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24 Must-See Poldark Filming Locations in the UK

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Warning! This list of must-see Poldark filming locations in the UK contains spoilers! Don’t say we didn’t warn you *wink*

Ahh, Poldark… a TV series so captivating I must’ve binge-watched the whole thing in just a matter of weeks. I can’t be the only one, right?

If you’re also a fan of Poldark and want to see the series brought to life, read on for all the most fabulous, beautiful and historic Poldark filming locations you’re free to visit within the UK.

Spoiler: Poldark wasn’t only filmed in Cornwall… Bristol, London, the Cotswolds and many other incredible places around the UK were also featured!

Poldark Filming Locations in Cornwall

Given the original Poldark novels by Winston Graham were set in Cornwall, it makes sense that much of the filming for the TV series also took place within Cornwall.

Read on for the Poldark filming locations in Cornwall most worth visiting.

Kynance Cove

Kynance Cove, part of the Lizard Heritage Coast in the south, is perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Cornwall.

It appears several times within the series as part of stunning aerial and panning shots, as well as some scenes at Nampara Cove.

Porthcurno Beach & Pedn Vounder

Poldark Filming Locations - Porthcurno Beach

Porthcurno Beach and nearby Pedn Vounder are delightful sandy coves along the southwestern coast. Both beaches together were used within scenes at Nampara Cove.

While you’re in this area, be sure to check out the Minack Theatre, which overlooks Porthcurno. It’s a magical amphitheatre set into the cliffs; with the ocean and starry nights as an extraordinary backdrop.

Penberth Cove

Poldark Filming Locations - Penberth Cove
Photo Credit: Rod Allday / Penberth Cove / CC BY-SA 2.0

Penberth Cove, not too far from Porthcurno, is a pretty little fishing hamlet and is instantly recognisable as the home of Rosina Hoblyn and the ‘informer’ aka Rosina’s fiancé.


Porthgwarra is a small hidden cove just a couple of miles west of Porthcurno and served as a rather picturesque filming location for multiple scenes within Poldark. 

Perhaps the most notable is when Ross Poldark was swimming while Demelza secretly watched him from the nearby cliffs.


Charlestown is a Grade II listed Georgian port and village along the southern coast near St Austell. The port here served as many of the harbour scenes throughout the series.

Botallack Mine

The abandoned mines and buildings at Botallack along the western coast are looked after by the National Trust and served as the ideal stand-in for Wheal Leisure and Grambler, the Poldark family mines.

In reality, Botallack forms part of the wild Tin Coast. It’s also a Cornish Mining World Heritage Site, which means it offers captivating insights into Cornwall’s mining history.

As Botallack is a National Trust property, you can visit for free as a member or pay on the day as a one-off.

Levant Mine

Poldark Filming Locations - Levant Mine
Photo Credit: Miles Wolstenholme | Wikimedia Commons

Levant Mine, just a couple of miles north of Botallack, is also owned by the National Trust. It stood in for the Tressiders Rolling Mill within the Poldark TV series.


Holywell near Newquay is a spectacular Cornish beach complete with sand dunes. Rather fitting, then, that Holywell served as the Warleggan’s beach in season 2.

Holywell is looked after by the National Trust, which means members can park for free at the beach’s car park.

Church Cove & Gunwalloe

If you want to see the church where Poldark and Demelza married, then head to Church Cove in Gunwalloe.

The nearby beach was also used within the TV series; most notably as a dramatic shipwreck.

Chapel Porth & St Agnes Head

The coastal path between Chapel Port and St Agnes Head served as the location of many a scene where Poldark and other members of the cast can be seen galloping across the Cornish countryside; often in urgency for some reason or another.

Bodmin Jail

Built in 1778, Bodmin Jail is a severe, imposing and historic jail. 

It’s most known for being one of Cornwall’s most haunted places owing to the record-breaking number of executions that have taken place here over the centuries.

It was here where Jim Carter was held, prompting Poldark and some friends to break him out of jail.

Bodmin Jail is open to the public and makes for a rather haunting experience as you’re led through the prison to learn more about its history and past inmates.

While you’re in this area, Bodmin Moor was also used extensively throughout the series, especially as it formed part of Poldark’s beloved Nampara estate.

Poldark Filming Locations in Bristol

Perhaps less known is that Bristol, an eclectic and historic city in the southwest of England (also where Scott and I live), provided multiple memorable Poldark filming locations. Here’s a sneak peek of where to go…

Bristol Old Vic

First up is Bristol Old Vic, a restored Georgian theatre. This stunning theatre doubled up as a London theatre where Poldark and some friends spent the evening in the opening episode of season 5.

The dramatic red walls, stone white pillars and exquisite gold features are instantly recognisable within the series.

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The New Room

Poldark Filming Locations - The New Room
Source: Wikimedia Commons

John Wesley’s Chapel, The New Room is also instantly recognisable; this time as the Bodmin Assizes Court in season 2 where Poldark was accused of murder and wrecking.

St Nick’s Market

St Nick’s Market, an infamous street food market in the centre of Bristol, seems an unlikely filming location for the Poldark series. 

But it’s here where you can catch a glimpse of the outside of Poldark’s London lodgings.


