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33 Fun Stay At Home Date Ideas For Couples (+ Survival Kit!)

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Bored? Stuck at home? Driving each other crazy already? This list of fun stay at home date ideas for couples is just for you!

Sometimes, such as when the weather is wet and cold, we need to be creative with at home date night ideas. I mean we want a bit of love and romance in our lives every day, don’t we?

As self-professed introverts, Scott and I are now fully versed in stay at home couple activities, so we wanted to impart some of that wisdom on those of you who are stuck for ideas beyond the usual Netflix marathon.

So here we are… 33 fun stay at home ideas for couples and travel lovers!

Psst! We ADORE numbers 8, 10, 21, 23 and 26, so we recommend starting with those if you want to try something really fun together!

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We’ve also created a 41-page couples stay at home kit, which includes:

Couples Stay At Home Kit

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Fun Stay At Home Date Ideas For Couples

1. Play board games or video games together

Let’s go old school with this fun and cheap date night idea at home: playing board games together.

Beyond the usual suspects like Twister, Monopoly and Game of Life, here are some lesser known date night games for couples that we think you’ll both love:

But if you don’t want to go old school then video games are totally fine too! We highly recommend Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes, Mario Kart and Portal 2.

Playing board games as a couple

2. Try stargazing from your garden

If you’re blessed with a lack of light pollution where you live (and assuming you can go in the garden!), try stargazing from it.

You don’t need a fancy and super expensive telescope; some cheaper ones are only £30 or so. But you could even just use your own eyes if there are enough stars around.

See how many constellations you can find; use the SkyView app if you get stuck.

Make things super cosy with blankets, pillows, cushions and a thermos full of tea, coffee or hot chocolate and you could easily stay there for a few hours!

3. Bake something delicious together

How many movie scenes have you seen where a harmless baking session turns into a flour fight? There’s a reason for that… IT’S FUN!

And hey, even if you don’t want to throw flour at each other, baking (and eating!) something delicious is always a good idea. 

We think cupcakes and cookies work especially well when you’re baking together as the base ingredients can be the same while you add your own favourite toppings or extra ingredients like white chocolate chips versus milk chocolate chips.

Baking millionnaire shortbread

4. Cook meals from your favourite countries or dream destinations

Many of us travel so we can try new and authentic foods. But when you can’t travel right now, the next best thing is to try and make your own meals based on the places you want to visit like:

  • Italy: Pizza, carbonara, gnocchi, tiramisu and affogato
  • Mexico: Burritos, fajitas, tacos and enchiladas
  • Japan: Sushi, sashimi, ramen and matcha green tea
  • France: Macarons, croissants and pain au chocolat
  • Morocco: Lamb tagine, falafel wraps and Moroccan-style roast chicken
  • Spain: Paella, tapas, frittatas and chorizo-based recipes

5. Make some fancy tropical cocktails

Can’t travel to the Caribbean or somewhere else just as tropical right now? Bring the sunshine and beach vibes home to you with some tasty cocktails.

Enter your email address here and we’ll send you five cocktail recipe cards alongside our complete stay at home kit for couples!

Making tropical cocktails at home

6. Work on a craft or DIY project together

Do you both love sewing or DIY? Always wanted to work on a van build project together?

Whether it’s big or small, easy or more involved, working on a project together is a great way to learn about each other’s strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes and how your minds work.

There are so many projects you could work on together but here are some ideas to get you started if you’re unsure:

7. Enjoy a stay at home pamper session

It’s amazing what you can achieve with some candles, gentle music, incense and ‘learn to massage’ videos. 

Take turns massaging each other, don some face masks, rub lotions on each other, have a bath together if you can fit… do whatever brings you simple pleasures during a pamper session. But do it at home.

8. Go on a virtual holiday

Remember the couple who recreated their cruise at home? You can totally do this too!

Play a photo slideshow or video of the place you were planning on travelling to, or choose just one photo of an epic view you would have had, wear your best holiday outfits and indulge in food and drink inspired by that same place.

In our couples stay at home kit, we’ve included ten of our most favourite travel photos so you can pretend you’re on a beach, watching the sunrise or on a boat! Get it here >>

Gili Meno Sunrise

9. Indulge in a romantic 3-course dinner by candlelight

Even if you hate cooking, a romantic 3-course candlelit dinner is easier than you think. 

