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We all have that one friend or family member who just seems to have everything. To be honest, that’s probably me within my family (sorry mum!)

Shopping for this kind of person can be tricky. What do you buy for the person who has everything? Well, this is when I like to turn to my amazing friend Etsy to find extra special personalised gifts.

Not only are personalised gifts great for those people who have everything, but they are also much more meaningful. And your cool unique gift is much more likely to make it into their travel luggage when they head off away from home for long periods of time.

1. Personalised Luggage Tag

These luggage tags have got to be the most beautiful ones I’ve seen so far. Made of leather, monogrammed in gorgeous gold lettering and under £10, I think most travellers would love receiving one of these little hand-picked gems.

2. Personalised Money Box Frame

Saving up for travels can be difficult, but if you go out of your way to provide your traveller with a pretty, personalised money box frame, then they’ll want to cart this around with them everywhere they go. My advice would be to get one personalised to relate to a big trip you know they’re planning, making this gift even more meaningful and special. This one is pretty cool!

3. Personalised Travel Pouch

Travel pouches are really useful and there’s heaps you can choose from on Etsy. This is a great one to start with. Travel pouches come in really handy on planes as everything they’ll need can be handily kept in one place. Plus you’ll make them think of you every time they use it!

4. Personalised Photo Frame

For those of you based in the US, you’re super lucky that you can have this gorgeous personalised photo frame sent to your home cheaply. I have one myself (after some pricey shipping to the UK) but it will be one of my treasures forever. This would make a great gift for a solo traveller, a rambling couple as well as a wandering family! And once again, they’ll think of you every time they look at their framed photo.

5. Personalised Passport Holders

I’ve found it – a super cool Etsy store that takes personalised passport holders to a whole new level. There are loads of ways you can get these personalised. From adding initials, choosing a custom country or animal design (kangaroos in Australia anyone?) as well as adding a quote inside the holder itself. These don’t exactly come cheap, but they really are special. And it’s highly unlikely you’ll spot anyone else with the exact same design as you… like really slim pickings of that happening!

6. Personalised Travel Map

This awesome travel map lets couples add hearts to show where they’ve travelled together, and includes their name and a cute message if you want too. You could have this printed for them – this would make a great wedding gift! Or, if you know they’re going to be travelling the world soon, then you can email them a digital copy instead, so they’ll never miss out! You can choose from a wide range of colours, but I just love how elegant the black and gold look together… so that one gets my vote!

7. Personalised Travel Journal

Where would I be without my travel journal? Pretty low on blog ideas probably. This journal is handmade and can be personalised with your own message as well as a specific destination shown on the map. I bought one for my sister when she went off travelling to Australia for a month, and she actually cried! Yeah… that’s when you know you’ve found an awesome gift (I hope!)

8. Personalised St Christopher Pendant

The patron saint of protection for travellers, St Christopher is the perfect gift for me to end on. Your favourite traveller really can cart this pendant around the world wherever they go as a kind of good luck charm. Plus, you can have it personalised with their initial, once again, making this an extra special gift.

I hope you love these extra special Christmas gift ideas. Personally, I think you can never go wrong with a personalised gift, and when it’s also travel-related, well it’s definitely got my vote!

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Extra Special Christmas Gifts For The Traveller Who Has Everything

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