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27 Best Travel Subscription Boxes To Check Out in 2024

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If you’re looking for travel subscription boxes that you or someone you know will love then we’ve got you covered with this detailed roundup post! 

Travel Subscription Boxes

Travel subscription boxes are all the rage at the moment! 

By starting a travel box subscription, you’ll receive a different box each month or every quarter full of travel-themed goodies.

Whether you’re into foreign food and drink, beach-inspired accessories or you just want to get your hands on the latest travel essentials ahead of your next trip, you’ll love getting a monthly travel box through your letterbox. 

Especially as the products are different each time and a total surprise! Fun, right?!

Bokksu Review: Japanese Snacks

Travel box subscriptions also make excellent travel gifts as they’re such a unique way of showing the traveller in your life how much you care about them. Plus – it’s the gift that quite literally keeps on giving!

Most of the travel subscription boxes listed below are available on Cratejoy, which is one of the largest subscription box marketplaces out there. You can also usually get a discount on your first box when subscribing via Cratejoy as well.

But we’ve also found a few other vacation subscription boxes, which you might never have heard of before – and we hope you’ll love them too!

As travel subscription boxes can vary so much in cost, we’ve divided up our favourites based on the maximum cost you’ll pay per box – whether that’s less than $20, $30 or $50 per box. 

We’ve also listed our top picks at the end based on who the travel subscription box will be best for, so you can quickly find the perfect box for you – or for your loved one!

So without further adieu – here are 27 of the best travel subscription boxes you’ve simply got to check out!

The Best Travel Subscription Boxes Under $20

Spicery Recipe KitsTravel the world through food

Spicery Recipe Kits

What do you do when you love foreign foods but you can’t travel anywhere right now? You buy an exotic recipe subscription box of course!

Each month, you’ll be treated to two new recipes from around the world plus the unique spice blends you’ll need to cook your meals to perfection. You’ll just need to add the fresh ingredients.

Whether you receive recipes for Nigerian Suya Kebabs, Thai Massaman Curry, Sri Lankan Black Pork Curry or any number of other combinations, you’ll be drooling before you even start cooking with this monthly subscription!


  • Free worldwide shipping from the UK
  • 2 recipe cards and accompanying spice blends in every box (plus a surprise free sample!)
  • Feeds 4 people per month
  • Monthly subscription box

Check prices and read reviews of the Spicery Recipe Kits >>

FaceTory Korean beauty products you can travel with


Do you love giving yourself a pamper session in your hotel or after a long-haul flight? Then you’ll love the products from FaceTory!

Each month, you’ll be sent a different set of K-Beauty (Korean Beauty) face masks – and at under $10 per month, this subscription box is also really cheap!


  • Innovative K-Beauty products
  • Free US shipping
  • At least 4 face masks in every box
  • Less than $2 per face mask!
  • Monthly subscription box

Check prices and read reviews for FaceTory >>


Unfortunately, FaceTory only ships within the US, so if you’re looking for an alternative travel beauty subscription box, then check out TheraBox (a popular self-care subscription box).

The Best Travel Subscription Boxes Under $30

LondonPopbox Perfect for anglophiles, London lovers and British expats


If you’re in love with all things London and Britain or are a British expat missing home, then the LondonPopbox is perfect for you. 

You’ll find a variety of things inside this monthly travel box – from British snacks and sweet treats to London-inspired homeware, accessories and stationery. 

So you’ll never be short of home comforts – wherever you are in the world!


  • Products from British brands only
  • Ships worldwide from the UK
  • At least 4 items in every box
  • Monthly travel box subscription

Check prices and read reviews of the LondonPopbox >>

ALTERNATIVES: BritishGiftBox or British Candy Box

If you like the LondonPopbox, then you might also enjoy a subscription from BritishGiftBox or British Candy Box, which are both packed full of British snacks and treats every month! Perfect for those of you missing home or your time spent in the UK.

