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Stick With Me Sweets: The Most Beautiful Chocolates in NYC

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As something of a pudding lover, if I spot a chic cafė, cute chocolate shop or bustling bakery during my travels, then I’ll usually want to investigate it.

This was no different during my recent trip to New York City.

Discovering Stick With Me Sweets

Prior to my trip, I’d spotted a viral video on Facebook of a cool little shop that sold hand-painted chocolates. They seriously looked divine in this video. And when I found out that they were based in New York, I jumped at the chance to add them to our itinerary for the week.

Since watching that video, I’d asked a few local New Yorkers and other pudding fanatics that had ventured to NYC to ask them whether the chocolates at Stick With Me Sweets really were as incredible as portrayed in the video. Were they worth it?

But to my dismay, no-one had heard of the chocolate shop!

It was up to me to do my own research and come back here to share my findings with you all…

Stick With Me Sweets

Stick With Me Sweets: Are These the Most Beautiful Chocolates in NYC?

In a word, yes! They really are just as beautiful and shiny as they look in photos and videos. And boy, are they extraordinarily tasting…

Although the shop sells caramels, toffees and other sweet treats, it’s the hand-painted bonbons that take centre stage.

Stick With Me Sweets

These chocolates are presented in boxes of 6, 12, 24 or 54 and it’s totally up to you which chocolates make up your own box. To be honest, I was already pretty enamoured by the box itself as it looks just like a book. This means it can double up as a disguised book on your shelf for all your travel (or chocolate) related things. Cool, eh?

Anyway, I chose the box of 12 and hastily made my choice. I already knew most of the chocolates I wanted to try such as Yuzu and Guava Passion Fruit (I’m a huge fan of fruity chocolate combinations). But when it came to the final twelfth chocolate, I asked my server to recommend one, and she picked: Bourbon Maple Pecan.

If I were to visit again, I know for certain that I’d try the following:

  • Yuzu (just as good the second time)
  • Guava Passion Fruit (as above)
  • Wild Strawberry (fruity chocolate wins everytime!)
  • Kalamansi Meringue Pie (it really does taste like a pie!)
  • Milk House Praline (mmm… posh praline)
  • Speculoos S’more (cool name, marshmallowy goodness)
  • Passion Fruit (I’m fruitily passionate about this little cutey!)
  • New York, New York (‘cos when in New York is the saying, right?!)

Hmm… looks like it’ll be another box of 12 for me then as I just can’t narrow it down to just 6 choices…

Stick With Me Sweets

Aside from Beauty – What Else Makes Stick With Me Sweets So Special?

There are many things that make these chocolates so special.

Each chocolate is handmade in their New York-based shop (including the very fancy painting effects you’ll see on the bonbons!)

They take three whole days to make and some are even painted using 23-carat gold leaf… which suggests you’ll be making a very special purchase.

The Founder of Stick With Me Sweets, Susanna Yoon, is also one very special lady. She originally trained at the French Culinary Institute before landing a job at Michelin-starred restaurant, Per Se. And now, of course, she’s opened her own shop to help bring posh chocs to the wider public.

And finally, if you’re wondering: “Why Stick With Me Sweets?”, then this name was given to the shop when they opened in 2015. Apparently, the shop is named after the texture of caramels, the first product that launched their entire venture!

Stick With Me Sweets

Stick With Me Sweets Address Book – How to Find Your Own Chocolate Heaven in NYC

You can find the Stick With Me Sweets shop in Nolita (in downtown Manhattan), a quick couple of minutes walk from New York’s infamous Chinatown:

Stick With Me Sweets
202A Mott St
New York, NY 10012

Although their shop is small, you can’t miss the enticing chocolatey views through the shop window drawing you in to try your own little piece of chocolate heaven in NYC.

If my photos have enticed you to try their bonbons (total stars of the show) then you can buy them by the box:

  • $25 for 6
  • $49 for 12
  • $88 for 24
  • $188 for 54

For the non-US folk among you, these are the excluding tax prices. Americans like to surprise us at the till like that! 😉

Although the chocolates are a little on the pricey side, they are definitely worth it. They will be a bit of a splurge during your New York holiday and one of the prettiest souvenirs you can bring home — and totally Instagram-worthy!

And if you happen to be visiting their shop (or shopping online) in the run up to special celebrations like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, then you may also find some special, limited edition chocolates and gift boxes for sale!

Stick With Me Sweets

What do you think? Would you be tempted to try Stick With Me Sweets on your next trip to New York? Let me know in the comments…

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Stick With Me Sweets: Are These the Most Beautiful Chocolates in NYC?
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