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Stylish Wanderers: 10 Best Travel Backpacks for Women 2018

17 Fashionable Travel Backpacks To Check Out In 2022

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For years, I travelled with a standard sports backpack by Puma.

Practical? Yes. Pretty? Hell no.

But times have changed since then. Nowadays, brands are much better at mixing practicality and comfort with style.

The fashionable travel backpacks for women that I recommend in this post are suited to those of you looking for stylish, yet practical bags that would be ideal for either a day trip or a short city break.

All but one of them are available on Amazon. Don’t forget you can get a free trial of Amazon Prime if you need your backpack in a hurry!

17 Fashionable Travel Backpacks For Women

If you don’t have time to read my full guide about fashionable travel backpacks then here are my top picks at-a-glance.

Mini Travel Backpacks

Medium Travel Backpacks

Large Travel Backpacks

Before we dive into the detailed comparisons, I also want to tackle a few considerations you’ll need to make when choosing the best and most fashionable travel backpack.

Backpack Features To Look For

Multiple compartments: Not only does this help to keep things organised and within easy reach, but it also ensures the weight can be more evenly distributed… which is crucial for long sightseeing days!

Water resistant material: Particularly when travelling in the UK and Europe, choosing a waterproof backpack is essential. In fact, it’s so important that I’ve dedicated an entire section to this to help you choose the right material! Keep reading…

Comfortable shoulder straps: Padded straps are most ideal, but they should also be wide, and able to comfortably fit around your body (especially if you’re curvy like me!) Sadly, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to backpacks so be sure to try on a bunch in store if you can.

Anti-theft features: Whether travelling solo, as part of a group or in a couple, women are generally more of a target when it comes to pickpockets and muggers.

It’s possible to buy backpacks that have been especially designed to prevent theft. Think features like lockable zips, invisible zippers or hidden pockets. But they can be pricey at times. Lucky for you, I’ve done the hard work and found a bunch of fantastic budget options. Keep reading…

If you don’t go for a backpack that has official anti-theft features then here are a few more tips.

Zip openings are always going to be slightly harder to get into than flaps.

And if you can find a travel backpack that has both a flap and a zip opening? Well, then that’s pretty great!

You should also ensure the backpack has a number of smaller compartments inside that are zippable too, ensuring your most valued possessions have several layers of theft protection.

Extra features: As we’re focusing on style and fashion alongside practicality in this blog post, I am (of course) going to recommend you hunt for a backpack that is able to set you apart from the rest.

Things like studs, two-tone details, interesting shapes and bright colours are all things that you can match to your own unique style.

Ideal Backpack Sizes

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, everything I’m recommending here is for those of you looking for the ideal bag for day trips and city breaks.

Therefore, size should also come into consideration during your search.

You don’t want a large backpack designed for hikers or backpackers after all, as it’ll just get in your way when visiting museums and little cafes, as well as when using public transport.

At less than 30 cm in height, mini backpacks are all the rage at the moment and are perfect for day trips.

You’d be surprised at just how much you’ll be able to fit in there.

During a recent day trip to Cheltenham, I was able to fit a notebook, purse, camera, umbrella, waterproof mac, lipstick, perfume, keys and phone inside my mini backpack!

While medium backpacks (generally between 30 and 40 cm in height) are best for slightly longer trips, such as weekend city breaks or week-long European adventures.

Bags of this size are able to provide you with the extra space you need for a water bottle (something that mini backpacks usually don’t have room for) as well as an iPad, tablet or small laptop (if you’re planning on doing some work or watching movies while travelling).

Best Materials For Women’s Travel Backpacks

When it comes to choosing backpacks, especially fashionable ones, material is often an afterthought.

But in rainy parts of the world like the UK and wider Europe, and if you’re accident prone (like me!), then material is one of the most important considerations when buying a new travel backpack.

Materials that are more likely to be waterproof and stainproof include:

  • Leather
  • Polyurethane
  • Faux leather
  • Nylon
  • Polyester

Stylish Wanderers: 10 Best Travel Backpacks for Women 2018

Where To Buy Women’s Travel Backpacks in the UK

Some of the best stores and online sites in the UK for women’s travel backpacks are:

Best Mini Travel Backpacks For Women

Each of the mini travel backpacks listed below are less than 30cm in height, which makes them ideal for day trips and general sightseeing.

Aomiduo Mini Backpack

Who can possibly resist a cute backpack when sightseeing? Not only does this mini backpack come in a number of colours (including a bright yellow design), but it also converts into both a cross body or shoulder bag if you want to change up your look while away. Unfortunately, this bag lacks anti-theft features but there is a zipped pocket inside to give your valuables some protection. Check reviews and prices on Amazon >>

I HAYNER Mini Backpack

This pretty little backpack has a super cute design with bow detail and will look so stylish during your sightseeing days. What you might be surprised to hear is that it even has a zipped pocket on the back of it for keeping your valuables safe! Check reviews and prices on Amazon >>

Vbiger Faux Leather Backpack

This fashionable faux leather backpack might be small in size but its style packs a punch. You’d even be forgiven for thinking it’s a designer backpack at first glance! It comes with multiple compartments for organising your travel essentials and even a matching coin purse. It does lack anti-theft features though. Check reviews and prices on Amazon >>

Best Medium Travel Backpacks For Women

The medium travel backpacks listed below are between 30-40cm in height, which makes them ideal for city breaks and weekends away.