Bokksu Perfect for lovers of Japanese food


Bokksu was the first travel subscription box we ever tried – and it came from a desperate need to try authentic Japanese food before we were able to plan a trip there.

Each month, you’re sent a large selection of Japanese snacks and treats, which are centred around a different theme each time. 

And it’s the perfect chance to try some of the weird, wacky and wonderful snacks Japan has become known for – whether that’s sakura-flavoured cookies, fishy potato sticks or matcha tea KitKats. 

There are two different subscription boxes to choose from with the cheapest (the Tasting Bokksu Box) offering at least ten different snacks each month. 

The classic version is double that size but we’d argue that’s a little on the big side to receive it each month – unless you plan on sharing this one with the whole family!


  • Authentic snacks and sweet treats from Japan
  • Free shipping from Japan to select countries (US, UK and Canada included)
  • At least 10 products in every box
  • Themed monthly subscription box

Check prices for Bokksu >>


Cratejoy also features lots of other foreign food subscription boxes for travelling foodies – check them all out here!

Escape the CrateFun time travel adventures for the whole family

Escape the Crate

If you love escape rooms and time travel, then you’ll love this bi-monthly travel subscription box

Every other month, you’ll receive everything you need to have your very own escape room adventures at home – from cyphers and sleuthing tools to puzzles, riddles and other fun games.

The boxes are all focused on different years (whether that’s past or present) and they’re also sometimes inspired by a particular destination – such as San Francisco’s Alcatraz Prison or Rome’s Colosseum. 


  • Escape room style puzzles, games and more, promising 1 hour of family fun (it would also be a fantastic stay at home date night!)
  • You’re given online codes to check if your answers are right
  • Ships worldwide from the US
  • Bi-monthly travel box subscription

Check prices and read reviews for Escape the Crate >>


Finders Seekers Mysteries

Did you like this box? You’ll probably also like Finders Seekers Mysteries (an alternative escape room subscription box) – check it out here!

Also, while not available as a subscription box, we had great fun testing out the at-home escape room game from Epic Escapes. Take a look at our full review here >>

Wanderkarma Fairtrade artisan products from around the world


One of the best things about travelling is getting the opportunity to browse shops, souks and market stalls in search of authentic souvenirs and unique travel-inspired decor.

Well, what if we told you there’s a travel subscription box, which includes a whole bunch of products from different countries around the world – whether it’s Japan, Brazil, Rwanda, Colombia or otherwise.

Plus the products are all fair trade! Pretty great, right?


  • Handmade artisanal products from around the world
  • Each month celebrates a different country (you’ll even get a free travel guide for that country!)
  • At least 3 fairtrade products in every box
  • Ships worldwide from the US
  • Monthly travel subscription box

Check prices and read reviews for the Wanderkarma Artisan Box >>


Vacation Crate

If you like this box, then you might also like the Globein travel box subscription, which also ships artisanal products from different countries each month – all ethically sourced.

Mana Up Hawaii Subscription Box Perfect for lovers of Hawaii and all things ALOHA!

house of manu Hawaii subscription box
Photo Credit: Mana Up Labs, LLC.

If you’re in love with Hawaii just as much as us, then you’ll love this Hawaiian subscription box!

Each month, you’ll be sent a whole range of products from Hawaii – from authentic Hawaiian coffee and apparel to limited-edition products from various makers and artisans from Hawaii.

It’ll be a surprise each time – and will certainly have you reaching for your passport and Hawaiian shirts in no time at all!


Check prices for the Mana Up Box >>

The Best Travel Subscription Boxes Under $50

Life’s A Wave Beach BoxPerfect for beach bums and sun seekers

Life's a Wave BEACH box

If you live for beach days and sunshine-filled afternoons, then you’ll love the Life’s A Wave Beach Box!

Each box is filled with products inspired by the beach and ocean. 

From coastal-inspired jewellery, accessories and home decor to relaxing bath and beauty products, there’s so much to love inside every single box!