Yes you can make your own meals from scratch. But there are also various supermarkets that do a ‘dine in’ or similar offer, where you can buy several courses worth of food that just need to be popped in the oven.

To make things fancy and romantic, add some candles and cloth napkins to the dinner table, and if it’s a special occasion, create your own menu! 

We have a printable menu template you can use – just sign up here and you’ll receive it by email alongside our complete couples home survival kit.

Romantic 3-course candlelit dinner

10. Build a love fort

Who else remembers throwing all your mum’s best sheets and towels over the dining room table and hiding under it? Well, it turns out that forts aren’t just for kids! 

Faced with the very real possibility that Scott and I wouldn’t be able to go stargazing on his birthday due to cloud cover, I created a love fort instead where we enjoyed snacks and wine, games and movies. It was a lot of fun and we’ve done it a few times since.

You can even play the Netflix fireplace video on a laptop to make things super cosy!

And even if you don’t have a private dining room, you can still create a fort in your bedroom. You just have to be a little more strategic with chairs, doors, sheets and clothes pegs.

11. Camp out in your garden (or lounge!)

When you can’t go camping in the Lake District or Highlands, bring the experience to your own home by camping in your garden or even your lounge if you’re lacking privacy (or good weather!)

A small 2 person popup tent is more than sufficient for one night and is easy to put up and take down. 

Take some books, snacks, games and fake candles or battery powered lanterns in with you and just listen to the birds and other outdoor noises.

Camping in the garden

12. Have fun with singalong karaoke

With the help of Youtube and karaoke apps, there’s no shame in singing some karaoke into your TV remote or hairbrush together. Anything goes in this lockdown world!

13. Create your own voice overs for TV shows

Okay so we stole this idea from Mock The Week but it’s so much fun!

Watch a TV show on mute and take it in turns to create your own voice overs. 

Bonus points if you do this with the news, because let’s face it, we could all do with turning the news and current affairs into something positive right now!

14. Finalise your travel bucket list

Even if you can’t travel somewhere right this minute, it doesn’t mean you can’t spend some time together at home finalising your travel bucket list!

Check out some of our inspirational blog posts for ideas:

Need even more bucket list inspiration? Check out this list of beautiful (and inspiring!) travel coffee table books that we think you should buy!

Travel Coffee Table Books

15. Food fight! Or just toss food into each other’s mouths

Whether you go full on food fight or just try to throw grapes or maltesers into each other’s mouths, you won’t be able to avoid laughing!

Obviously not recommended if you have a dog though… they have a tendency to steal food #SpoilSports

16. Pillow fight!

Pillow fights are also more than allowed right now… bonus points if you use feather pillows and make one hell of a mess like they do in the movies!

17. Water fight!

Or if the sun’s shining, get out into your garden and propel water at each other. This works if you have water guns, balloons or just cups of water to empty on each other.

Just don’t do this too often as we don’t want to cause a water shortage or hosepipe ban! 

18. Hold a virtual double date

If you’re used to joining other couples on dates, why not hold a virtual double date via Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp?

The theme is entirely up to you whether that be a cooking lesson, drinks party or just a chat wearing silly hats. Once again, anything goes!

Enjoying pain au chocolat for breakfast

19. Try blind taste testing

Take it in turns to find readymade snacks in your fridge while the other one wears a blindfold or eye mask and tries to guess what the food is.

20. Have a picnic in your garden (or lounge!)

While picnics in the park are off the table right now, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a picnic in your garden.

If you take extra care to use a proper picnic basket and pack all your favourite picnic foods like sausage rolls, crisps, scotch eggs, strawberries and more, then it’ll almost feel like the real thing!

Taking your picnic indoors and into the lounge also works if it’s raining.

21. Enjoy a relaxing breakfast date outside

Who else loves European city breaks because they often involve pastries and coffees for breakfast at a cute bistro table al fresco?

Well… why not recreate this setup in your garden complete with croissants, pain au chocolat and teas and coffees?

22. Try wine tasting

If you can’t head to a winery right now, why not recreate the wine tasting experience in your own home?

This also works for other things too if you don’t like wine like spirits, chocolate, cheese and cake.

