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Travel Gift Guides To Help You Find The Perfect Gift

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Finding unique travel gifts can sometimes be a bit of a struggle. Frequent jetsetters often have a lot of their own travel essentials and gear that they can’t bear to be without. 

Yet if you know they love to travel then that’s the easiest theme to buy and make gifts around. So, what do you get them? 

We usually like to turn to websites like Etsy and Not On The High Street and we often pick up unusual gifts on our travels from local shops and market stalls, so we can be sure the travel gifts we pick are special, unique and oh-so-beautiful. 

To help you out with your own search for travel gifts, we’ve written a whole heap of travel gift guides that we’re adding to all the time. 

You can find all of the links you need below, which should help you to buy (or make!) gifts for all kinds of travel lovers in your life. 

We hope you like what we’ve picked out for you!

15 Thoughtful Travel Gifts For Couples They’ll Love

From personalised artwork and photo frames to matching travel gear, there are so many thoughtful travel gifts for couples you can choose from. Here’s our roundup of gifts we think couples will love whether you’re buying them something for Christmas or their anniversary. We think a few of these gifts might even wind their way onto your own wishlist too! Take a look >>

30+ Travel Gifts For Men He’ll Actually Want

In this gift guide, we’ve shared 36 travel gifts for men that we think he’ll actually want – from practical travel gifts like a travel-sized shaver and a universal adapter to novelty gifts like a travel-inspired coffee mug and a scratch-the-world map. Check them out >>

30+ Super Chic Travel Gifts For Women

If you’re looking for chic travel gifts for women that she’s sure to love then look no further! Here’s our pick of over 30 extra special travel gifts for her that you might not have thought of yet. And to suit all budgets – from travel-inspired stocking fillers to great travel gifts under £50 and luxury travel gifts over £50. Take a look >>

Easy DIY Travel Gifts You Can Make In A Weekend

If you’ve got a spare weekend coming up and fancy making something special for your loved ones then why not take a look at these easy DIY travel gifts you can make in a weekend… you may even want to make some of these gifts for yourself! Here are our ideas >>

Travel Themed Christmas Ornaments For Someone Special

A few years ago, Scott and I were given a beautiful ornament for our Christmas tree that was travel-themed. It’s a globe painted in blue and gold with “Leave some sparkle wherever you go” written on it. Other than the Christmas ornaments Scott and I have picked up ourselves during our winter travels, this ornament is one of our favourites and makes us smile every time we take it out of its box each year. If you want to give someone that same feeling year after year then here are a whole bunch of travel-themed Christmas ornaments that are sure to do just that! Check them out >>

27 Best Travel Subscription Boxes To Check Out In 2023

Travel subscription boxes are all the rage at the moment – and they make excellent travel gifts! They’re such a unique way of showing the traveller in your life how much you care about them. Plus – it’s the gift that quite literally keeps on giving! So, if you’re looking for travel subscription boxes that someone you know will love then we’ve got you covered with this detailed roundup post! Take a look >>

Do you like our travel gift guides? Why not bookmark this list now so you can shop, shop, shop later!

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