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15 Thoughtful Travel Gifts For Couples They’ll Love in 2024

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From personalised artwork and photo frames to matching travel gear, there are so many thoughtful travel gifts for couples you can choose from. Here’s our pick of 15 gift ideas we think they’ll love… a few of them might even wind their way onto your own wishlist!

15 Thoughtful Travel Gifts For Couples

15 Thoughtful Travel Gifts For Couples They'll Love

1. Personalised Photo Frame

By giving your favourite travel-loving couple a personalised photo frame, you’ll be helping them not only decorate their home with something lovely but also the chance for them to relive their vacation memories over and over again. We particularly love this beach vibes photo frame if you’re based in the US and this sweet “The Adventures Of…” frame if you’re in the UK.

2. Personalised Map Poster

What could be better for a couple who loves to travel than a large map of the world that they can use to make a note of all the places they want to go together and all the places they’ve been together? This elegant black and gold personalised map poster and this monochrome corkboard map are both great options!

3. Romantic Map Art

DIY Heart Map Art Project

Maps can also be ridiculously romantic when they’re personalised to where your favourite couple met – or even where they got engaged or married. You could make your own using this tutorial from our sister site House of Mahalo. You can also buy them if you’re short on time or want something fancier like this stunning personalised foil map print or this colourful long-distance love print.

4. Ultimate Journeys for Two Book

Written by Mike and Anne Howard (officially the World’s Longest Honeymooners) and published by National Geographic, this inspirational travel coffee table book will help your favourite couple to dream up their next romantic escape from the comfort of their living room sofa. Lovely!

Psst! Does the couple you’re buying for already have this book? Take a look at these other travel coffee table books, which they might like to have instead.

5. Personalised Travel Journal or Scrapbook 

If your favourite travel-loving couple are bloggers or people who simply like to write down their adventures after they have them, then they’ll love to receive a personalised travel journal or scrapbook from you. You could make your own (like our friend did for our travel-themed wedding) or you could buy one readymade. Take a look at this simple monochrome scrapbook, this charming “Adventures Of Us” scrapbook and this sweet little journal for some ideas.

Bonus Gift Idea: If you want to make a travel journal for a couple who is particularly special to you, then check out this guide to making a handmade journal on our sister site. You could even upcycle an old passport holder and make a cute notebook set with it.

6. Travel Photo Print

Do they love to display photos and artwork around their home? Then why not treat them to a beautiful framed travel photo print? You can find lots of options on Etsy – we particularly love the prints from Andy Holmes, JW Irvine and TravelPrintStoreCo. Their favourite photographer might also sell some prints via their own website. You could even get some of their own photos blown up into a larger size and framed for an extra special straight-from-the-heart gift for your favourite travelling couple.

7. Matching Luggage Tags

Personalised Luggage Tags

Do you think they might like a matching set of personalised luggage tags? We think they will! Unfortunately, the ones we have aren’t available this year as the shop is marked as “taking a break” on Etsy. Instead, why not check out these engraved leather tags, which would suit both men and women?

8. Matching Passport Holders

Couples Passport Holders
Photo Credit: TommysCart | Etsy

And why not go one step further and buy them some matching passport holders while you’re at it? There are so many designs you could choose from but we especially love these charming ones for married couples and these chic gold foil ones.

9. Scratch-Off Bucket List Poster

Who doesn’t love the novelty of a scratch-off poster? Grab one that’s travel or date-night-themed for your favourite couple and they’ll have lots of fun trying out new things! Check out this 100 dates version, this bucket list version and this alternative bucket list version for some ideas.

10. A Year of Dates or Bucket List Adventures

A Year of Dates Gift
Photo Credit: AYearofDates | Etsy

Or instead of a scratch-off poster to help them come up with adventurous ideas for new and exciting dates and trips, why not try something like “A Year of Dates” gift or these fun travel challenge cards?

Bonus Gift Idea: You can even make your own version of ‘A Year of Dates’ gift. Here’s a quick and easy tutorial on our sister site to show you how!

11. Sushi Making Kit

Are they like us and are hoping to travel to Japan one day? Grab them a fun gift like this beginner’s sushi making kit and they’ll surely have lots of fun in the kitchen together. They’ll also get a yummy taster of what’s waiting for them when they finally do get to Japan!

12. Matching Travel Token Keychains

The Wander Club Token Collection Keychain
Photo Credit: The Wander Club

Here’s another sweet option for them to have something matching: travel token keychains like the ones from The Wander Club. You can choose various engraved tokens to highlight different countries, landmarks, national parks and states they’ve travelled to together, while the company also offers a few different colours of keychains to choose from – like chestnut brown, forest green, maroon, rose pink and more. Plus, whenever someone places an order with them, the company provides a meal to a child in need, so The Wander Club is certainly a brand worth supporting!

13. Matching Travel Mugs

Here’s another adorable matching gift for loved-up couples: travel mugs! This sweet design is great for camping fanatics, this design is great for mountain and outdoor lovers and these ones look great and are insulated to keep their coffees or teas warm!

14. Fun Travel Game For Two

Here’s another fun affordable gift idea: travel games for couples. Check out this pocket-sized Mr & Mrs travel game. And these cards are great for conversation starters when they’re on the road while these game cards are perfect for a couple of hours of silly travel-inspired fun!

15. Luxury Travel Experience Gift

Justine and Scott kissing on the Bali Swing beds

And finally, if your favourite couple already have everything they could possibly want or need, then why not buy them something that will help them to go on new adventures and make more memories together? You could buy them a specific experience from websites like Virgin Experience Days or BuyAGift, or you could also try the website Tinggly, which is another travel gift experience company – but with two major differences. First, there’s no expiration date on the experience! And second, each gift box allows your favourite travelling couple to choose their own experience in countries all over the world! Cool, huh?! Alongside experiences, you could even buy a gift card they can use when travelling such as one from Get Your Guide.

BONUS: More Travel Gifts

Update 2024: We first published this list of thoughtful travel gifts for couples back in 2020. But we check it every year to make sure the gifts are still available and we replace some gifts with others where needed.

As for what’s new to this gift guide this year, we’ve included this DIY travel gift idea, which involves upcycling an old passport holder and this easy DIY ‘Year of Dates’ gift. You’ll find both of these ideas on our sister site, House of Mahalo.

You can also find even more DIY travel gifts right here. We also have a number of other travel gift guides, which might prove useful:

And there you have it – 15 thoughtful travel gifts for couples they’re bound to love. We hope you’ve found this blog helpful and packed full of ideas just in time for Christmas and/or their anniversary!

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15 Thoughtful Travel Gifts For Couples They'll Love
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