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The White Princess Filming Locations You Can Visit in Real Life

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Are you looking for The White Princess filming locations you can visit in real life? Keep reading as we reveal all!

Is it just me or is there something supremely magical about visiting places you’ve seen on the big screen? 

Not only does this bring the TV series or movie to life a bit more, but I think visiting filming locations also brings the place itself to life more as well.

Especially if it’s a historical place where you can really start to get a picture of how much drama these places must have seen over the centuries.

Visiting filming locations is one of our most favourite things to do, so we feel incredibly lucky that most of these White Princess filming locations are very close to where we live here in Bristol.

Are you ready to travel via the silver screen? Let’s get going!

Travel Via The Silver Screen: The White Princess Filming Locations Most Worth Visiting

In case you’ve never heard of it before… The White Princess is a historical drama series, which acts as a sequel to The White Queen (also well worth watching!) 

The White Princess is based on Philippa Gregory’s book of the same name and follows the marriage of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. 

Since the Lancastrian King married a York Princess, their marriage effectively ended the Wars of the Roses – but that doesn’t mean their marriage and time on the throne wasn’t still fraught with tales of betrayal, politics and seduction. 

And here’s how you can walk in the cast’s footsteps and visit some beautiful White Princess filming locations right here in the UK.

Great Chalfield Manor in Wiltshire

Great Chalfield Manor

Managed by the National Trust, Great Chalfield Manor near Bradford-On-Avon in Wiltshire is instantly recognisable as Woodville Manor, Elizabeth of York’s family home, in the opening scene of The White Princess, as well as later on in the series. 

In the show, we see most of the manor’s beautiful gardens and estate – from the quaint church and meandering river to the beautiful gardens and courtyard.

Please note that the manor is also a full-time residence, so the manor and estate are only open to the public on certain days and times. Check out the official opening times here.

Great Chalfield Manor has also appeared in other popular productions, such as Poldark, Wolf Hall, The Other Boleyn Girl and ITV’s Persuasion among others.

Read more about Great Chalfield Manor.

Tip: Be sure to check out The Courts Garden while you’re in this area as well. It’s another superb National Trust place and is less than a 10-minute drive away from Great Chalfield Manor.

Wells Cathedral in Somerset

Wells Cathedral in Somerset stands in for York within The White Princess TV series. You’ll often see the cathedral’s walls within the program.

While you’re here, don’t forget to look out for the moat at Bishop’s Palace – also in Wells. This moat stood in for the Thames within the series – most notably when Lizzie leaves her mother in Westminster and takes a boat ride along the river.

Wells Cathedral is open to the public throughout the year.

Find out more here.

Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire

Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire

The historic Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire, close to the Cotswolds, stands in for the courtyard of Westminster. We first see it when Elizabeth of York arrives in London for the first time.

Quite fitting really, considering Berkeley Castle was also where King Edward II met his untimely end in real life, who as we know, was an ancestor of King Edward IV who was the title character in The White Queen – the precursor to The White Princess. 

Ever get that feeling like history often repeats itself or we find ourselves going full circle? Yeah, I just got that feeling then too.

Anyway, Berkeley Castle is privately owned, but it’s usually open to the public during the warmer months. With your ticket, you can explore the inside of the house, as well as the extensive grounds and gardens outside.

You may even be lucky enough to catch a free performance in the grounds, such as medieval sword fighting!

Berkeley Castle has also appeared within other shows, including Poldark, Wolf Hall, The Other Boleyn Girl and more. Anyone else getting a feeling of deja vu right now?

Find out more about visiting Berkeley Castle.

Tithe Barn in Wiltshire

Tithe Barn, a 14th-century barn in Bradford-On-Avon, is owned by the English Heritage and serves as the King’s throne room within The White Princess TV series.

Despite the imposing Tudor flags and banners you see on screen, there’s no mistaking the barn’s archaic beams and unique architecture.

Tithe Barn is free to visit and is open most days to the public.

Find out more here.

Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire

Sudeley Castle

The interesting gardens of Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire also appear within The White Princess several times. 

Whether Elizabeth is walking with her ladies, kneeling alone or scheming with her family, these scenes were often filmed within the grounds of Sudeley Castle.

Once again, this is also fitting, because Queen Katherine Parr, King Henry VIII’s sixth wife once lived here and is buried there still to this very day. You’ll find her tomb within the castle’s church. Interestingly, Katherine Parr is the only English queen to be buried on private land.

Sudeley Castle is privately owned and is often described as a hidden gem of the Cotswolds. It’s usually open to the public during the warmer months, where you’re free to roam inside and out.

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Lacock in Wiltshire

The historic village of Lacock in Wiltshire is often used in period dramas and movies – and The White Princess is no different. 