These are just a few Poldark filming locations in Bristol, but the series was also filmed elsewhere in the city. Many of the interior scenes were filmed at The Bottle Yard Studios in Bristol, for example. While Redcliffe Caves served as some of the tin mines, which sadly, you can only visit during special events like Bristol’s annual Open Doors Festival.

More Poldark Filming Locations in the UK

You might be surprised to hear how many places across the Cotswolds and surrounding areas were used in the TV series. 

Fancy a Poldark road trip across this idyllic part of Britain and beyond? Here are plenty more Poldark filming locations you can visit in real life…

Berkeley Castle

Poldark Filming Locations - Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire

Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire (not too far from Bristol) dates back to the 11th century and has many a story to tell. For a start, it was where Edward II was imprisoned, tortured and executed. 

But one of the castle’s more recent claims to fame is the use of the castle and its grounds in multiple scenes in Poldark.

One of the most famous scenes where you’ll see the castle being featured is when Poldark travelled to France to a place of execution in season 3. Berkeley Castle and the courtyard served as the backdrop to Roscoff market.

If you visit Berkeley Castle today, you’ll find an exhibition in the Great Hall, which offers more insights into its connection with Poldark and other productions, such as The White Princess, Wolf Hall and The Other Boleyn Girl.

Dyrham Park

Poldark Filming Locations - Dyrham Park

Dyrham Park, an impressive 17th-century mansion and estate on the edge of the Cotswolds, served as the Warleggan’s townhouse (known as Cardew in the series).

The National Trust own Dyrham Park, so members can roam the house and estate for free. Or you can pay separately to visit on the day.

Aside from a Poldark filming location, Dyrham Park has an interesting history and is home to beautiful views, walking trails, artwork and more. It also featured extensively within ITV’s recent adaptation of Jane Austen’s Sanditon.


Corsham, a historic market town in Wiltshire, was used to depict an 18th-century Truro in season 1 of Poldark.

You might not recognise a huge amount from the TV series when visiting today, though, as the film crew placed fake facades in front of real shops and businesses to help transport us back in time.

Still, it’s a lovely little town full of historic buildings and tea rooms. 

While you’re here, why not visit Corsham Court, a stately manor full of exquisite artwork and gardens, or the Lady Margaret Hungerford Almshouses and Schoolroom, which was the setting of many charitable activities in the 17th century.

Great Chalfield Manor

Poldark Filming Locations - Great Chalfield Manor

Great Chalfield Manor in Wiltshire, also a National Trust property, was used as Killewarren both inside and out. 

In case you’ve forgotten, Killewarren was the ancestral home of the Penvennen family, which later became Dwight Enys and Caroline’s family home.

A family still lives in Great Chalfield Manor, which was what drew the film crew to it, as it still has an air of warmth and cosiness that can only come from somewhere being lived in.

National Trust members can visit the grounds and tour the inside of the house for free on certain days of the week. Or you can pay for a one-off ticket. If you do want to tour inside the house, then whether you’re a member or not, you have to book ahead.

While you’re here, why not also visit The Courts Garden (also owned by the National Trust). It’s a stunning Grade II-listed country garden and is less than a 10-minute drive from Great Chalfield Manor. 

Bradford-on-Avon, a historic town reminiscent of places like Corsham and Stratford-on-Avon, is also just 15 minutes away from these two stunning National Trust places, so you can truly make a day of it.

Chavenage House

Poldark Filming Locations - Chavenage House
Photo Credit: Philip Halling / Chavenage House / CC BY-SA 2.0

Chavenage House in the Cotswolds dates back to the 1500s and served as Trenwith House (both inside and out) throughout the Poldark TV series.

While you’re here, there are plenty of interesting places to visit nearby including Westonbirt Arboretum, which looks especially magical at Christmas.

Bowood House and Gardens

Poldark Filming Locations - Bowood House

Bowood is a Grade I listed Georgian country house in Wiltshire. 

While the manor itself is beautiful, its estate and gardens are nothing short of magical – with temples, grottoes, a waterfall and even an arboretum (or pinetum) to discover.

Bowood House & Gardens

Bowood appears in the Poldark series a couple of times as Hyde Park; once in season 4 and then again in season 5.

Bowood House & Gardens

You might also be interested to know that Bowood also served as a Downton Abbey filming location (Carson’s cottage sits within Bowood’s grounds) and the estate also appeared in Sanditon.

Old Royal Naval College

The Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, London was used in exterior scenes for Westminster in season 4 when Poldark embarks on his political career. 

The college, including many of its buildings, are open to the public, so it’s easy enough for you to visit. 

While you’re in this area of London, there are many other interesting places to visit as well. Such as the National Maritime Museum, Royal Observatory and the deer park in Greenwich Park.

Psst! Did you know that the Old Royal Naval College also appears in Bridgerton?

National Trust Poldark Filming Locations

Fancy a Poldark road trip? No problem! If you’re a National Trust member, then you can also visit (and park at) many of the places mentioned above for free as part of your membership. 

Here are all of the Poldark filming locations that took place on National Trust-owned land or estates:

Not yet a member? Read our National Trust membership review to see what other benefits await you as a National Trust member.

And there you have it – over 20 Poldark filming locations in Cornwall and beyond, which are well worth visiting. Which one would you most like to see first? Let us know in the comments section below…

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24 Must-See Poldark Filming Locations

Featured image photo credit: Nilfanion via Wikimedia Commons

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