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Sanditon Filming Locations: Where To Go & What To See

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With filming for the second season of Sanditon well and truly underway (and a release date already confirmed!), we wanted to scout out all the top Sanditon filming locations from the first season.

Turns out… many of them are right on our doorstep (i.e. close to our home on the outskirts of Bristol).

Fancy a day trip or two? Here’s where you need to go to find the very best Sanditon filming locations…

Sanditon Filming Locations

Listed below are all the principal filming locations from season 1 of Sanditon. We’ll be sure to come back and update this blog post once we’ve seen which places appear in season 2 as well. Stay tuned!

Dyrham Park

Sanditon filming locations - Dyrham Park House aka Sanditon House

Dyrham Park on the edge of the Cotswolds is a magnificent estate managed by the National Trust, which dates back to before the 1600s.

Although the estate has changed a great deal over the centuries (we’ve got interesting before and after pictures in our blog post right here), there’s no mistaking Dyrham Park’s prominence within Sanditon.


Because the house at Dyrham Park stands in for none other than Sanditon House itself!

Sanditon filming locations - Dyrham Park House aka Sanditon House

The house, as well as its surrounding grounds and estate, appear many times throughout the series.

The courtyards and cobblestoned alleyways to the back of the house were also used in various street scenes within Sanditon as well.

Think Dyrham Park looks doubly familiar? You might also notice it was used as the Warleggan’s townhouse (also known as Cardew) in the Poldark TV series.

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Did you know? Most of the interior scenes in Sanditon were filmed at the Bottle Yard Studios in nearby Bristol. Many a famous production has been filmed there.

West Littleton Church

If you’re visiting Dyrham Park as part of a Sanditon road trip, then why not make a quick detour to West Littleton.

This unassuming little village is just a ten-minute drive from Dyrham Park and is where you’ll find the church that Charlotte Heywood visits with the Parkers.

Bowood House & Gardens

Sanditon filming locations - Bowood House & Gardens

Remember the frivolous Regatta that comes to Sanditon? This was filmed at Bowood House and Gardens in Wiltshire, which is about an hour’s drive from both Bristol and Bath.

This incredible 100-acre estate is privately owned by the current Marquis and Marchioness of Lansdowne but is open to the public daily throughout the year.

Here, you’ll find the mile-long lake, which is instantly recognisable from the Sanditon series.

Sanditon filming locations - the lake at Bowood House & Gardens

You’ll also find a pretty little waterfall, which you might recognise from Esther and Babington’s romantic stroll.

Sanditon filming locations - the waterfall at Bowood House & Gardens

Filming locations aside, the Bowood estate is an incredible place to visit.

Alongside the above, you’ll find grottoes, temples and even an arboretum to admire.

These are just some of the many reasons why we immediately added Bowood to our list of beautiful places to visit in south England.

Sanditon filming locations - Bowood House & Gardens

Just like Dyrham Park, Bowood was also used in the Poldark series. It stood in for Hyde Park throughout seasons 4 and 5.

Iford Manor

Within an hour’s drive south of Bowood House & Gardens, you’ll find the Iford Manor Estate. This estate is also privately owned; this time by the Cartwright-Hignett family.

Iford Manor was used as Charlotte’s family home, which we glimpse briefly in episode 1.

Please note that Iford Manor is only open at certain times of the year (usually April through September).

Brean Beach (and surrounding areas)

Sanditon filming locations - Brean Beach

As can be expected from a TV series set within a fictional resort town, you see plenty of beach scenes throughout the series.

Many of these were filmed at Brean Beach near Weston-Super-Mare, but nearby Sand Point and Uphill Beach were also used.

As for the bathing scenes, these were shot at Marine Lake in Weston-Super-Mare… in March. Brr!


The charming town of Clevedon in Somerset also appeared within various seafront shots in Sanditon. You also catch a glimpse of the historic pier within the series too!

Clevedon is roughly 45 minutes north of Brean Beach, so is well worth a visit if you’re looking for Sanditon filming locations in this area.

There are also lots of other romantic things to do in Clevedon. Ahem, we should know. We got married there a couple of years ago!

Justine & Scott at Clevedon Pier

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The New Room

The New Room in Bristol, also known as John Wesley’s Chapel, was built in 1739 and is the oldest Methodist meeting house in the world.

Today, it serves as a chapel, museum, meeting room and striking filming location.

In Sanditon, the New Room was used as the Sons of Africa meeting house. But you also might recognise it as the infamous courtroom from the Poldark TV series as well.

Georgian House Museum

Also found in Bristol’s city centre is the Georgian House Museum – and another Sanditon filming location.

This museum serves as a reminder of what Georgian homes would have truly looked like in the 18th century. This means it was the perfect stand-in for Tom Parker’s London house!

While the museum is currently closed until April 2022, they have a virtual tour online, which you might like to have a nosey at.

While there are already lots of Sanditon filming locations to discover in Somerset and the surrounding areas, we’re looking forward to seeing which places we might recognise once season 2 hits our silver screen. We’ll be sure to update this blog post, but until then, we hope you have fun visiting these places.

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Sanditon Filming Locations: Where To Go & What To See
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