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Our Tried & Tested Itineraries

We know, we know. Creating itineraries and planning trips take time and effort. So why not skip a few steps by using our tried and tested travel itineraries linked below? 

Whether you’ve got just 24 hours to spare, a full weekend or even as long as 1-2 weeks, we hope you find our detailed itineraries helpful and full of ideas for how to get the most out of your trip.

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24 Hour Itineraries

If you’ve only got one day to spare in a town or city, check out our 24-hour travel itineraries to see how you can make the most of every minute you’ve got.



Rest of World

Weekend Itineraries

Or, if you’ll be spending a long weekend somewhere, then we hope you find our two and three day itineraries helpful.



Rest of World

4-5 Day Itineraries

Do you fancy extending your trip to a long weekend or midweek trip? In this case, check out our four and five day itineraries for inspiration!



Rest of World

1 Week Itineraries

Or, by spending an extra couple of days of annual leave/vacation days, you could be jetting off somewhere for a full week. Here are our 7 day tried and tested itineraries!


Rest of World

2-3 Week Itineraries

And finally, for those extra special trips to celebrate birthdays, honeymoons or “just because” occasions, we’ve got several two to three week itineraries to inspire you.


Rest of World

Don’t feel like creating your own itinerary? Want something more personalised? Check out our affordable and completely customised travel planning services!

UK Itineraries

To recap, here’s where you can find all of our UK travel itineraries:

Europe Itineraries

And listed below are the links to all of our Europe travel itineraries:











Rest of World Itineraries

If you’re travelling even further afield, then listed below are all of our other travel itineraries.




United Arab Emirates

Honeymoon Itineraries

And… if you’re planning a honeymoon abroad, then we can personally vouch for a Bali honeymoon. Take a look at our itineraries for inspiration:

While we’re on the subject, if you haven’t yet popped the question, here’s everything you need to know about planning the perfect destination proposal!

FAQ: What Does “Tried & Tested” Mean?

Whenever we plan our trips, we always create a draft itinerary, so we can organise our thoughts about what we want to see and do – and make sure we have time for everything.

Once we’ve actually been on the trip ourselves, we’ll share our itineraries with you. Sometimes, we don’t need to make any edits to them as we think they’re fab as they are.

Other times, we’ll make changes based on our experience after actually visiting the place. Maybe we were initially too ambitious or we’ve found out somewhere we wanted to visit is closed.

Either way, the final itinerary we share with you for each place is what we think works best for that particular destination. We hope you find them helpful!

One More Thing…

If you found our itineraries helpful, then you might also enjoy reading our complete couples travel planning guide.

Also, if you want somewhere to record your itinerary, then you might want to check out our customisable trip planner, which includes itinerary templates, checklists, budget trackers and more. All inside one easy-to-use tool!

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The Wanderer’s Trip Planner

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