  • Products inspired by the beach, sea and coast
  • At least 5 products in every box
  • Supports a different ocean-minded non-profit every month
  • Ships worldwide from the US
  • Monthly travel box subscription

Check prices and read reviews for the Life’s A Wave Beach Box >>

Jetsetter ChicPerfect for frequent flyers

Jetsetter Chic

Created by a flight attendant for women who are frequent flyers, the Travel Cosmopolitan box from Jetsetter Chic is filled with a 30 day supply of TSA-compliant beauty products.

From body lotions and face masks to cleansing soaps and hydrating lip balms, you’ll never run out of travel beauty essentials again with this monthly travel box!


  • 30 day supply of premium TSA-compliant beauty and skincare products
  • Ships worldwide from the US (free shipping within the US)
  • At least 5 products in every box
  • Monthly travel box subscription

Check prices for Jetsetter Chic >>

Camp Life CrateEverything you need for the perfect camping trip

Camp Life Crate

If you’re in love with camping trips and outdoor adventures then you’ll love the Camp Life Crate!

Each quarter, you’ll be sent a selection of camping essentials and lifestyle products focused on a different theme each time.

From collapsible water bottles and first aid kits to camping mugs, travel-sized toiletries and campfire snacks, you’ll find all sorts of goodies in each box!


  • Premium camping essentials and outdoor gear from top brands
  • Ships to Canada and the US for free
  • At least 5 products in every box
  • Access to an exclusive subscriber community to share camping tips and experiences
  • Quarterly travel subscription box

Check prices for the Camp Life Crate >>

The Happy GlamperCreated with female campers in mind

The Happy Glamper

While the Camp Life Crate above is great for men and women, The Happy Glamper is created with female campers in mind. 

Each month, you’ll be sent a new selection of glamping gadgets and artisanal products focused on a different theme each month.

From travel sized beauty products to camping clothes and accessories to gadgets to help make your next glamping trip more GLAM, you’ll instantly want to pack your bags for a weekend getaway as soon as you get your box through the door!


  • Premium camping essentials and lifestyle products
  • Ships worldwide from the US
  • At least 4 items in each box
  • Monthly travel box subscription

Click here to check prices and read reviews for The Happy Glamper box >>

Try The WorldPerfect for travelling foodies

Try The World Travel Subscription Box

Here’s another travel subscription box for foodie travellers – Try The World.

Each month, you’ll be sent a selection of gourmet foods – including ingredients to cook with plus various snacks and drinks – from around the world. 

There’s a different country in focus every month so you’ll always have something new and tasty to try with this subscription box!


  • Food and drinks inspired by a different country each time
  • At least 7 items in every box
  • Ships for free within the US
  • Monthly travel subscription box

Check prices for Try The World >>

The NomadikPerfect for outdoor adventure lovers

The Nomadik Travel Subscription Box

Another popular travel subscription box for outdoor adventure lovers is The Nomadik.

Each themed monthly box is based on your preferences and the season – and features awesome travel essentials and outdoor gear for true adventurers. 

There’s even a new outdoor challenge inside every box so you can really test out your new gear!


  • Premium outdoor adventure gear from well-known and up-and-coming brands
  • At least 7 full-sized products in every box plus a $50 retail value guaranteed
  • Ships worldwide from the US
  • Monthly travel box subscription

Check prices for The Nomadik subscription box >>


Gourmet CoffeeTravel the world one coffee at a time

Gourmet Coffee Travel Subscription Box

If you love coffee and would travel all over the world to try different types, then the Gourmet Coffee Box subscription is perfect for you!

Each month, you’ll be sent three coffees from roasters around the world (there are 17 countries in total to try coffees from). 

You get to choose whether the coffees are ground or whole bean – and they are all fairtrade coffees ethically sourced directly from the coffee farmers! Excellent!


