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50 Fun Road Trip Questions For Couples (Printable)

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Scott and I love a good road trip as much as the next person. But while you’ll often be admiring the scenery outside the window and making pitstops as often as you can, sometimes the long stretches of road in between can get a little dull.

So… how do you make a couples road trip fun? And what do you talk about during a long car ride?

Questions are the answer!

They’re great conversation starters and you might be surprised at how many topics can spin-off from just one simple question.

Couples road trip

I’m always asking Scott weird and wonderful questions – at home, on the road, in hotels, when out to dinner – so I thought it was about time I wrote them all down for you.

Try asking these fun road trip questions the next time you and your other half have a long drive ahead of you and have fun getting to know each other a little bit better.

I’ve also thrown in some bonus road trip trivia questions you can quiz each other on, as well as some deep road trip questions (for when you really want to know more about each other). Have fun!

Fun Road Trip Questions For Couples

Fun road trip questions for couples
  • If you could click your fingers and go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
  • If we had to live in one of the places we’ve visited together, where would we live?
  • Remind me again: which places are still on your bucket list?
  • If you won a million bucks, what would you spend it on?
  • What TV show or movie do you think our lives are most like?
  • Would you rather live without dairy or without meat?
  • What’s your ultimate desert island food or snack?
  • If you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  • If we had our first dance tomorrow or had to redo our first dance, what song would be playing?
  • What animal do you think you’re most like and why?
  • What animal do you think I’m most like and why?
  • Would you rather go skydiving or parasailing?
  • What are you looking forward to seeing or doing the most on our trip?
  • If our lives were a book/movie/TV show, what would it be called?
  • If we had to retire to one of the places we’ve travelled to together, where would we retire to?
Retirement in Hawaii anyone?
Scott and I have often joked that we’d retire to Hawaii if we could…
  • Which actor and actress would play us in a movie?
  • What language do you wish you could speak?
  • Where are we heading first if a zombie apocalypse breaks out?
  • What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?
  • Quick! You have 30 seconds to tell me everything you love about me – GO!
  • Would you rather be rich or famous?
  • Would you rather be excessively wealthy or completely happy?
  • Would you rather hike up a mountain or paraglide off the top of one?
  • Would you rather relax on a beach or go hiking?
  • Pretend we’re heading to a museum. What are we there to see?
  • What are your top three highlights from the past year?
  • If we could switch places with anyone for a week, who are we switching with?
  • Have you ever gone skinny dipping?
  • Have you ever done it in a public place?
  • Have you ever broken the law?
  • If you could start your dream job tomorrow, what would you be doing?
  • Could you ever be tempted to quit your job and what would it take for you to quit?
  • Am I/are you more like your mum or dad – and why?
  • What made you agree to come on this road trip with me?
  • Why did you suggest this road trip?
  • Would you rather cruise around the Caribbean or safari in South Africa?
  • Would you rather see the sights in Tokyo or Paris?

  • Would you rather be able to fly or breathe underwater?
  • Would you rather be a maths whizz or a physics professor?
  • Are you a sunset or sunrise lover?
  • Would you rather never see the ocean again or never be able to drive anywhere ever again?
  • Who’s your favourite celebrity and why?
  • Here’s a toughie: Mario or Luigi?
  • If you had to change your first name, what would you pick and why?
  • What movie deserves a sequel?
  • Would you rather have chocolate fingers or a popcorn kernel permanently stuck in your throat?
  • Would you rather be the last person left on earth or be one of the first people on Mars but you’ll never come back home?
  • Would you rather uncontrollably fart in public or uncontrollably burp?
  • What’s your favourite tourist trap?
  • What do you think is in Area 51?

BONUS: Road Trip Trivia Questions

As promised, here are some bonus road trip trivia questions (the answers are listed lower down just in case you also want to play along!)

  • How many temples are there in Bali?
  • What does Cuba’s flag look like? (You don’t have to go with Cuba! Pick any country – and you could be asking questions about flags for the whole car journey!)
  • What are the four happiest countries in the world?
  • How do you say “Hello” in Japanese?
  • How do you say “Hello” in Swahili? (Just like with the flag question, you could ask them to say hello in any language… and have fun listening to them trying to pronounce each one!)
  • Why does the Leaning Tower of Pisa lean?
  • What’s the tallest mountain in the world?
  • Which two countries in South America are completely landlocked?
  • Which city has the most Michelin stars in the world?
  • Name three US states starting with the letter O.

Road Trip Trivia Answers

Here's what the Cuba flag looks like
Here’s what Cuba’s flag looks like

  • Cuba’s flag has blue and white stripes and a red triangle with a white star inside it on the left-hand side.

  • 2019’s World Happiness Report named Finland as the happiest country in the world, closely followed by Denmark, Norway and Iceland.
  • Japanese for hello is pronounced Kon’nichiwa.
  • Swahili for hello is Hujambo.
  • The soft ground underneath the Leaning Tower of Pisa couldn’t support the tower’s weight, so it’s basically sinking!
  • While everyone thinks Mount Everest is the world’s tallest mountain, this isn’t technically true. It’s the highest peak above sea level, but if you measure the mountains from top to bottom then the tallest mountain in the world is actually Mauna Kea in Hawaii, which has a peak of 13,796 feet and an extra 19,700 feet below sea level (33,500 feet in total).
  • Bolivia and Paraguay are the two landlocked countries in South America.
  • As of March 2019, Tokyo in Japan has the most Michelin stars (308 Michelin stars distributed across 230 restaurants).
  • Ohio, Oklahoma and Oregon are the three US states beginning with O.

BONUS: Deep Road Trip Questions For Couples

Deep road trip questions for couples
  • What’s the one thing that’s a relationship breaker for you?
  • What did you think when we first met?
  • Why did you ask me out on a second date?
  • Why did you accept a second date?
  • Tell me three things I don’t know about you.
  • What motivates you to work hard?
  • When did you last cry in front of someone and what made you cry?
  • Do you think we spend enough time together?
  • Do we think we talk enough?
  • What could we do to make us spend more time together?

We hope you have fun on your road trip asking all these weird and wonderful questions! What are some questions you like to ask your spouse?

Did you like these? Pin these fun road trip questions for couples now, use them later!

Fun Road Trip Questions For Couples
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