever need to know what the oldest street in London is or what are some cool street names in London – maybe for a pub quiz or something – then we’ve got you covered with this quick roundup of quirky questions about London’s famous streets and totally useless nuggets of knowledge you may or may not ever use.

What is the oldest street in London?

First established as Fleet Bridge Street in the 13th century, Fleet Street as it is now known, is one of the oldest streets in London. 

Evidence suggests this particular road was used as a thoroughfare through Roman London suggesting the street itself actually dates back as far as 200 AD.

What is the most expensive street to live on in London?

London is never short of expensive streets. 

But it’s said that Kensington Palace Gardens, also known as ‘Billionaires’ Boulevard’ claims the top spot of London’s richest streets and throughout all of England as well. 

Average house prices here often reach a heart-stopping £33 million.

What is the shortest street in London?

At just 11 metres long, Leigh Hunt Street in Southwark is London’s shortest street. 

The street is so short because it’s been cut off by Mint Street Park. But I think they missed a trick here; they should have called it Mini Street Park! *smirks*

To keep things balanced, London’s longest street is Rotherhithe Street in Rotherhithe. But as it’s only 1.5 miles long, it’s far less exciting to talk about.

What is the narrowest street in London?

Who doesn’t love finding the narrowest street, avenue or alleyway in European cities? From Paris to Amsterdam, London to Beirut, you can always find them. 

In London, the accolade of narrowest street goes to Brydges Place in Covent Garden, which is just 15 inches wide at its narrowest point.

Where are some of London’s prettiest streets?

Without a shadow of a doubt, the mews streets have to be up there as being some of London’s prettiest streets. Check some of them out here!

Holland Park Mews House

Which London streets have the weirdest names?

As with many other places in Britain, London has its fair share of wacky and weird street names. A couple of our favourites are Ha-Ha Road and Shoulder of Mutton Alley.  

What is the only road in the City of London?

Here’s another useless London factoid for you. 

While the City of London aka the Square Mile has a veritable smorgasbord of ‘lanes’, ‘docks’, ‘alleys’, ‘places’, ‘gardens’ and ‘hills’, there is just one ‘road’ here.

Goswell Road, which was actually called Goswell Street up until a few years ago, is the only road within the City of London boundary.

And there you have it — 17 famous streets in London plus some useless facts you totally didn’t ask for!

How many of these famous London streets have you seen? And have we missed any out? Let us know in the comments section below…

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17 Famous Streets in London You Must See!
17 Famous Streets in London You Must See!
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