  • Ethically sourced coffee from around the world
  • 3 coffees in every box
  • Ships worldwide from the UK
  • Monthly travel subscription box

Click here to check prices and read reviews for the Gourmet Coffee subscription >>

TLDR: Our Top Picks Of Travel Subscription Boxes

What are the best travel subscription boxes for women?

Both the Jetsetter Chic and The Happy Glamper subscriptions have been designed with women in mind.

Jetsetter Chic is perfect for women who are frequent flyers as each box comes with 30 days worth of premium TSA-compliant travel toiletries and beauty products. 


Meanwhile, The Happy Glamper box is great for women who are into camping and outdoor adventures – but also with a side of GLAM!



What are the best travel subscription boxes for men?

Both The Nomadik box and Camp Life Crate are ideal for men who are also big fans of adventure. 

With The Nomadik box, men get a monthly supply of outdoor gear and travel essentials, and because the value of each box is guaranteed to be $50, that’s a saving of over $20 every single month!


But if the men in your life also love a dose of camping during their adventures then Camp Life Crate is perfect for them and full of useful gear they can use on any camping trip. It’s also a very popular travel subscription box so they’re bound to love it too!



What are the best travel subscription boxes for couples?

Nothing screams romance more than a date night spent cooking delicious food together!

The Spicery Recipe Kits get our vote because it’s a cheap subscription and you’ll get two recipe pouches each month, so you can have two tasty date nights inspired by different destinations around the world.


For a more unique date night at home, you should also try the Escape the Crate box. It’s a lot of fun to try to solve the puzzles together – and will surely keep you both laughing!



What are the best travel subscription boxes for families?

Bokksu is one of the best travel subscription boxes for families as you’ll have loads of fun tasting the Japanese treats together every month – and probably have a few laughs at how weird and wacky some of them are! There are also plenty of treats to go around.


Escape the Crate also promises loads of family fun as you’ll get the chance to solve games, riddles and puzzles together every other month. So much fun!


What are the best subscription boxes for foodie travellers?

Although there are a few great options for foodie travellers including Bokksu, Gourmet Coffee and the Spicery Recipe Kits, the Try The World box gets our vote. 

Each month you’ll get a bunch of goodies inspired by different countries. You could even throw a party or date night inspired by that destination, and hey presto, the food’s covered for you already!


What are the best travel subscription boxes for variety?

Call us biased but we really like the LondonPopbox subscription box. At just over $20 per month, it’s great value and full of different products, so you’ll always get a varied selection of British goodies every month. 


Wanderkarma is another travel subscription box full of variety and will make you feel like you’ve stepped into another country for a few minutes. And because the products are all ethically sourced, you won’t feel guilty getting this subscription box either!


And lastly, we’re totally in love with the Life’s A Wave Beach Box. It might be a little on the pricier end but the boxes are full of different products. And we just love that they’re all coastal-inspired too!


Travel Box Subscription FAQs

Where can I find travel subscription boxes?

If you’re after even more travel subscription boxes then you should definitely check out Cratejoy

They have one of the largest subscription box marketplaces we’ve ever come across where you can find everything from travel box subscriptions and beauty boxes to book box subscriptions, foodie boxes and more.

Cratejoy also regularly run discounts on new subscriptions!

Are the products a surprise each month?

Only if you want them to be! 

Usually, travel box subscription companies will send you a sneak preview email of what’s included in each month’s box before shipping it out to you. 

This is so that if you’re not a fan of what’s inside this month’s box, then you can usually skip it and wait for the next one.

Can I gift travel subscription boxes?

100%! Travel subscription boxes make fantastic travel gifts. 

You decide where the box is delivered, so you could either have it delivered to you to wrap up or send it straight to the recipient. 

Plus, you can often check a box when first buying the travel box subscription to say that the box is a gift, so they shouldn’t find any invoice or pricing info inside the packaging.

We hope you’ve loved gawking at all these awesome travel subscription boxes! We’d love to know which one is on your must-buy list — let us know in the comments below…

Are you looking for more unique travel gifts? Check out our gift guides!

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