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Must-See Dash & Lily Filming Locations in NYC

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It’s not every day that I’ll binge-watch my way through an entire Netflix series in two sittings. But I certainly did with their latest hit: Dash & Lily.

Just like Emily in Paris was full of wanderlust for the French capital earlier this year, watching Dash & Lily feels like rifling through a box of New York City postcards.

So… for want of a better way to travel right now, why not join us on a virtual tour of New York City – as seen through Dash and Lily’s eyes. Here are some must-see Dash & Lily filming locations (most of which are in Manhattan).

Dash & Lily Filming Locations in NYC

But just before I dive in. If you’re frantically scratching your head and thinking, “What the heck is Dash & Lily?” then allow me to quickly bring you up to speed on Netflix’s latest Christmas box set.

Dash and Lily are teenagers living in New York City. They’re perfect strangers who’ve never met and couldn’t be more polar opposites if they tried. 

Dash is moody, cynical and hates Christmas. Lily is upbeat, bright and loves Christmas. 

But they do have one thing in common: they’re both facing rather lonely Christmases with both of their families out of town. 

To help make her Christmas more enjoyable, Lily hides a red notebook containing a dare and some instructions inside the iconic bookstore The Strand and waits for the right guy to come along and join in with the fun.

And thus ensues a week-long back and forth exchange of the notebook and various dares between the two teenagers during a snowy Christmas in New York. 

I’ll leave it there to not give too much away…

If you have yet to watch it, do! Especially if you love New York City (or have always wanted to go), Christmas, romance or all three. Here’s the official trailer to get you in the mood:

I’d also recommend you to look away now if you haven’t watched Dash & Lily yet because this blog post will probably have a couple of spoilers in it.

Otherwise, grab your red boots à la Lily and follow us through the iconic streets of New York City.

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The Strand Bookstore, East Village

Dash & Lily Filming Locations: The Strand Bookstore
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Here’s where the notebook exchange begins. Sitting on the corner of East 12th Street in the East Village neighbourhood of Manhattan in all its red and white glory is The Strand Bookstore. 

The Strand (named after the famous London street of the same name) was founded in 1927 and has been in this East Village location since 1956. 

And it’s here where Lily hides her red notebook for someone to find.

Union Square, Manhattan

Unknown to Dash and Lily, the first time they “meet” is in Union Square, Manhattan.

Lily’s there to sing Christmas carols with the utmost vigour while Dash is there to… Sulk? Wander around aimlessly? Get lost in his thoughts? 

I’m not entirely sure but, either way, he is not there to sing Christmas carols.

Two Boots, East Village

Two Boots is a chain of pizzerias based in New York City and the one located on the corner of Avenue A and Third Street in the East Village features prominently throughout the TV show because Dash’s best friend Boomer works there.

Macy’s, West 34th Street

Dash & Lily Filming Locations: Macy's New York
Photo Credit: Macy’s

If you’ve watched American television or movies before then Macy’s department store hardly needs an introduction. 

In Dash & Lily, it’s Macy’s flagship store on West 34th Street that makes an appearance during a rather memorable scene involving Dash, Santa and his hat. 

The Morgan Library and Museum, Madison Avenue

Found just a couple of blocks away from the Empire State Building, The Morgan Library and Museum on Madison Avenue is where Dash and his ex-girlfriend Sophia go “to step back in time”. 

The museum itself is real and is a must for book lovers everywhere as Pierpont Morgan was a voracious collector of rare books, manuscripts and other ancient artefacts throughout the late 19th century. 

The museum, which is still going strong today, has been open to the public since 1924 and is well worth a wander.

Grand Central Station, East 42nd Street

Dash & Lily Filming Locations: Grand Central Station

One of Dash’s dares for Lily involves heading to Grand Central Station in the early hours of the morning where she can marvel at its beauty free from crowds and commuters. 

Just like Lily, Scott and I also remember standing in the middle of the station lost in thought while staring up at the zodiac murals and star-studded ceiling.

Grand Central Secrets: The Zodiac Ceiling
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Had she been there with Dash, I reckon they would’ve headed downstairs to try out The Whispering Gallery as well. Maybe they’ll do that in season two together?

Central Park, Manhattan

The city’s infamous Central Park appears a couple of times throughout the series. 

Once when Dash is dared to copy a human statue’s movements – or lack thereof I should say – for over ten minutes, which takes place at the Bethesda Fountain.

Dash & Lily Filming Locations: Bethesda Fountain

If you head here, be sure to wander through the Bethesda Terrace as well and look up at the tiled ceiling. Over 16,000 colourful Minton tiles decorate the terrace’s ceiling making Bethesda Terrace the only ceiling in the world to feature Minton tiles (they’re usually reserved just for floors). 

Minton Tiles at Bethesda Terrace, New York City

The park’s Alice in Wonderland statue also appears in the series as “the patron saint of weird girls”.

Dyker Heights, Brooklyn

Dash & Lily Filming Locations: Dyker Heights Brooklyn Christmas Lights
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

To help make Dash see Christmas in a new light as the most wonderful time of the year rather than “the most detestable time of the year” (his exact words!), Lily sends him to Dyker Heights in Brooklyn. 

It’s just a residential neighbourhood but it’s now famous for its annual Christmas displays. Would you believe, though, that the decorations are rarely put up by the homeowners!

Instead, they employ local decorating companies, which charge anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000. At that cost, you can bet the decorations in Dyker Heights are out-of-this-world. 

I’ve been told the best Christmas lights can be seen when walking from 11th Avenue to 13th Avenue and from 83rd to 86th Street.

Tompkins Square Park, Manhattan

Tompkins Square Park in the East Village features briefly in the series as the park where Lily goes to feed treats to other people’s dogs. 

Her middle school bully follows her there and says: “I kinda assumed you’d have a dog. It’s kinda weird that you don’t. Do you just buy treats for other people’s dogs?“ 

Yeah, so? What of it buddy?

McSorley’s Old Ale House, East 7th Street

Dash & Lily Filming Locations: McSorley's Old Ale House
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I’m sure we all remember the first time we got drunk and kissed the wrong person in a bar, am I right? Okay, well just some of us then. 

Lily’s first time doing this is in McSorley’s, which is a real pub on East 7th Street in the East Village. Opened in 1854, McSorley’s Old Ale House is the oldest “Irish” saloon bar in New York City.

Hudson Yards, 10th Avenue

In the final episode, none other than The Jonas Brothers make a surprising cameo. 

Their concert takes place in Hudson Yards, which is a modern metropolis of shops, restaurants, event spaces and gated residential communities west of Manhattan. 

New York’s spectacular High Line walk ends near here and you can catch a fantastic view of the sunset across the Hudson River if you arrive at the right time.

Hudson Yards Sunset New York City

Map of Dash & Lily Filming Locations

Here’s a map of all these must-see Dash & Lily filming locations to help you visualise where they are in relation to each other:

Dash & Lily Filming Locations Map

Need More Dash & Lily In Your Life?

Me too! Although it’s early days, I can imagine there’ll be a second series if the ending of series one and its newfound fans and fame are anything to go by.

Until then, you can read the trilogy of books by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan that the TV series is based on – and maybe even add them to your Christmas wishlist this year (like me!) *wink*

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Feeling the love for New York City right about now? Pin this blog post now, find all these Dash & Lily filming locations later!

Must-See Dash & Lily Filming Locations in New York City
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