JOYHILL Faux Leather Backpack

This water resistant backpack comes in a chic faux leather material with metal zip design and in a variety of colours. There are multiple zipped compartments for keeping your essentials separate and even a zipped anti-theft back pocket! Check reviews and prices on Amazon >>

COOFIT Unique Rucksack

This black rucksack with unique gold zip detailing is stylish and has a couple of anti-theft features including a hidden back pocket. It also has a flap on top of the zippered main compartment to make it harder for someone to get inside your bag without you noticing. Check reviews and prices on Amazon >>

KALIDI Backpack

I’ve always been a fan of the bright and fun colours you can get with a KALIDI backpack. This one comes in over a dozen different colours and is made from a lightweight water resistant material. There’s also a zipped back pocket for you to keep small valuables safe, as well as a name and address label inside in case your bag gets lost. Plus a two year warranty is included! Check reviews and prices on Amazon >>

Newdora Foldable Backpack

This cute backpack has a fun design and is made out of a waterproof material. Even though it’s only 40cm in height, it has a whopping 20L capacity! But by far the best bit with this backpack is that it folds up into a matching 20x20cm pouch, so you can easily pack it away when you’re not using it. Check reviews and prices on Amazon >>

Best Large Travel Backpacks For Women

Finally, the large travel backpacks listed below are over 40cm in height, so they’d be great for you if you have a lot of camera equipment to take away with you, or if you need to fit a laptop inside your carry-on.

KROSER Fashionable Anti-Theft Backpack

Who says anti-theft backpacks have to be ugly? This fashionable backpack has a chic design, is made from an eco-friendly water resistant material and even has a built-in USB charging port. There are also lots of zipped compartments as well as a hidden back pocket and a luggage strap. It even comes with a matching makeup bag for free! Check reviews and prices on Amazon >>

LCNC Anti-Theft Backpack

Here’s another uber stylish anti-theft backpack that’s perfect for travel. Although you can buy it in plain colours, there’s also a really pretty pink floral design you can choose. There are built-in headphone and charging ports as well as a useful luggage strap. But it’s selling point is definitely the fact that the main compartment is secured with a built-in anti-theft password lock complete with RFID blocking pouch. This backpack also comes with a one year warranty included. Check reviews and prices on Amazon >>

KROSER Stylish Backpack

This stylish bag is more handbag than backpack in style but has tons of room for all your travel essentials including a padded compartment for your laptop. There’s also a handy luggage strap for slipping the bag over your suitcase handle for an easy stroll through the airport. There’s even a built-in USB charging port! I do think it’s a shame that there are no anti-theft pockets but it does have zipped compartments inside. Check reviews and prices on Amazon >>

S-ZONE Breton Backpack

This cute backpack comes in a preppy striped design and in a variety of colours too. This backpack will easily fit a 15″ laptop, has padded straps for heavy loads and is made out of a water resistant canvas material. There are no anti-theft back pockets but it does have zipped compartments inside. Check reviews and prices on Amazon >>

ZOMAKE Strawberry Rucksack

This large backpack has a really fun design and easily fits a 14″ laptop inside. It has a padded panel to keep your laptop secure as well as a wide opening to help you find what you need quickly. There’s also a zipped pocket inside as well as a hidden zipped back pocket to keep your valuables secure. Not to mention this backpack is also waterproof! Check reviews and prices on Amazon >>

TSA Friendly Travel Backpack

This TSA friendly travel backpack works for both men and women, but the sleek design definitely adds a bit of style to a backpack that comes steeped in really cool features. Like the fact that it opens wide and lays flat for getting through airport security easily. It even has a built-in USB charging port, a hidden back pocket and a card pocket inside one of the straps to help you keep things safe. Not to mention the budget price tag will probably surprise you! Check reviews and prices on Amazon >>

MarsBro Purple Anti-Theft Backpack

This anti-theft backpack comes in a few different colours including deep purple. It fits a 15.6″ laptop, has a built-in USB charging port and a luggage strap. As for its anti-theft features, it has a hidden back pocket, hidden zip to access the main compartment as well as a card pocket in one of the bag’s straps. Check reviews and prices on Amazon >>

Cabin Zero Backpacks

Cabin Zero - Great Designs!

Scott and I have both used Cabin Zero backpacks on our travels for a few years now. They come in a large variety of colours, styles and patterns and have huge capacity despite still being accepted by most budget airlines as carry-on! There are a couple of zipped compartments inside but it does lack anti-theft features. So while this bag is great for packing clothes and toiletries, you may want to pack a smaller more secure bag to use when sightseeing. You can read our review in full here or check reviews and prices on Amazon >>

The Travel Hack Cabin Backpack

The Travel Hack Backpack

Practical meets stylish should be this backpack’s motto. It has a sleek black exterior with beautiful rose gold zips and a gorgeous pink interior. But it also has a few great features like multiple zipped compartments inside and a separate zipped compartment at the back for a laptop or valuables. Despite having a 20L capacity, it has been designed to be accepted by most airlines as carry-on. There is also a matching wheeled suitcase to use with the backpack as well as pink packing cubes, which have been designed to fit inside both the suitcase and backpack. I do think the luggage strap on the backpack should be a little higher though as there could be a chance of your suitcase toppling over if the backpack makes it top-heavy.
Find the backpack on Cabin Max >>
Or check prices and reviews of the suitcase and packing cubes on Amazon >>

KOPACK Waterproof Anti-Theft Backpack

The KOPACK anti-theft backpacks are always top sellers with travellers. This one is available in a sleek grey colour and has a ton of useful security features. Like a hidden zip to the main compartment, zipped back pocket, zipped side pocket and card pocket in one of the straps. The bag’s design also has a reflective strip on the front for night-time strolls and a built-in rain cover. It’s also TSA friendly as the bag opens flat ready for the security conveyor belt. While this backpack has a ton of cool features, it does lack a bit of style and flair compared with some of the other backpacks on this list. Check reviews and prices on Amazon >>

I hope this guide to fashionable travel backpacks has been helpful! Did you find one that you like? I’d love to know which one(s), so please feel free to drop a few notes in the comments section below…

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