Enter your email here to get our stay at home survival kit, which includes chocolate tasting scoring sheets that can also be used for other types of tasting sessions.

Couples Stay At Home Date Kit

23. Pretend you’re at an outdoor cinema in your garden

We think there’s something super cosy and interesting about outdoor cinemas – even if it’s a movie you’ve already seen before.

This is also something you could recreate in your garden with your laptop, blankets, cushions, pillows and drinks and snacks.

24. Go on a virtual tour together

When you can’t walk hand in hand around a museum or art gallery together, bring the experience home with you instead. 

Especially at the moment, there are places all over the world offering free virtual tours from museums and theme parks to graffiti tours and nature walks and more.

Just add ‘virtual tour’ to any travel Google search you do and you’re bound to find something!

25. Fake a power cut

What would you do if all the electricity went out in your house and didn’t come back on for hours? No Netflix. No lamps. No electronic devices of any kind.

For one, you’d have to get creative, and for another, you’d probably have to talk to each other more than you usually do.

Have some fun with this one by turning off all the lights (and your phones!) and think about all the fun and inventive things you can do around the house during a power cut.

26. Play hide-and-seek in the dark

Speaking of power cuts and the dark…

One of my all time favourite games is hide-and-seek in the dark, which will see you hiding in cupboards, under the bed, behind doors, in storage ottomans… wherever you can fit while your other half looks for you in the dark.

27. Read a book out loud together

Scott and I have done this with the Harry Potter books and it was a lovely way to spend some alone time together with a shared passion (in our case: geeky stuff!)

Choose a book you think you’ll both love (or even better, choose a book that is your favourite but your other half hasn’t read yet) and enjoy some good old fashioned quality time together.

Reading books in an old book store

28. Play Wiki Wars!

Choose a random Wikipedia page, which will be your final destination and try to navigate to that page from two different starting points by only clicking on links within the Wikipedia pages.

You can choose your own prizes for the winner (even if it’s just gloating rights!)

29. Write nonsensical fold-over stories together

Another game we like to play is fold-over stories, which usually results in funny nonsense and occasionally something more telling. 

Here’s how to do it:

  1. One of you starts by writing the name of someone you know or someone famous without the other person seeing.
  2. Fold the paper over slightly to hide what you’ve written and pass it along.
  3. The other person writes something the person did (ideally funny or outrageous!)
  4. Fold the paper over again and pass it back.
  5. Continue to write one line each: how they did the action, where they did it, when they did it and why they did it; folding over and passing each time.
  6. Do several of these and then have some fun reading out all the nonsense you’ve made up together.

Couples Stay At Home Kit

30. Hold your very own life drawing class

Take it in turns posing nude while the other one sketches you. Kinky eh?

31. Recreate your favourite scenes from movies

Whether you make this naughty or innocent is totally up to you!

32. Challenge yourself to recreate your favourite date

This one is a little more challenging and takes a bit of pre-planning but is a really fun idea!

Think of what your favourite date together was like. Did you play mini golf? Head to the cinema? Sunbathe on the beach?

Try to challenge yourselves by recreating that date at home. Get creative with it!

Play some pirate-themed mini golf

33. Plan a scavenger hunt to surprise your other half

This is another challenging stay at home date idea but is perfect for special occasions.

Instead of just giving your other half their presents, hide the gifts around the house and offer clues on where the gifts can be found.

Scott did this once for my birthday and he’d put so much thought into it. 

While I had to solve some obscure riddles, I also had to translate clues written in another language, hold some in front of the mirror to see what they said and even shine a UV light on some clues written in invisible ink!

Enter your email here and we’ll send you some scavenger clues you can use alongside our complete stay at home survival kit for couples!

Scavenger hunt for Justine's birthday
I had over a dozen clues to follow and one of my gifts at the end was finding out we were allowed to get a puppy while still renting our house! All together now: aww!

We hope you love our stay at home date ideas for couples! Have you got any more to add? Be sure to share your own ideas in the comments below…

PS Please stay sane at home during these strange times! None of us like the fact that we can’t enjoy new places and experiences outside together right now, but there are always fun and romantic times to be had at home. Have fun getting creative with it!

PPS If you think another couple might like these ideas, feel free to share them around!

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