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Urban Axe Throwing in Bristol (Whistle Punks Review + Tips)

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Have you heard about urban axe throwing in Bristol and other UK cities? It’s epic! Read on for our complete Whistle Punks review and what you can expect when you have a go yourself.

We say “when” rather than “if” because we’re pretty sure you’re going to instantly book a game once you’ve read all about it.

So, without further adieu, here’s everything you need to know about urban axe throwing in Bristol.

Psst! We were invited to attend a blogger preview event before Whistle Punks officially opened their Bristol venue. But the experience was no different from what you can expect when you try it yourself. The awesome folks over at Whistle Punks wanted us to have the real deal experience and Scott and I genuinely had an AXE-cellent time! Sorry, I just couldn’t resist that one…

Urban Axe Throwing in Bristol (Our Whistle Punks Review)

Justine doing urban axe throwing in Bristol

Even though there are a few places in Bristol where you can try axe throwing (e.g. Bristol Activity Centre, Battle Archery Bristol and Essential Adventure), we know of only one place (at the time of writing) that offers urban axe throwing for the perfect rainy day activity.

And that is Whistle Punks on All Saints Street.

Whistle Punks was founded in 2016 and is the first company to take axe throwing out of the woodland and onto the UK high street. Bristol is the fourth and largest UK Whistle Punks venue.

What To Expect From Your First Whistle Punks Urban Axe Throwing Session

Tutorials and safety briefings

Before you start, you’ll be given a full safety briefing and tutorial from the instructors.

These discussions will include things like where spectators should stand, how to throw the axe safely and how to hit the target. 

One of the best things about the Whistle Punks sessions is that your instructors will watch how you throw the axe and offer you various tips and advice.

Every axe thrower is different so you’ll be given unique tips on where and how you should stand, when to let go of the axe and even pointers on where to aim for.

Scott doing urban axe throwing in Bristol

Although we’re axe throwing newbies ourselves, we’ve heard that a truly skilled axe thrower will rotate the axe just once, so that the sharpened edge hits the target where they want it to.

Each lane (there are six in total at the Whistle Punks Bristol venue) has two targets and a maximum of ten people are allowed to throw per lane. So you should find that you get plenty of practice throws and tutorials from your instructor.

Although there are many types of throwing axes, a popular one to use within urban axe throwing is a single-bladed hatchet, which is heavier than it looks! You can throw the axe using one hand or both depending on what suits you best.

Top Tip: During our session, we were told multiple times to loosen up and release tension in our upper bodies to throw better. Remember that one for your session!

Urban Axe Throwing Bristol

Tournaments and prizes

Once you’ve had a few practice goes, it’s tournament time! You’ll each take turns throwing the axe, but this time, for points.

Targets have five rings; the outer ring is worth one point, the inner next ring is worth two points, then three, four and finally the bullseye is worth five points.

At Whistle Punks, there are also a couple of places at the corners of the board, which are worth a whopping seven points each!

Each of you get five attempts to score the most points. But you’ll score zero if you step over the axe throwing line.

Tournament at Whistle Punks Urban Axe Throwing Bristol

Eventually, the instructors will whittle it down to two finalists who will compete against each other for the ultimate prize: victory! There’ll even be a champion’s t-shirt up for grabs if you book a ‘Big Shot’ or ‘Bells & Whistles’ lane package.

Each Whistle Punk session lasts for 70 minutes so there’s plenty of opportunity to score lots of points.

Top Tip: Even if you haven’t done very well in the practice session, don’t despair! I was awful during the practice and kept missing the board entirely. But by the middle of the competition, I was able to score a bullseye for five points! We were even doing “trick shots” by the end too!

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Food and drink

At Whistle Punks Bristol, they’ve partnered up with Pizzarova who sell delicious sourdough pizzas – even vegan and gluten-free ones. They’re delicious pizzas and well worth sharing after your axe throwing session.

Pizzarova Pizza at Whistle Punks Bristol

Alongside pizza, there’s also a bar onsite selling sodas, cider, craft beer and wine. Just remember to save the bulk of your alcoholic drinks until after you’ve finished slinging axes!

FAQs About Urban Axe Throwing at Whistle Punks Bristol

What is urban axe throwing?

In case it wasn’t clear from the above info, axe throwing is a little like archery in that you’re aiming at a target to earn points. The big difference (obviously) is that you’re throwing an axe rather than shooting arrows. Urban axe throwing involves throwing axes indoors. Makes sense, huh?

Urban axe throwing has only started happening within the last 20 years or so. Since then, it’s now immensely popular in the USA, Canada, Thailand, Australia, France and the UK.

Can children do urban axe throwing?

No. As urban axe throwing is dangerous in the wrong hands, only those over 18 are allowed to take part. It’s also over 18s only in the entire venue, so urban axe throwing is also a fabulous date idea!

How long are the sessions?

Including the practice throws, each session lasts for 70 minutes.

How many people can take part?

There are six lanes at the Bristol Whistle Punks venue. Each lane has two targets and a max of ten players per lane.

How and where do I pay?

Head on over to the Whistle Punks website. You’ll be asked to choose your venue and package. You can either pay for individual tickets and share your lane with other smaller groups. 

Alternatively, if you have enough players to book out an entire lane of ten then you can purchase a lane package.

You can also upgrade your lane package to a ‘Big Shot’ lane, which includes a t-shirt for the tournament winner and two drinks each, or a ‘Bells & Whistles’ lane, which includes everything in the ‘Big Shot’ package as well as pizza and tortilla chips for the group.

Can I just turn up and pay at the door?

Yes, but it’s not recommended. Given the limited numbers per lane and that this is now a popular activity in Bristol, it’s best to book in advance online to avoid disappointment.

Urban Axe Throwing in Bristol (Whistle Punks)

Are spectators allowed?

Definitely. Spectators can chill in the bar area, which has groups of tables and chairs. Or they can watch you from anywhere outside of the axe throwing areas.

Where can I keep my bag and coat?

At the end of each lane, there are shelving units to keep bags and coats stowed away. Just remember not to take any large luggage as you probably won’t be able to fit it on the shelves.

What should I wear?

Something comfortable. You’ll need plenty of movement in your upper arms so avoid anything too restrictive. You’ll need to wear closed-toed shoes and you’ll also have better luck if they’re flat. Trainers or canvas pumps are best.

Where is the Whistle Punks Bristol venue?

The Whistle Punks Bristol venue is in the city centre close to The Lanes bowling alley at Unit B The Programme, All Saints Street, Bristol, BS1 2LZ.

Where else can I do urban axe throwing?

Whistle Punks also have venues in London, Manchester and Leeds. But they’re growing as a company so keep an eye on their website for new venues.

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Useless Fact Time!

People have likely been throwing axes since they were first invented in 6000 BC. However, the first documented use of warriors carrying axes especially made for throwing was in the 3rd Century AD.

By the late Middle Ages, throwing axes were a common weapon. According to legend, the first axe throwing competitions were held by the frontiersmen in North America; though there are reports of competitions being held among Celtic tribes, as well. 

Today, axe throwing is a popular event in most lumberjack competitions.

Love useless facts like this? Check out our historical and cultural travel blogs >>

Have you ever tried urban axe throwing before? Would you try it? Is there anything else you want to know before doing it? Jot down a note in the comments below and we’ll reply back to you asap…

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