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Travel Photo Display Ideas: 13 Creative Things To Do With Travel Photos

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If you’re bored of only using picture frames around your house, then you might be looking for creative things to do with your travel photos that are fun, interesting and unique. 

Why not try some of the ideas below to spice up how you display your travel photos. #4 is our favourite! Which one will be yours?

FYI: Bonusprint has kindly sponsored this blog post. However, as always, all our thoughts, photos and ideas are our own.

Creative Travel Photo Display Ideas

1. Display your best photos as a stunning canvas picture

Travel photo canvas picture

Your best travel photos deserve to be displayed as a stunning canvas picture – especially as a large one in your living room or bedroom. We did this with a photo we took at sunset from the top of Mauna Kea in Hawaii and we always get comments on the canvas whenever someone new comes to our house. Not to mention we also love looking up at it as we’re reminded of our incredible bucket list adventure each time!

2. Make a scrapbook or junk journal

Scrapbooking is decades old and nothing quite beats physically printing your travel photos and getting creative with other mementoes from your trip. Arrange things like ticket stubs, boarding passes, maps, foreign coins and interesting cutouts or papers around your photos to bring all the memories from your trip to life.

3. Create your own travel-themed coffee table book

If you’re not especially arty, then keep things simple by printing your photos as a photobook. You can sometimes also add text and diary entries to pages, while some companies even have a few templates you can follow to keep things quick and easy. Pop your photobook on your coffee table – and hey presto! – you have your very own travel-themed coffee table book

4. Use your travel photos in your wedding

Why not print your favourite travel photos as polaroids and use them in your wedding (especially if you want a travel-themed wedding)?! You could add them to your seating plan as a “Where in the world are you sitting?” type of theme. You could even use them as unique table numbers or in your guestbook. Have some fun with this one as there are probably lots of ways to incorporate your travel photos into your wedding.

DIY Travel Themed Wedding Ideas - Where in the world are you sitting seating plan

5. Display multiple photos as a stylish gallery wall

Okay, so this is technically displaying your travel photos in picture frames. But, gallery walls are all the rage at the moment and allow you to get super creative with how you display your photos. You could even display your photos around a map (normal or of the scratch-off variety) to make a really interesting statement display. 

6. Design your own mug

Drink lots of tea? Coffee? Hot chocolate? Well, then you need your very own travel-themed mug. Designing your own photo mug is so easy to do. Scott does one for each trip we take (yes, we drink a lot of tea) and he always designs a collage for each mug, so we can display all our favourite photos and memories from each trip. We love drinking out of them, but they’re also excellent conversation starters whenever one of our guests uses one. 

7. Use your photos on a travel vision board

Got a case of the post-travel blues? Wondering when you’ll next get the chance to travel? Create your very own travel vision board using your photos or magazine cut-outs and start visualising how incredible your next trip will be.

How To Create A Travel Vision Board

9. Paint your favourite travel photos

Good with a paintbrush? Or know someone who is? Turn your travel photos into unique artwork by painting them! 

8. Make polaroid photo coasters

Here’s another creative idea. Print your photos out as polaroids or small squares and create your very own polaroid lookalike coasters! You only need a few supplies and it’s a lot easier than it looks. This would also go nicely with a travel-themed mug (you could even create a little gift set for someone!) Take a look at this tutorial on our sister site.

Polaroid coasters

10. Make your own calendar

Remind yourself of a different memory or destination every month by using your travel photos in a calendar. You could make one yourself, or get one professionally printed for you. Then all you need to do is hang it up in a prominent place like above your desk or in your kitchen, so you can always be reminded of all the great adventures you’ve had.

11. Turn your photos into artwork with decoupage

Something I tried recently was to create this unique piece of artwork for our conservatory. The letter “A” uses decoupage, which is so easy to do. At the time I used magazine cut-outs, but you could also use your own photos to match a particular theme. Maybe you could go for the words “Travel” or “Adventure” or “Wanderlust” or something like that?

12. Create your own greeting cards

Whether you’re sending a birthday card, thank you card or Christmas card, why not share your travel memories around by using your photos on your cards. They’d certainly beat that forced “everyone stand in front of the Christmas tree in matching jumpers in the middle of summer” vibe, wouldn’t they? 

BONUS: Share your photos on a travel blog

And finally, all good travel blogs start with beautiful photos and memories to share. If you enjoy writing, then why not use your travel photos on a blog… who knows where it could lead. A travel writing career perhaps? Or it can be just a fun way of sharing your memories with your friends and family who want to read your tips and see where you’ve visited. 

Over to you now – what are some other creative things to do with travel photos? And which of these travel photo display ideas might you try first? Drop us a line in the comments below as we’d love to know.

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Travel Photo Display Ideas: 13 Creative Things To Do With Travel Photos
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