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Last year, we decided to try something new for Halloween: FEAR at Avon Valley in Bristol. This was a type of ‘fright night’, akin to something you might find at Thorpe Park.

But was it worth it for Halloween? And was it scary? Let me tell you…

FEAR at Avon Valley

A Frightful Tale at Avon Valley’s FEAR

My story starts on a chilly All Hallow’s Eve here in Bristol. The night was pitch black, my breath was swirling up in mist from my mouth and my witch’s hat caused spooky shadows around me.

We eagerly waited in line with our tickets, whilst a fiery sign spelling FEAR glowed overhead. Upon arrival inside Avon Valley, we were greeted by an odd array of sights: cotton candy stalls crafting fluffy pink clouds of sugar; axe murderers encircling large groups of people, whilst menacingly thrusting their chain saws near everyone and clowns giggling at the madness.

My heart raced…

Towards the outskirts of the park lay entrances to fright mazes of different varieties:

  • Phobia: Based on clinical trials to “cure” us of our fears.
  • Purgatory: A prison-like atmosphere.
  • Killzone: Escape the virus epidemic!

We chose one of the attractions and found ourselves instantly thrust into darkness. We were told to keep our hands on the person’s shoulders in front and to shuffle forwards. On we went through the maze, and we were met with faces in the dark, bloody hospital patients and yet more axe murderers.

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At one stage we were thrust forward onto our hands and knees and told not to look up. On we crawled in the pitch black. With every shuffle forwards, I lost the person in front of me. Until finally, I became trapped in a dark tunnel unable to hear anyone around me or see anything. I was trapped here for several minutes until my other half came to rescue me. Through all of this, my heart hammered against my rib cage. Sweat poured down my forehead. My palms became clammy.

Was it scary? Yes. Was it worth it for Halloween? I’d say so.

Maybe for this one though, leave the kids at home?

What to expect at FEAR

For the most part, the FEAR at Avon Valley event is a fright night, akin to what you’d find at Thorpe Park.

Whilst here, you can scare yourself rotten inside a selection of horror mazes, watch street performances and horror shows, view fire displays, have a go on fairground rides and buy traditional fairground treats like popcorn, soda and cotton candy.

You can buy tickets for the event online. Alternatively, you can sometimes buy Groupon vouchers for the event like we did (sneaky!) Dressing up is encouraged, but you’re not able to wear masks, so take this into account when planning your costume.

This year, the event is running from October 13th (yes, Friday the 13th) to 31st October, and is open until about 10pm – spooktastic!

Do you think you’d give this a go for Halloween? What would make your heart quicken?

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Is FEAR at Avon Valley Worth it for Halloween?

4 thoughts on “Is FEAR at Avon Valley Worth it for Halloween?

  1. Sounds like an interesting event. Just a bit to far away for an evening out. 🙂

    1. Haha, yeah it’s definitely a bit far for you… you must have something like this near where you are though? 😀

  2. Beth says:

    I went for the first time on Friday… It was terrifying. Granted it was my first ever Scream Park, but my god.. A House of Clowns? Nope nope nope nope.
    Are you thinking of going back this year?

    Here’s this year’s low down if you’re interested

    xx Beth

    1. Hey Beth,
      We actually went on Friday as well — I think we may have spotted you in the VIP tent, am I right?!
      Here’s our latest: 🙂

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