The town’s original Tudor houses and stone buildings serve as a bygone London within the TV series, so we often see the King and his men riding through the streets, such as on the way to coronations and Royal weddings.

Church Street in Lacock was likely used the most often for filming as it’s where you’ll find multiple Tudor houses lined up neatly in a row – providing the perfect backdrop for the cast.

While you’re here, be sure to take a look at Lacock Abbey, which has also enjoyed many silver and big-screen appearances – most notably within some of the Harry Potter movies.

The abbey is managed by the National Trust – and as such – offers free entry to NT members.

Read more about Lacock and the abbey here.

Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire

Salisbury Cathedral

In the series, we often see the court walking or talking in the palace’s many corridors. 

These are instantly recognisable as cathedral cloisters. Specifically, the cloisters at Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire appear many times throughout the series.

The cathedral is open at various times throughout the year. 

Don’t forget to take a look at the 1215 Magna Carta while you’re here. The document is an original and is one of only four surviving copies in the entire world.

Plan your visit to Salisbury Cathedral.

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Caerphilly Castle in Wales

Caerphilly Castle in South Wales is almost instantly recognisable as the London docks within the TV series. The dramatic Tower of London scenes were also filmed at the castle.

This historic castle dates back to the 1200s and is known to be the second biggest castle in Britain – second only to Windsor.

Today, the castle is open to the public throughout the year and is well worth visiting. Not only for its connection with The White Princess but also because of its own stories and histories.

Discover more about Caerphilly Castle.

Gloucester Cathedral in Gloucestershire

Gloucester Cathedral

The White Princess film crew certainly used Gloucester Cathedral uniquely within the TV series.

Down in the cathedral’s eerie crypts is where you’ll find the private quarters of Elizabeth Woodville and her family.

Gloucester Cathedral has also had its fair share of TV and movie appearances as well – perhaps most notably within some of the Harry Potter movies.

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Arundel Castle in Sussex

Arundel Castle

The exterior of the exquisite Arundel Castle in Sussex served as Wingfield Castle, which we see briefly in the first episode of the series. 

This was where the Earl of Warwick and his family lived before being summoned to London under the new King’s reign.

The castle is privately owned and is usually open to the public throughout the warmer months.

Even if you’re not interested in finding The White Princess filming locations, you can’t help but feel in awe of this castle – both inside and out.

Plan your visit to Arundel Castle.

Arundel Cathedral in Sussex

The majestic Arundel Cathedral was built on top of a hill and overlooks the ancient town of Arundel.

Within The White Princess, the cathedral and its grounds are instantly recognisable as Burgundy.

Believe it or not, the sunshine and blue skies weren’t fake!

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Emma Frost, the show’s writer, explained: “We were incredibly lucky when we shot there. It was supposed to be a sunny place away from grey old Westminster. And the first day we filmed there it was 90 degrees! Clear, blue skies, green grass, garden colours popping, the fountain… it really feels like we were somewhere else.”

Arundel Cathedral is open to the public on certain days and times throughout the week, as well as for mass.

Find out more here.

Bonus: Cardiff Castle and Bristol Cathedral

If you’re looking for more White Princess filming locations in the UK, then you might also want to add Cardiff Castle and Bristol Cathedral to your list of must-sees.

While we haven’t yet been able to confirm the exact scenes filmed at these iconic buildings, we know for certain they were used within the TV series in some way.

Do you know how they were used? Drop us a line below, so we can update this section for future wanderers.

Bonus: Seville in Spain

In the series, Elizabeth and King Henry VII visit Queen Isabella of Castile in Spain. 

It looks like these scenes were truly filmed in Seville in Spain – at least according to this “spotted” photo on Facebook

Some scenes were filmed at the Royal Alcázar of Seville, while there’s no mistaking Seville Cathedral in the series as well. 

Both the Alcázar and Seville Cathedral are open to the public, although we have yet to visit them ourselves. One day though, right?!

Bonus: The Bottle Yard Studios in Bristol

As an additional bonus, we thought you might also be interested to know that the interior shots of Westminster were filmed at The Bottle Yard Studios right here in Bristol.

The production’s showrunners wanted to find filming locations within about an hour’s drive of the studio – and for the most part – they succeeded!

See what we mean in our map of The White Princess filming locations:

Map of The White Princess filming locations in the UK

Fabulous news if you fancy a few day trips from Bristol to discover many of the beautiful and historic White Princess filming locations mentioned above.

We hope you found this list of The White Princess filming locations helpful. Which one are you most excited to visit first? And did we leave any locations out? Let us know in the comments below…

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The White Princess Filming Locations You Can Visit in Real Life
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