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11 Unmissable Things To Do in Frome, Somerset

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If you’re looking for some of the best things to do in Frome in Somerset, then we’ve got you covered. Scott and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring Frome on my birthday. If you also decide to visit then a day trip to a charming town with cobblestoned streets and a rich history awaits!

Frome (pronounced Froom) derives from an ancient Celtic word: ‘frama’, which means fair or brisk. This word is supposed to describe the flowing river, which cuts through the town.

Frome is on the eastern side of Somerset south of Bath. I mention this because you might be surprised to find out just how far Somerset stretches!

Anyway, names and rivers aside, Frome is a surprising place. From beautiful cobblestoned streets and old houses that look like they belong on a postcard (and in a period drama!) to a town rich with history and industry, you won’t be short of things to do in Frome.

If it’s your first time in Frome, or it’s been a long time since your last visit, then here’s what we recommend you see and do in Frome to make the most of this delightful Somerset town. 

Unmissable Things To Do in Frome

1. Learn about Frome’s history at the Frome Heritage Museum

Frome Heritage Museum

Did you know that woollen cloth was Frome’s principal trade in the 15th century? 

Or that cloth still contributed massively to the town’s economy as late as the 19th and 20th centuries? 

And how about the fact that J W Singer & Sons originated in Frome? If you haven’t heard of them, they’re producers of some of the world’s most notable statues, including Boudicca in London and the Old Bailey Justice statue.

You can learn all this and more at the Frome Heritage Museum. It’s free to visit, although they welcome voluntary donations.

Once inside, you can even wander around replica shops to look at products people would have bought in Frome throughout its history. Very cool!

Inside the Frome Heritage Museum in Somerset

2. Browse Frome’s many independent shops

Today, one of Frome’s claims to fame is how many independent shops you can find dotted all over the town. 

Wander along Catherine Hill and Catherine Street and you’ll find unique clothes and accessories shops like Deadly Is The Female and Boho, or you can peruse gorgeous vintage items in The Dandy Lion. 

Bramble and Wild Florist in Frome, Somerset

You’ll also find the beautiful Bramble & Wild flower shop and various home and gift shops that are well worth mooching in.

Cheap Street is another beautiful shopping district where you can support local businesses – from jewellery, clothing and accessories stores to health food shops and bakeries. 

Watch your step as you walk because the old leat (a watercourse that used to carry water to the mills) still runs through the middle of Cheap Street.

Cheap Street in Frome, Somerset

There’s also The Frome Bookshop at the end of this street (leading onto King Street), where you’ll find antiquarian and second-hand books to fill your library with. (A girl can dream, okay?!)

Have fun wandering along the little streets and you’re sure to find something you like, which leads me nicely to another top thing to do in Frome.

3. Wander along cobblestoned streets that time forgot

Gentle Street in Frome, Somerset

Whether you’re admiring the local shops and quirky products or dreaming of your next house purchase, Frome has plenty of opportunities for you to wander along little cobblestoned streets that time forgot.

Some of our favourites were Gentle Street, Sheppard’s Barton, Sun Street and Whittox Lane. 

But please note these are residential streets, so be respectful! Don’t start taking photos in front of someone’s doorway or anything. Just enjoy being in the moment and taking a wander through history.

4. Follow the Frome Heritage Trail

Some of the streets we’ve mentioned above also form part of the Frome Heritage Trail

This trail is a circular 2.5-mile walk where you’ll follow a series of numbered plaques. Sometimes, the plaques are accompanied by information boards to tell you more about the history of the area or space you’re standing in. 

Frome Heritage Trail

You could stumble across these plaques yourself, but if you want to follow the entire trail, you can buy a trail map from the Discover Frome Information Point on Bridge Street or Frome Town Hall on Christchurch Street.

5. Buy local produce at a market

Given Frome’s history as a thriving market town, visiting while a market is on brings the town’s history to life even more.

There are weekly markets every Wednesday and Saturday. The monthly Frome Independent Market and Farmer’s Market are not to be missed either. 

6. Visit a Poldark filming location

Head to Gentle Street near St John’s Church and you’ll also be wandering along a Poldark filming location.

I believe this street was used to portray an olden-day Truro in Cornwall. 

Poldark filming location in Frome, Somerset

With its charming cobblestoned streets and the centuries-old houses that line them, it’s easy to see why the Poldark production team thought this would make a perfect filming location.

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7. See The Valentine Lamp

The Valentine Lamp in Frome, Somerset

For the couples and romantics among you, seeing The Valentine Lamp on Catherine Street is another unmissable thing to do in Frome. 

This charming lamp post features a hand-painted rose design and a colourful flower bed at its base. Heart decorations, Cupid’s Arrow and a working gas lamp complete the romantic design. And attached to the lamp post is a charming little postbox bearing the letters GR for George V.

On a wall nearby, you’ll find a plaque explaining more about the lamp and that it’s “dedicated to St Valentine, patron and protector of all who find love, regardless of race, creed or gender.”

8. Picnic in Victoria Park

When it’s time for lunch, why not grab a bite to eat from a local bakery and take it with you to Victoria Park for an impromptu picnic?

We recommend Parsons Bakery near the top of Catherine Street. Their Cornish Pasties especially are divine!

As for Victoria Park itself, this is a lovely spot to while away an hour or two.

9. Wander along the River Frome

When in F–Rome, it’d be silly to miss out on seeing the very thing that helped give this gorgeous little town its name, wouldn’t it? 

There are various points along the River Frome where you can join the footpath that runs alongside it. 

River Frome in Frome, Somerset

We started our walk at Welshmill Lane where you’ll also spot a dam or man-made waterfall. We can’t seem to find any information on what it is, so if you know, please leave us a line in the comments below.

The walk along the river itself was pleasant and there were plenty of trees and wildlife to see along the way.

The River Frome in Frome, Somerset

10. Attend the Frome Festival

Every July, a massive community and arts festival takes over the town for a week or two. This is the Frome Festival – and it’s not to be missed!

You’ll be treated to live music from both big and local acts, outdoor theatre shows and informative tours, talks and more.

11. Take a day trip to a nearby city, castle or caves

If you have extra time, why not head out of Frome to a nearby town or castle? 

Nunney Castle and Farleigh Hungerford Castle (both owned by English Heritage) are only a few miles away from Frome. Nunney is south of Frome and Farleigh Hungerford is north of the town.

Farleigh Hungerford Castle
Farleigh Hungerford Castle

Frome is also within a short driving distance from the iconic cities of Bristol, Bath and Wells. 

You could even visit the beautiful Stourhead Estate (owned by the National Trust), Longleat Safari Park, Wookey Hole, Cheddar Gorge and more. 

These all make ideal day trips from Frome, or why not make an entire weekend of it?!

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We hope you’ve found this Frome travel blog helpful and inspiring! What are you most excited to see and do first? Let us know in the comments below…

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11 Unmissable Things To Do in Frome, Somerset
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