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Lovely Dog Walks in Bristol: Oldbury Court Estate

Bristol Dog Walks: Oldbury Court Estate & Snuff Mills

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If you’re looking for one of Bristol’s best dog walks, then look no further than the Oldbury Court Estate and Snuff Mills dog walk.

Here are all the reasons why it’s not to be missed – and everything you need to know to have a fantastic time there!

Why Visit Oldbury Court Estate and Snuff Mills?

Nestled in the heart of Fishponds, Oldbury Court Estate is easy to get to from all over the city. It’s one of the most popular doggie spots in Bristol – and to be honest – it’s easy to see why.

From bubbling streams, waterfalls, wooden bridges, woodland walks and even large open fields, an Oldbury Court Estate and Snuff Mills dog walk offers a lot of variety.

It’s perfect for both your dog and you!

We’ve even seen humans and hounds alike swimming in the River Frome here!

Follow the footpaths towards the river and you’ll easily be able to turn your walk into a long circular walk to take it all in. Or if you prefer, you can even just head back the way you came and still have a great time.

There’s a children’s play park, toilets and refreshments kiosk in one part of the estate, so it’s fun for all the family.

Oldbury Court Estate & Snuff Mills Dog Walks

At Oldbury Court Estate, you have a ton of options depending on how far you and your dog wish to go – and how accessible you need the walk to be for buggies and wheelchairs.

There aren’t really any defined walking routes to follow and the trails aren’t waymarked. Most visitors tend to just park up and follow their noses.

During our walk, we parked at the Oldbury Park car park (postcode: BS16 2JW).

From here, we took a slight right to walk through some wooded areas and down towards the river, which is actually part of the Frome Valley Walkway.

We then followed the river as far as the Snuff Mills waterfall before heading uphill and across giant football pitches at Oldbury Court Estate and back to the car.

We were out for a good two hours, walking at a leisurely pace.

Oldbury Court Estate Woodlands

Other dog walkers choose to park at Snuff Mills (postcode: BS16 1DL).

From here, you can follow the Frome Valley Walkway beside the river, which actually runs from as far as Castle Park in Bristol’s City Centre to Old Sodbury, where it connects with the Cotswold Way walking trail.

This is a better option for those with wheelchairs and buggies as it’s much flatter down by the river, and really, it’s completely your choice as to how far you choose to go.

Check out this booklet for a map of all the walking trails you can go on in this area.

Oldbury Court Estate Things To Know

Here are a few pointers to know ahead of your Oldbury Court Estate and Snuff Mills dog walk:

  • Park for free at either Oldbury Park (postcode: BS16 2JW) or Snuff Mills (postcode: BS16 1DL)
  • Learn more about other walks you can do in the area in this free booklet
  • Take note of where all the large open spaces are as these are perfect for doggie sprints and a game of chase!
  • Wear walking boots or wellies if it’s been raining as it can get quite muddy at certain points near the river
Mud at Oldbury Court Estate

Enjoy your visit! We’re certain both you and your canine pal will love walking around Oldbury Court Estate and Snuff Mills.

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