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Lovely Dog Walks in Bristol: Leigh Woods

Leigh Woods, Bristol Dog Walk: Easy Woodland Walk

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Bristol is a great mix of both city and country living, so there are lots of fantastic dog walks and places where you can be in the countryside.

One of our favourites is Leigh Woods near Clifton. Here’s what you need to know about visiting and walking your dog here.

Why Visit Leigh Woods?

With different walking trails and cycle paths to suit all difficulties, ages and fitness levels, a walk through Leigh Woods means everyone has a great time.

As the woods are quite dense and offer plenty of cover, this is a great spot for summertime walks, as well as when it’s raining.

And if you visit from mid-April to end of May, you’ll spot seas of bluebells at every turn – simply beautiful!

Leigh Woods Bluebells

It’s also one of the best spots in Bristol to view the Clifton Suspension Bridge in all its infamous glory.

The only point to note here is that the main viewpoint of the bridge is sometimes slightly overgrown, which does affect the view a little. It’s often a stroke of luck on whether you’ll be able to see the bridge or not.

And with a large (free) car park, Leigh Woods promises a great morning or afternoon stroll.

Leigh Woods Walking Trails

There are two marked walking trails: the purple trail and the red trail.

At just 1.5 miles long, the purple trail only takes about 45 minutes to complete on foot. The paths are all mostly level, so this is an ideal walk if you have pushchairs, young children or younger dogs.

Leigh Woods Dog Walk

Remember to come off the purple trail for a bit, so you can head to the Clifton Suspension Bridge viewpoint!

It’s about 20 minutes (at a gentle stroll) from the main car park to the viewpoint.

Leigh Woods Clifton Suspension Bridge Viewpoint
Kai was very happy to see the bridge from the viewpoint on our walk!

There’s also the red trail, which is just 0.7 miles long. It takes about 30 minutes to walk due to a few gentle slopes along the way.

You are, of course, more than welcome to veer away from the marked walking trails and into more of the woodlands. But it’s recommended you have access to a GPS or map so you don’t get too lost.

You’ll also need to ensure you keep off of the many cycle routes found in Leigh Woods. These are signposted throughout, so you’ll definitely spot them.

But if in doubt, this map from the National Trust shows you all you need to know.

Leigh Woods Bristol

Leigh Woods Things To Know

Here are a few pointers to know ahead of your visit to Leigh Woods, Bristol:

Enjoy your walk around Leigh Woods! We’re certain both you and your precious pooch will love walking around these woods!

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Lovely Dog Walks in Bristol: Leigh Woods
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