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Westonbirt Enchanted Christmas Review: Magical Christmas Light Trail

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Author Note: This Westonbirt Enchanted Christmas review and the accompanying photos are based on various visits we’ve enjoyed over the years. Please note that we were given free entry on some of these visits in exchange for social media coverage. But our photos, thoughts and opinions are our own – just like always.

Scott and I regularly enjoy a magical evening at Westonbirt Arboretum for their ‘Enchanted Christmas’ event.

When I first visited, the event was much smaller than it is now. Westonbirt’s light trail has gotten bigger and better each year – and much more popular!

If you’ve been wondering whether Westonbirt’s Christmas event is worth it then the short answer is yes. Read on to find out why.

Our Westonbirt Enchanted Christmas Review

We want this review to be as evergreen as possible, so we’ve used our experiences from multiple visits to help us write it.

Christmas Village

Once you’ve parked up and made your way over to where all the magic happens, you’ll find yourself at the Christmas Village.

Here, you’ll find various food and drink stalls selling anything from burgers and foot-long bratwurst sausages to crêpes and mulled wine. 

La Creperie at Westonbirt Enchanted Christmas

Crepes at Westonbirt Enchanted Christmas

Average prices are around £6 or £7 for most things, so bring plenty of cash with you. Some places also accept cards, but it’s best to bring some cash so you’re covered everywhere.

You’ll usually also find lots of funfair rides and games in the Christmas Village, including a large Ferris wheel and a carousel.

Christmas Village at Westonbirt 2019

Scott taking a photo of the Christmas Village at Westonbirt 2019

Westonbirt Christmas Village 2020

There are also usually some gift stalls inside the canopied seating area, which are well worth a browse. Once, we even saw a guy making his own woodwork creations right there in the tent!

We also spied some festive chocolate treats that we hope we’ll see again another year as they looked amazing!

Chocolate treats at Westonbirt Enchanted Christmas 2019

All the times we’ve visited, there were pretty little Christmas trees dotted around the Christmas Village, which looked so festive.

Christmas trees at Westonbirt Arboretum

The photo above shows a close-up of one of them, which also gives you a glimpse of the large canopied area you can use for eating and drinking away from the cold.

Note that you’ll be able to explore the Christmas Village after the illuminated light trail too, so don’t worry if you run out of time beforehand looking at everything.

We usually go straight for the trail and then spend some time afterwards looking around the Christmas Village when it’s perhaps a bit quieter and there’s no pressure to rush around.

Christmas Lights

Now for the main event!

You’ll be given a time when you have to start the light trail. This is to ensure it doesn’t get too busy, so you can enjoy your visit as much as possible.

The beginning of the trail usually starts with large frames you walk through. Sometimes, they change the orientation of these, so one year, they might be straight, while diagonal another year.

Westonbirt Enchanted Christmas Lights 2019

After that, you’ll find lights everywhere – in the trees, under the trees, on the trees – everywhere!

The photo below shows our favourite light display from one of our visits. The star you can see in the middle spun around and around, which was so mesmerising!

Westonbirt Enchanted Christmas Review

On another visit, the lights you can see below caught our eye as they looked so pretty suspended from a large tree. The surrounding fog made everything look so atmospheric!

Westonbirt Enchanted Christmas Lights 2020

Westonbirt’s Enchanted Christmas event also tells a different story each year through actors and light projections.

Admittedly, this is mainly for children, but it’s still a bit of fun as an adult to follow along with it.

When we visited one year, there was a magical fairy theme, while the next involved an adventurous journey to the “West Pole”.

Westonbirt Enchanted Christmas Lights 2020

Normally, you can expect some of the lights to be interactive, such as pressing buttons to light up trees in time to music and stamping your feet to help Santa’s reindeer fly.

But even if you’re not here for the story, Westonbirt’s Enchanted Christmas is such a fun event!

There are also a few food and drink stalls along the way for sumptuous treats like mulled wine and doughnuts. The latter of which smell and taste divine!

Extra food stalls at Westonbirt Enchanted Christmas 2019

If you’re visiting as a couple without children, it’s probably best to go later at night (after 7.30pm) as it’s quieter and more romantic.

Also, note that most people wear wellies or walking boots around the trail as it can get a little muddy in places (especially when it’s been raining!)

Everything Else

Aside from the lights and Christmas Village, there are usually a couple of other sweet surprises to enjoy.

One year, there were a group of carolers outside the gift shop (which you’ll come to at the end of the trail). There was even fake snow falling from the trees all around them. It looked so festive!

Carolers at Westonbirt Enchanted Christmas 2019

Be sure to have a look around the gift shop when you’re done as well because you’ll find all kinds of Christmas decorations, gifts and toys. 

In 2019, we treated ourselves to a cute snowman ornament for our Christmas tree and a festive scent bag, which still smells heavenly several years later!

Festive scents from Westonbirt Arboretum Gift Shop

We think the prices are very fair in the shop, and as it’s managed by the Friends of Westonbirt Arboretum charity, anything you buy at the gift shop goes directly back into supporting the arboretum.

So now there’s no need whatsoever to feel guilty about that festive souvenir you can’t resist!

Final Thoughts

Westonbirt’s Enchanted Christmas event is always included in roundups of the best Christmas displays in England. And for good reason!

The event has been running for well over a decade (maybe even two by now!), so the team certainly know a thing or two about putting on a fun festive light display.

Don’t forget that Westonbirt Arboretum is also a magical place to visit at other times of the year – especially in autumn! There are even live music events in the summer months that we have our eyes on.

Watch this space as we’ll probably come back here and tell you all about that as well!

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Westonbirt Enchanted Christmas Review
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